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The Male Breast Reduction In The Gold Coast

The Male Breast Reduction In The Gold Coast

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The male breast reduction in the Gold Coast is an extremely popular procedure among male patients. It tackles a relatively common issue called gynaecomastia, also known under the name man boobs. If you wish to know more about the male breast reduction in the Gold Coast, please read on.

What Is Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a medical term for man boobs, which can be treated with a male breast reduction in the Gold Coast. There are other treatments available aside from male breast reduction surgery, but their suitability depend on the cause of gynaecomastia.

How Do You Diagnose Gynaecomastia?

A gynaecomastia diagnosis is usually provided after a physical examination. Gynaecomastia can be characterised by excess breast tissue as well as fatty tissue. Laboratory tests can also be ordered to rule out underlying medical conditions that could contribute to gynaecomastia.

Once gynaecomastia is diagnosed, the patient can consider a number of treatment options to tackle either excess fat and/or glandular tissue. The male breast reduction in the Gold Coast is one of the available treatments.

What Causes Gynaecomastia?

There can be a number of causes that contribute to gynaecomastia. A hormonal imbalance is one of the most common causes and is characterised by an increase in the female hormone oestrogen. When occurring puberty, it could lead to the development of more breast tissue. To reduce breast tissue in men, it usually requires a reduction mammoplasty.

Certain medications and the misuse of drugs such as anabolic steroids can also contribute to the problem. There are a number of health conditions that may be a cause of gynaecomastia, including hypogonadism, tumours, malnutrition, liver failure, kidney failure, hyperthyroidism, and the natural ageing process. If an underlying medical condition is the suspected cause of gynaecomastia, additional tests may be ordered before treatment can be implemented.

Patients who are significantly overweight are advised to lose some weight before a reduction procedure. If a patient experienced significant weight loss but is left with persistent fat in the breasts, then a reduction procedure could be a treatment option.

Discover Male Breast Reduction In The Gold Coast Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Male Breast Reduction In The Gold Coast. If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free consultation at the Gold Coast Breast Reduction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What Are The Advantages Of Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Many men feel self-conscious because of their man boob problem and often seek cosmetic surgery to turn the issue around. Most men also find it difficult to take their shirt off in public and have a swim at the beach because of this issue. So, the advantages of the procedure can be quite unique to the patient, as it depends on how the condition affects each patient.

Are There Any Complications After Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Complications after a male breast reduction are rare, but this does not mean they cannot occur. For that reason, we always urge patients to read the consent form thoroughly before they have their procedure. The consent form details all the potential risks associated with your procedure, so you know the ins and outs of your procedure and its associated risks before it takes place. 

Does Male Breast Reduction Surgery Leave Scars?

If the man boobs are caused by a large quantity of fat, then liposuction can be used to correct the problem. This only requires a few small nicks opposed to the larger incisions that are needed for cutting away breast tissue.

The scarring left after the procedure depends heavily on the technique used by the surgeon. For example, if a male areola reduction is also done, then the leftover scar will be different than if a patient has a reduction with liposuction. Your cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you what kind of scar you can expect and where it will be situated.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

The recovery time for a male breast reduction depends heavily on the techniques that were done, but also the patient’s own healing speed. While most patients can return to their normal activities within a couple of weeks, other patients may need less or more time depending on how their recover.

What Is The Cost Of Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Male breast reduction cost is subject to the techniques used during your procedure, as well as the experience of the surgeon, the clinic you choose, and even the location where you have your treatment. The Dr Lanzer Clinic currently offers a free no-obligation appointment to new patients, this enables patients to acquire a quote, learn about their potential procedure, without having to pay the initial consultation fee.

Does Insurance Cover Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

To find out if your procedure is covered by insurance, it is always best to speak to the cosmetic surgeon first and foremost. Insurance coverage must meet certain criteria, so it is recommended to ask your surgeon if your procedure meets these criteria before having your procedure.

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