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Getting Arm Liposuction – What Is Involved?

Getting Arm Liposuction – What Is Involved?

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Liposuction can be executed on various parts of the human body; this includes the arms. Patients who are interested in this procedure and want to learn more about it, can find some essential information about arm liposuction at The Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Is The Treatment Goal Of Arm Liposuction?

Patients can obtain arm liposuction for numerous reasons. In most cases, patients will obtain this procedure to improve the contours of their arms. Therefore, patients who choose arm liposuction are usually those who are on their target weight, but their arms do not reflect the hard work they put into the gym and into their diet. Some fats inside the human body can be persistent and quite resistant to diet and exercise. For these patients, an arm liposuction can be a good treatment.

An arm liposuction can be executed with a variety of techniques. One of the most used techniques for arm liposuction is the tumescent technique. During this kind of procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will use a special tumescent solution in the treatment area. The solution will break down the fat, but also reduce some of the bleeding that can occur with an arm liposuction.

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What Should I Know About Aftercare Regarding Arm Liposuction?

Patients must follow some post-operative guidelines once they leave our clinic. One of the post-operative guidelines is that the patient must wear a special compression garment after their procedure. There are several reasons why wearing a compression garment is recommended.

Wearing a compression garment can reduce some of the side-effects caused by liposuction surgery. By wearing a special garment around the arm, you can reduce some of the bruising and swelling that can occur post-surgery. An elastic compression garment will also help the arm conform to its new shape; this by providing the necessary amount of support.

What Is The Cost Of Arm Liposuction?

The cost for an arm liposuction can vary from patient to patient. Several factors must be considered before the cost of your treatment can be determined; this includes the amount of fat that must be removed, the overall size of the treatment area, the surgeon’s experience, and loads more.

Prospective patients will have little problems finding so-called “average cost of liposuction” online. However, we must warn patients that the cost of their arm liposuction can vary considerably from that average, especially when you consider how many factors contribute to the overall price of treatment.

The best way to get an estimate for your treatment is by taking advantage of the free no-obligation appointment available at The Dr Lanzer Clinic; this appointment is available to new patients of The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

One you have an appointment with Dr Lanzer, you can determine if an arm liposuction is the right treatment for you. During the consultation, you can get more information about the treatments, but also an accurate cost estimate for your arm liposuction procedure. Once you leave the clinic, you can decide in your own time with the appropriate information available to you.

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An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Gold Coast Liposuction. Dr Lanzer can answer any questions you may have regarding liposuction.

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Are The Changes Obtained By Arm Liposuction Permanent?

Since fat cells are removed during arm liposuction, the changes are permanent. However, this does not mean fat cannot accumulate somewhere else if a healthy lifestyle is not maintained after the procedure. Therefore, patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise after their recovery.

During the recovery process, patients should not do any rigorous exercise. Patients must refrain from heavy exercise at least a couple of weeks after their treatment. That being said, The Dr Lanzer Clinic does recommend some light walking to promote the healing process and ward off complications.


What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated With Liposuction?

The arm is just one area where liposuction can be executed. There are various areas on the body that are prone to the accumulation of persistent fats; this includes the abdomen, thighs, hips, neck, and chin.

What Are The Risk Factors Accompanying Arm Liposuction?

We always let our patients know that any surgical procedure is accompanied by some degree of risk. Even though serious complications are rare, patients should be aware of the fact that such complications are still a possibility.

Before a patient can have a procedure, they must read and sign a consent form. Inside this consent form, the patient can find detailed information about the procedure and its accompanying risks. Therefore, it is important for patients to read through the consent form in your own time and understand it fully before you sign.

Where Can I View Examples Of Arm Liposuction?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic has placed several case studies of arm liposuction on the website. Our case studies include before and after photographs of patients who had arm liposuction at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, as well as some additional information about the techniques used during the treatment.

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