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Breast Reduction With Liposuction In The Gold Coast
What Is An Areola Reduction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

What Is An Areola Reduction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

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Most patients are familiar with the breast reduction, however, there is another procedure that can address the aesthetics of the breast and that is the Gold Coast areola reduction. The areola reduction is one of the procedures that can be obtained at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, so let us take a closer look at this procedure and what it entails.

What Is The Treatment Goal Of An Areola Reduction?

An areola reduction is a procedure that causes a change in the size and the shape of the areola. To achieve such a change for the areola, a cosmetic surgeon will remove pigmented skin and then set the new areola in place with absorbable stitches; this means you do not have to get your stitches removed after surgery.

The areola reduction is a treatment that can be executed under either a local or a general anaesthetic. The choice of anaesthetic for an areola reduction is subject to the scope of the procedure as well as the preferences of the patient. For example, patients who are particularly nervous and do not want to be conscious during their treatment could require general anaesthetic.

Patients who have an areola reduction can usually leave the cosmetic surgery clinic the same day; this means most of these procedures are executed on an outpatient basis. Of course, patients are medically evaluated before they will leave the clinic. They will also receive aftercare guidelines to follow once they arrive home.

Gold Coast Areola Reduction

What Are Some Considerations For Areola Reduction?

When a surgeon executed an areola reduction, he must look at the overall size of the areola to determine how much extra skin must be removed on the breast too. Naturally, this can have an influence on the scope of your procedure.

Patients are usually left with a scar at the incision site after an areola reduction. However, the incision is usually made on the boundary of the nipple; this keeps the scar hidden from the naked eye. If you are worried about the type of scar that will remain after your procedure, or you are not sure what to expect, be sure to mention this to Dr Lanzer and he will provide you with some examples. Patients can also find case studies of the areola reduction on our website as a guide.

Discover Gold Coast Areola Reduction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gold Coast Areola Reduction procedure. Once a thorough evaluation has been executed, Dr Lanzer can determine if you are a good candidate for this liposuction procedure.

If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free consultation at the Gold Coast clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Can I Breastfeed My Children After An Areola Reduction?

Most patients wait until they had their children before they have an areola reduction. However, there is a percentage of women who choose to have the procedure before having children, so the aspect of breastfeeding can be important for them.

While most women have no problems breastfeeding after an areola reduction, there is never an absolute guarantee that patients will not experience problems. The ducts for breastfeeding are coming from the breast tissue, so an areola reduction should not interfere with the breastfeeding process. However, if a patient also has a breast reduction, breast tissue can become affected. If you are concerned about this, always speak to Dr Lanzer about your procedure and the effect it could have on breastfeeding.

Will I Lose Feeling In My Nipples After A Gold Coast Areola Reduction?

The removal of skin of the areola is quite superficial, so it should not influence the patient’s ability to feel their nipples after their procedure. That being said, any form of surgery is always accompanied by the chance of complications. A loss of sensation belongs to the possible complications of this type of surgery. Even though unlikely, patients must consider this complication before they have their procedure.

Please note that a loss of nipple sensation can occur shortly after your procedure; this loss of sensation is usually temporary and a side-effect of the surgery. The sensation to the nipples usually returns during the healing process.

Gold Coast Areola Reduction

What Side-Effects Can I Have After Areola Reduction?

Patients who have an areola reduction can experience some side-effects commonly associated with cosmetic surgery. Common side-effects that may occur after an areola reduction include swelling and bruising; these side-effects are usually situated on the areola and the nearby skin.

Side-effects can vary in intensity from patient to patient. While some patients only experience swelling and bruising near the areola, some patients can experience bruising and swelling on the entire breast. However, both side-effects are a normal part of the recovery process and will dissipate over time.

How Do I Make An Appointment For An Areola Reduction?

Do you want to make an appointment for a Gold Coast areola reduction? To make your appointment, please contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone or the website enquiry form. Our team will be more than happy to assist.

Want more information about cosmetic surgery at The Dr Lanzer Clinic? Or do you want some examples of Gold Coast areola reductions? Head over to our information pages and case studies for some essential info.

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