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Different Sized Breasts Explained!

It is not uncommon for Dr Lanzer to see patients who have different sized breasts on both sides. There is a genetic tendency for two sides of the breasts to be different. Sometimes it is a different shape and the breasts start at a different level. At other times, one can just be much larger, having much more breast tissue and much more fat.

Can the Nipples Be Uneven Too?

Occasionally, the nipple is also different and at a different height. Wherever possible, Dr Lanzer tries to offer liposuction of the larger breast to even out the two sides.

The alternative approach would be surgical mammoplasty, which is usually performed by a Dermatologist surgeon. Surgery in this area is always associated with some scarring. This should be considered before patients obtain this procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

The scarring on the chest and the front of the legs are two areas that do not always heal well. It is always great if the surgeon can keep the scars small or minimal. Using tumescent liposuction, the entire procedure is usually done with one to two small keyhole nicks. Naturally, this reduces the chance of visible scars tremendously.

Cosmetic Surgeon Approaches

Most cosmetic surgerys and dermatologist surgeons know that the two sides of our body are different. The classic statement is that our two sides are sisters and not twins. Another part of the body where this is quite evident is the face, where one cheek may be lower or have more drooping. It may be related to muscle or bony differences and sometimes even skin differences!

Dr Lanzer also sees unevenness often with the eyes and usually points out to patients that one eye may be a different shape or different height. Most patients do not actually notice this and certainly friends do not usually notice it. However, it is important for a surgeon to point this out to patients, so they do not think that it has happened from the surgery.

Sometimes, Dr Lanzer finds that the two sides of the body are different because of scoliosis or bending of the spine. This may cause hips or outer thighs to project in one direction. It also gives the illusion that the two sides are different.

In cases where scoliosis and spine bending are causing unevenness, it is more of a structural bony issue rather than the fat in one side of the body. Other causes of asymmetry can be scars, such as from an appendix, which causes the fat to push out in different directions.

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to have an eye that picks up slight asymmetry, and therefore they can offer treatments that are appropriate. A cosmetic surgery detects differences on the two sides by looking at angles and shadows.

There are certain vectors that can be seen, and the doctor will often turn the patient from side to side, which will help analyse the different directions and shaping. Photography is sometimes of an assistance in helping define the differences of the two sides. It is certainly important to do that, so that the patients can have a good record and see how things have changed.

Why Is Understanding Unevenness So Important?

Understanding the asymmetry of the human body is not only important for cosmetic surgerys who execute your procedure, but also patients! The asymmetry in the human body makes us unique, even though this asymmetry can often not be seen by the untrained eye.

If we were to make every side of the body symmetrical, it would have an unbelievable impact on how the patient looks. While some patients see perfect symmetry as perfection, the reality is far from the truth.

Fortunately, there are ways for a cosmetic surgery to predict the effect of a certain procedure on a certain treatment area. Based on the prediction, patients can make an informed decision. Even though it is still an estimate, it does provide patients with a little more insight into the changes that the procedure can bring. Check out more before and after photos here.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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