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Chest Liposuction (Man Boobs Before And After)– Gynaecomastia

Discover How Man Boobs Liposuction Surgery Can Improve Your Self-Esteem And Confidence!

Man boobs are usually a cosmetic problem that is associated with overweight. However, there are men who are not necessarily overweight and still suffer from man boobs. Having man boobs can have devastating consequences for your self-esteem and can affect your everyday life. Fortunately, there is always the option of man boobs liposuction surgery, a procedure that can get rid of excess fat in the breast region.

What Can You Tell Me About This Man Boobs Liposuction Surgery Case File?

The patient in question was a 32 year old male who suffered from a severe case of gynaecomastia (also known as man boobs). The problem made the patient feel very self-conscious, but also uncomfortable in most clothing.

During the man boobs liposuction surgery, Dr Lanzer removed approximately one litre of fat from each side. A good amount of breast tissue was also removed on top of the fat, this was done by making a small incision under the nipple of the patient. One month after the procedure, there was a noticeable difference in the chest size of the patient.

How Does Man Boobs Liposuction Surgery Go?

Man boobs liposuction surgery can be executed in many different ways, due to the fact that there are many liposuction techniques currently in use. The type of man boobs liposuction surgery depends on the amount of fat and breast tissue that needs to be removed, but also on the patient’s wishes and the evaluation of Dr Lanzer and his medical team.

At the moment, there are three possible liposuction treatments for a male breast reduction. These liposuction procedures are VASER liposuction, micro liposuction and surgical liposuction. However, we do need to mention that there are more variants on traditional procedures, so you may encounter another option when you come in for an evaluation.

VASER liposuction is currently a popular choice for male breast reductions. It is a less invasive treatment than surgical liposuction, simply because no general anesthetic is needed. During the procedure, the fat is liquefied and removed by suction. Due to the fact that the procedure is less invasive, the patient is usually able to leave the clinic right away.

A micro liposuction is also an option for male breast reduction. During this procedure, the surgeon will use 3 millimetre cannulas to remove the fat. Patients who opt for this particular procedure will have less chance of skin irregularities.

The last option for male breast reduction is surgical liposuction, which is usually executed on patients who are not eligible for the two previous treatments. Surgical liposuction is usually the best option for patients with a very large amount of excess fat in the breast area, this is usually determined by the surgeon and the medical staff.

Can Man Boobs Come Back?

When you remove fat cells from a specific area of the body, these fat cells will be gone for good. However, this does not mean that fat cells can never come back. It is very important for patients to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. By doing so, you have less chance of fat cells returning and creating the same problem.

Before you leave the clinic, you will be advised on how to maintain the results you have obtained through man boobs liposuction surgery. Please follow the advice of the medical staff to ensure your results are more long term.

Can I Experience Discomfort After The Procedure?

Most patients experience a minimal amount of bruising and swelling after the procedure. However, bruising and swelling usually goes down within a few weeks after the procedure. Patients will also be required to wear a special garment that will protect the chest and reduce the bruising and swelling. When pain medication is required, you will receive the proper medication at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Why Choose The Dr Lanzer Clinic For Male Breast Reduction?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is run by Dr Daniel Lanzer, a cosmetic surgery with more than 30 years of experience. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr Lanzer is also a regular speaker at industry related lectures and is constantly evolving his clinic. By doing so, Dr Lanzer has created one of the most modern cosmetic surgery clinics in Australia.

As you may have noticed in our list of case files, Dr Lanzer has executed a large number of male breast reductions. The procedures varied from minor breast reductions to serious cases, so you will be able to see the work of Dr Lanzer on various body types.

Patients cannot only count on Dr Lanzer to provide them with excellent results, they can also count on the trained medical staff at the clinic. The medical team will be more than happy to answer all your questions and ensure that you are fully informed about the procedure you are about to embark on. In addition to that, patients are also able to contact Dr Lanzer’s clinic after the procedure if they have any questions or concerns.

Am I a Good Candidate For Male Breast Reduction?

There are several reasons for men to opt for a male breast reduction. If you are suffering from excess fat in the chest area, and exercise and diet cannot seem to tackle the problem, then you may be eligible for a male breast reduction.

In addition to the physical problems man boobs can cause, most men also have problems with their self-esteem and confidence. If you feel that your man boobs are impacting your daily life, then you can also be a good candidate for male breast reduction.

For more information about male breast reduction or to book an appointment, feel free to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

How Can I Contact The Clinic For A Male Breast Reduction?

Do you have a question about male breast reduction procedures? Or would you like to book an appointment for a male breast reduction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic? Give us a call at 1800-444-333 or fill in the online advice form at the bottom of this page.

A male breast reduction could be a solution for men who experience enlarged breasts, but there are certain medical criteria patients must meet to benefit from this procedure. For example, the patient must be in general good health to get this procedure done. Before you can have the procedure, Dr Lanzer will evaluate you medically. When you are deemed eligible, you can have the procedure done at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Before a patient can have a male breast reduction procedure, he must sign a consent form. The consent form includes important information about the male breast reduction but also describes the risks the patient is exposed to when having this procedure. This information should be read carefully and understood fully. If you do have any questions about this information before signing the consent form, we recommend contacting the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information. Our team will be more than happy to provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision and sign the consent form or not. In some cases, the patient may need an additional consultation with Dr Lanzer before they decide to get the male breast reduction procedure, so feel free to book an additional appointment if you are still in doubt.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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