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Man Breast Reduction Before And After Photos (11)

Before Man Breast Reduction Before Photos

Pre male breast reduction

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1- What is the most popular procedure for Males?

The most popular procedure for Males is the removal of man boobs. Man boobs are breasts that have the shape of a female breast. It is extremely common in my practice and we do many each week. For years many Men have been afraid to go to the beach because they do not want to take their top off as they are embarrassed about the appearance of their chest. It is a fairly small localised procedure where I perform a Liposculpture to remove all of the tissue. I then make a small incision on the lower edge of the nipple to take the tissue out. Sometimes the tissue can be very large almost the size of half a tennis ball and other times it is quite small. Occasionally the tissue is painful and sometimes it actually changes with the weather and pushes the nipple forward.

2- What is the most up and coming trend with Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery has become very popular with Men since my early days. Back then here were only about 2-3% of male patients and now they would take up about 40% of the patients that I operate on. The most interesting procedure and the one that male celebrities and ordinary suburban Australians have done often is the high definition six pack Liposculpture. This uses a Vaser laser with the goal to recreate a six pack or four pack effect on the stomach. The fat is removed between the stomach muscle lining and brings out the patients own natural muscle, particularly on the upper abdomen and down the sides of the abs. The oblique and lat muscles are also highlighted and we remove as much fat as possible from the flanks. The cosmetic result is sometimes visible very soon after surgery but there is some swelling. This procedure is for both people that work out in the gym but also for people that never do any gym work. The results should last for many years and patients do not need to do gym workouts to keep the six pack.

3- Interesting encounters for male patients?

One of the interesting things that I found is that Men often come in groups. I have a whole lot of friends mates that might even be apart of a small gang that all come together to have their surgery. Other interesting stories have been Men who come in with their wife’s and they do the procedure together.

4- What is the most common misconception about Plastic surgery?

The most common misconception about plastic surgery is that Plastic surgery is performed for the rich and famous. The vast majority of patients having cosmetic surgery are the suburban Australians who are part of the normal work force and just want to look healthier and more youthful. Patients today are not trying to do cosmetic surgery to look different but to remain youthful and young.

5- Does Cosmetic surgery vary between different countries?

Cosmetic surgery does vary between different countries for example patients in Asia are generally not overweight but do like the six pack appearance and also have issues with man boobs. The most common surgery in Asia is for eye and face lift surgery. Also in Asia patients hate pigmentation which can be related to sun and there are lots of treatments that can improve this.   Another common procedure for Men is face lift surgery. Many men elect to go for the mini face lift as they are not looking for the startled or pulled appearance. In fact a lot of men often come in and point out celebrities on T.V that have had cosmetic surgery and do not want to look that way, they just want to look younger and healthier. Also they need to get back to work quicker so they like the idea of a mini face lift which keeps the small incisions just around the ear and there is less swelling.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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