Male Breast Reduction How long does it last?

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Case Study 14: The Male Breast Reduction


Pre Liposuction


5 years Post Liposuction

Excess Fat & Breast Tissue Removal From The Chest Before And After Case Study

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What Do I Need To Know About Man Boobs (Gynaecomastia)?

Myth: Man Boobs Are Caused By Taking Too Much Hormones

In fact, 95% of the patients with man boobs (gynecomastia) Dr Lanzer sees in his practice have them for no reason. This is called idiopathic. It means that the body for some reason produces extra fat and glandular tissue that localises on the chest and gives the man an appearance of a female breast.


The goal is to make the chest flat and look more manly. Most patients want the chest as flat as possible and in about half the patients we also aim to give it a more muscular look by doing a high definition liposculpture along the sides of the chest.

What’s New With The Procedure?

The real developments happened with this procedure over the last 20 years by combining tumescent liposculpture with excision surgery.  This allows Dr Lanzer to keep the incision as small as possible and the results as natural as possible.

Where Is The Procedure Performed?

We perform this either in our day surgery centre in Sydney in the city or in the cosmetic surgery state of the art clinic in Melbourne.

How Is The Procedure Performed?

There are 3 stages to the procedure. Initially, the area is numbed under local anaesthetic with tumescent fluid. Some patients may elect to do this while asleep, but this is not the usual way.  Dr Lanzer then performs a liposculpture with a specialised technique using a MicroAire device or the Vaser in order to get the maximum amount of tissue out. What is left then is the glandular, fibrous white tissue that sometimes can be the size of a golf ball or even a tennis ball. Since I have released the tissue, I am able to remove this through a small incision on the lower edge of the nipple, keeping the scar as small as possible.

What Are The Results?

Generally, I am able to make the chest totally flat.  In severe cases, there is always a risk of wrinkles or a dent but in the majority of cases the skin is quite smooth.


Most patients can get back to work in a couple of days. However, it may be preferred to take one week off.

What Are The Options?

There are more invasive surgical options where the entire nipple is lifted off and the area is cut and closed as in a breast lift.  I have never resorted to that procedure and usually this is not required.  Some patients do want the actual gland removed but still want to have a more curvature chest.  We can consider fat transplant which may also be done with stem cells.

Will I Be Able To Get To The Beach?

Yes. Many men do not go to the beach because of their gynecomastia/man boobs. After this procedure, they are very proud and happy to take their shirt off at the beach. A lot of men also just don’t like the look in t-shirts and singlets. Of course, in this situation, there is an excellent result.

Points To Note

Some men have gynecomastia where the whole chest is large. Others actually just have a small nodule under the nipple that pushes the nipple and areola forward. Both these conditions are treated in a similar way.

Some patients do find that the nipple changes depending on if it is hot or cold and this may vary after the procedure as well.


I have been featured a number of times on national television, particularly on “A Current Affair” with men who have had surgery.  In the early days of surgery, it was unusual for men to have surgery and this was quite a breakthrough that men were coming forward and willing to have areas done that were bothering them. Today, man boob reduction/gynecomastia surgery is probably the most common procedure that I perform in our centres.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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