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Essential Information About Leg Liposuction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

Essential Information About Leg Liposuction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

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While the abdomen is the most common treatment area for cosmetic surgeons in Australia, other areas of the body can be treated with liposuction too. Patients can also require liposuction on the legs, since this is an area where fat accumulation can occur too. To learn more about leg liposuction Gold Coast at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer team below.

Why Are The Legs Often Treated With Liposuction?

Certain parts of the body can be especially prone to the accumulation of fat; this is especially true for the legs. While some of this accumulated fat can be lost with the proper diet and exercise, some patients cannot get rid of these persistent fats despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

There can be various reasons why someone experiences problems losing persistent fat on the legs. One of the reasons is genetics, as a genetic predisposition for leg fat accumulation can run in certain families. If genetics is a factor, it can prove extremely difficult to get rid of the excess fat through diet and exercise alone.

Leg fat can also be superficial in nature. Because of its superficial nature, excess fat cannot be stored in deep compartments on the legs. Instead, the excess fat comes to the surface much easier and becomes more prominent than in other locations.

If a patient is overweight, we always recommend that the patient attempts to lose the excess fat through a good diet and exercise. However, patients who are on their target weight and still suffer from these persistent fats could benefit from a treatment such as leg liposuction, as this treatment is focussed on the removal of localised fat.

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What Technique Does The Cosmetic Surgeon Use For Leg Liposuction Gold Coast?

There are a variety of techniques that can be implemented for leg liposuction. One of the techniques commonly used for the removal of localised fat on the legs is Vaser 360 leg contouring. There is also a reason why this technique is used, mainly because the legs can be more sensitive.

A procedure such as Vaser 360 leg contouring enables the surgeon to differentiate between fat and its surrounding tissues. Due to its ability to tell the difference, some of the damage to surrounding tissues can be prevented. Therefore, Vaser 360 is one of the preferred methods for leg liposuction.

Another procedure that can be implemented is the lower leg liposuction. The procedure can be implemented on both legs and also specialises in the removal of fat from specific treatment areas.

Discover Leg Liposuction Gold Coast Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Leg Liposuction Gold Coast procedures. With this method fat is removed from the outer thigh, front of the thigh and medial thigh and inner knees.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Am I A Good Candidate For Leg Liposuction?

Good candidates for leg liposuction are usually patients who enjoy a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Still, despite their healthy lifestyle, they cannot seem to shift certain local fat deposits on the legs. For these patients, leg liposuction Gold Coast is usually the recommended choice.

Most patients who choose leg liposuction often do not realise they have a problem with localised fat deposits until they start to do specific exercises to tone the legs. Since leg fat can be extremely stubborn, a liposuction procedure can be used to provide the patient with the toned legs they have been working towards.

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Is Leg Liposuction Used For The Treatment Of Cellulite?

Some patients believe that leg liposuction will get rid of cellulite, but this is not the case. However, there are additional treatments patients can obtain to tackle a problem such as cellulite. One of the treatments that is available at The Dr Lanzer Clinic for cellulite is treatment with the Cellulaze.

Cellulaze is a laser procedure that will focus on the cellulite beneath the skin. During the treatment, an extremely small cannula (comparable to the size of the tip of a pen) is inserted underneath the skin of the patient. The device contains SideLaze™ laser fibre, which emits energy underneath the skin.

By treating the skin with the Cellulaze, the quality and the thickness of the skin will increase. The treatment also causes a release in fibrous bands, which otherwise pull the skin down. It also stimulates collagen production, which will increase the skin’s elasticity. Any liquefied fat obtained during the treatment is pressed out gently.

Please note that a treatment with the Cellulaze can cause some side-effects. Most patients can experience some discomfort and minor bruising. There can also be a leakage of fluids from the areas where the cannula penetrated the skin. Therefore, patients are advised to rest for several days after their treatment.

How Do I Make An Appointment For Leg Liposuction?

Patients who want to make an appointment for leg liposuction Gold Coast can benefit from a free no-obligation appointment for new patients. To benefit from this appointment, contact our friendly team of receptionists by telephone or enter your information on our online enquiry form.

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