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This patient presented with a more severe case of Gynaecomastia ("Man Boobs"). Note the feminine shape and fullness of his chest, obvious through clothing. Patients with this condition are often very embarrassed to show their bodies.


This is the patient post Chest Liposuction whereby fat has been removed through small incisions in the skin. He also underwent a small procedure to remove the excess breast tissue from his chest.

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How Can Surgery Procedures Eliminate Man Boobs?

Sometimes it does not matter if you have a slight overweight or not, man boobs can occur despite the presence of overweight. A large amount of men can suffer from gynaecomastia, better known under the name man boobs. In order to solve this particular problem, many of these men choose for man boobs liposuction surgery. Let us take a closer look at this procedure and how they can provide a solution for gynaecomastia.

Which Surgical Procedures Were Executed In This Case Study?

The patient featured in this case study had quite prominent and feminine breasts. He had a feminine chest with a lot of fullness, causing him to feel less confident. Most patients who are suffering from gynaecomastia often struggle with a lack of confidence and self-esteem issues, so they are very embarrassed to show their bodies as well. Gynaecomastia surgery was deemed as a suitable treatment option for this patient.

Can I Examine Breast Reduction For Men Before And After Photographs?

It is possible to view breast reduction for men before and after photographs on our site. Dr Lanzer has executed male breast reduction surgery on numerous patients over the years, which provides future patients with many breast reduction for men before and after photographs to look at.

Our case studies with breast reduction for men before and after photographs can give you more insight into the male breast reduction procedure. However, we must mention that results can be unique to the patient. Therefore, it is important not to base your expectations on our breast reduction for men before and after photographs, but to speak about your expectations with Dr Lanzer instead.

During the procedure, Dr Lanzer removed fat in the chest area. The fat was removed through a small incision that was made in the skin. In addition to excess fat, Dr Lanzer also removed some excess breast tissue. This provided a natural result and a manly chest area.

In some cases, patients only need the removal of excess fat to reduce the appearance of enlarged breasts. However, some cases require removing excess fat and glandular tissue; this happens when the desired aesthetic result cannot be obtained through the removal of fat alone.

Curious about some of our other case files? Examine our additional case studies about man boobs liposuction surgery that have been executed at our day surgery.

What Can Cause Man Boobs?

Most men who suffer from man boobs will find the cause in weight gain. However, overweight is not always the cause of man boobs, given the fact that they may develop for other reasons as well. For example, another common cause of man boobs is a hormonal imbalance. The hormonal imbalance will start an abnormal growth of glandular breast tissue, which means that clear man boobs will start to show. Therefore, your cosmetic surgery may need to examine your medical history to find the cause.

In addition to hormone imbalances, there could be other reasons for male breast growth. Additional causes for the abnormal growth of man breasts are excess alcohol consumption, drug use, medical conditions such as liver failure and cancer, genetic predisposition and dramatic weight loss.

Because of the fact that there can be many reasons for the development of man boobs, you will undergo a thorough psychical before Dr Lanzer will proceed with man boobs liposuction surgery. Once the cause of the abnormal breast growth has been determined, a proper course of action can be taken.

For patients who are significantly overweight, weight loss could be the first treatment option. A good diet and plenty of exercise could reduce the size of the breasts. Of course, as there can be underlying conditions that cause man boobs, there are some cases where surgical intervention is required.

Who Could Benefit From Man Boob Surgery?

To answer this question, it is always better to book a consult with Dr Lanzer, given the fact that there are a number of possible causes for abnormal breast growth. If you are a good candidate, Dr Lanzer will inform you about the procedure and the next possible course of action.

What Should I Know About Man Boob Surgery Before Having It?

Man boobs liposuction surgery can be done in a number of ways. The procedure is mostly done under general anaesthetic and can take around 90 minutes or more. During the procedure, Dr Lanzer will make a small nick around the areola, better known as nipple. Once this is done, traditional liposuction methods will be used to get rid of the excess fat.

When the surgeon needs to remove a large amount of breast tissue and excess fat, there could be a need for a bigger incision. With bigger incisions, there may be a need to reposition the nipples. If this is a possibility, Dr Lanzer will convey this to you before the procedure.

The recovery period after man boobs liposuction surgery is usually not that long. The patient can be required to stay overnight and needs to avoid any heavy lifting or exercise for approximately six weeks. The patient will also be given a tight garment that will have to be worn for some time after the operation. There may also be a need for prescribed pain medication to manage any discomfort shortly after the procedure.

To determine if enlarged male breasts could be covered under your private health insurance, please speak with Dr Lanzer during your consult or contact your insurance agent for detailed information.

When you come in for your consultation, Dr Lanzer and the medical team will inform you about your procedure and your expected recovery time. There will also be a follow-up, so Dr Lanzer can check your progress.

Can Man Boobs Come Back After Surgery?

As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is no reason why man boobs should return. However, there is a select group of medications that can cause the breast area to enlarge again. In order to avoid this problem, please convey your concerns to your physician before taking any type of medication.

What Are The Benefits Of Man Boobs Liposuction Surgery?

There are two clear benefits associated with man boob surgery. On one hand, you can enjoy all the physical advantages, this includes a more defined chest and more choice in clothing. However, there are a good amount of emotional advantages as well. Most men who have chosen a male breast reduction will also enjoy better self-confidence and self-esteem.

What Is The Cost Of Breast Reduction Surgery For Men?

The overall cost of man boob surgery is variable, this has everything to do with the severity of the case itself. If you would like to know how much a certain procedure will cost, we can recommend scrolling down this page and filling in the personal assessment form. Submitting this form is completely free and you are not obligated to continue the procedure if you use this form.

We recommend submitting at least four photographs of yourself to the email. Please ensure the personal assessment contains a photo of your front, back and two sides, so that our staff can deliver a quote that matches your individual case.

Once submitted, the medical staff of the Dr Lanzer clinic will provide an answer to your query as soon as possible. If you have more questions about the procedure, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Contacting The Dr Lanzer Clinic About Man Boob Surgery

Struggling with remaining questions about the male breast reduction procedure? Give us a call and our staff will provide you with the necessary information. You can also fill in the free online enquiry form for more information.

Man boobs is a problem that occurs often in Australian men, so it is not surprising that the male breast reduction is a common treatment here at our clinic. The case study above is a prime example of how gynaecomastia (man boobs) can affect the physique of a man and make them appear more feminine. Contrary to popular belief, this problem is not always caused by obesity, because some men suffer from man boobs due to genetics or hormonal imbalances during puberty, after which the man boobs remain. For these patients, a male breast reduction could provide the solution.

During gynaecomastia surgery, a cosmetic surgery can eliminate breast tissue and fat from the treatment area. The goal of the procedure is reshaping the patient’s chest and providing an overall manlier physique. For some patients, the removal of fat is enough, but in the case study above, the patient also needed an additional procedure to remove the excess breast tissue that was affecting the shape of the patient’s chest. To maintain the results he obtained from the male breast reduction, the patient will have to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. However, if a patient does not maintain a healthy lifestyle, persistent fats could return and affect the aesthetics of the chest.

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