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What Are Man Boobs and How Can Breast Reduction Help?

One of the most common procedures that Dr Lanzer performs is the male breast reduction, often referred to as a man boob reduction. We asked Dr Lanzer many questions regarding this procedure.  The answers to these questions prove quite useful to prospective patients who are considering the procedure. So, if you are thinking about a male breast reduction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, be sure to read the information below.

Why Has This Become Such a Popular Procedure?

I believe that the public has become more aware of how easy it is to have man boobs removed. Australians are spending more and more time at the beach and men are very self-conscious of having a chest that looks like a female breast. It takes away from their “manhood” and can affect patient’s confidence in a severe way.

In some cases, man boobs can cause some physical discomfort for the patient in question. Even though rare, physical discomfort such as back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain can occur with men who have an extreme case of enlarged male breasts.

When Does Gynaecomastia Start?

Sometimes gynecomastia can start at around puberty, around the age of 13.  Other times it starts in their late teens or 20’s. The problem can also be caused by severe weight gain, so the condition can appear later in life as well.

What Are Common Causes of Gynaecomastia?

In most cases, it occurs for no good reason other than genetics. I have seen many families with multiple members having this problem. The other causes are related to hormones. A lot of men take testosterone and other related hormones for muscle building. While this could be beneficial for muscle mass development, it can cause man boobs to manifest.

Is Male Breast Reduction Long Lasting?

In most of the cases where I have performed the removal of gynaecomastia, there is a long-term result. I have seen a case where a person went back on to testosterone and the problem did return. We had to perform the procedure for a second time. So, your lifestyle after a male breast reduction can affect the permanence of your results.

What Is Special About Dr Lanzer’s Method of Male Breast Reduction?

Dr Lanzer combines tumescent liposuction, which he brought to Australia in the year 1992, with a limited form of excision of the glandular tissue. In this way, he gets the advantage of the tumescent liposuction method and keeps the operation limited and subsequently a smaller scar. Usually, the incision is around the curve of the nipple. If one looks at the before and after photos on this website, it is often very hard to detect the scar.

Since each patient is unique, every patient must be evaluated before the procedure can be obtained. Even though most patients are eligible for the procedure, Dr Lanzer will evaluate each patient on an individual basis to determine their suitability for the procedure.

Are There Non-Surgical Methods to Reduce Man Boobs?

Before a patient obtains a male breast reduction, they usually attempt to tackle the problem with weight loss. If you are somewhat overweight, man boobs could be reduced by losing some extra kilo’s. However, it does depend on the ratio of fat and glandular tissue. If your breasts contain a lot of glandular tissue, then weight reduction might not make that much of a difference.

Losing fat in the breast area can be more difficult than toning any other part of the body. Therefore, even patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight might still have excessive fat in the chest area, which can be removed with a male breast reduction.

Patients who want to determine the best course of action for their man boob problem should book a consultation with Dr Daniel Lanzer. After an evaluation, Dr Lanzer can determine which treatment could provide you with the solution you require.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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