Gold Coast Breast Reduction Recovery Tips By Dr Lanzer
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Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery In The Gold Coast

Breast Reduction Surgery Recovery In The Gold Coast

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Patients having a breast reduction in the Gold Coast often have some questions regarding to their recovery. To ensure patients in the Gold Coast have a full overview of recovery information for the breast reduction, Dr Lanzer and his associates have created this overview of useful Gold Coast breast reduction recovery information.

What Is The Recovery Time For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Most patients have breast reduction surgery in the Gold Coast recover within a couple of weeks. Of course, healing time is different for everyone, and this is not solely the case for breast reduction surgery in the Gold Coast, but also other cosmetic procedures and treatments. Every patients heals in her own time, and this is something to consider when it comes to your own recovery in the Gold Coast. So, it is most important to listen to your own body and take good care of yourself while you heal.

Gold Coast Breast Reduction Recovery

What Is The Gold Coast Breast Reduction Recovery Process Like?

Patients can experience some breast pain or discomfort for some weeks after surgery. Most patients can manage pain symptoms with some over-the-counter pain medication. One should also expect to feel some slight stinging around the incision sites.

Following the instructions from your clinic will promote healing and reduce the chance of infection. There are also some additional treatments you can obtain after your surgery to promote the healing process and enhance results. While these treatments are by no means obligated, some patients can find them useful to deal with some of the side-effects and to speed up their healing process.

Strenuous physical activity should be avoided during the initial recovery period; this since it could cause problems with stitches or could cause complications. However, patients should do some light walking, as this reduces the chance of blood clots after the procedure. Patients can do some light walking during the first 24 hours after their procedure but should still get sufficient rest.

Some patients will have some drainage tubes placed to remove any fluids remaining after the procedure. Dr Lanzer and his associates will give you clear instructions on how to look after the treatment area when you leave the clinic.

Patients should also expect a scar after the procedure, which is left due to the incision. Scars after a breast reduction fade over time and can be quite different depending on the technique used. For example, when the large breasts mainly contain fat, the cosmetic surgeon can use a liposuction technique, which only requires a few small nicks to be made into the skin. Glandular tissue removal on the other hand, can require a bigger incision and can therefore leave a more noticeable scar.

Discover Gold Coast Breast Reduction Recovery Tips!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Breast Reduction procedure. If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free consultation and some Gold Coast breast reduction recovery tips at the Gold Coast clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Breast Reduction?

This can be different for every patient. All patients start with an initial consultation with their cosmetic surgeon, learning more about the procedure and everything involved in it. In some cases, patients may have to go a psychological evaluation before the procedure can be obtained; this can happen when a patient has unrealistic expectations or when there is some doubt if the procedure will benefit the patient.

What Is The Best Post-Surgical Bra For Breast Reduction?

Most patients are given a post-surgical bra to reduce breast reduction swelling and bruising. Some clinics can provide patients with this kind of bra, while other patients choose to obtain one beforehand. If you decide to do the latter, please make sure that the surgical bra is the right fit and provides the best possible support.

Gold Coast Breast Reduction Recovery

Swelling After Breast Reduction?

Swelling is a common side-effect of breast reduction. Evidently, this can make it quite difficult to evaluate the results shortly after your surgery. You will notice some of the first differences during your follow-up appointment with your cosmetic surgeon, but results will continue to improve as you heal.

Still Sore After Breast Reduction?

Discomfort is not uncommon after a breast reduction. Nevertheless, it is important to keep a close eye on your pain levels. While all patients have a different threshold where pain is concerned, a drastic increase in pain levels could be a sign of complications.

If you experience higher levels of pain during your recovery, it is vital to make an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible. If there is an issue, your cosmetic surgeon can provide you with advice on the spot. Please note that if you notice other symptoms such as a high fever, it is essential to seek medical assistance immediately, as this could point to infection or another issue.

Do you have some additional questions about breast reduction recovery? Or are you planning on having the procedure but have some questions about the risks associated with the procedure. Please do not hesitate to contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic for some additional information.

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