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Man Boob Surgery Costs

Man Boob Surgery Costs

Man boobs is one of the most common surgical procedures that Dr. Lanzer performs.
He explains to us his approach to this procedure.  Many  people  send  me  emails  or
come in asking,  “What  is  the  cost of  man  boob  surgery?”  The  costs actually vary
depending on the size of the procedure and the  extent of  the  operation. Sometimes
it is just removing tissue under the nipple.

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Other times, it is a full breast reduction or it may involve actually doing the sides of the breast to get reshaping. In about 50% of patients, I also have to perform a surgical excision of the breast glands of the tissue. This all affects cost. When the excision of the tissue occurs, there is often a Medicare item number that can be used by both Medicare and private health insurance.

Man Boob Surgery Costs

Generally, patients are spending between $3,000 and $4,000 for the procedure. One of the advantages of having our own day surgery centre that is fully accredited by the National Health Department is that we can keep the costs of the theatre fees at a minimum. Our Day Surgery Centre has the latest certification which is known as the NSQHS (National Safety and Quality in Healthcare Standards) as well as the highest ISO auditing classification. Men of all different ages inquire about man boob surgery. The most common complaint is that they are embarrassed to take their shirt off at the beach. Sometimes this complaint can last for decades. It can have quite severe emotional effects on people’s lives.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Man Boob Surgery procedures. Men who do not mind spending extra money will often elect to have high-definition liposculpture of the stomach and flanks at the same time.

If your looking to remove fat from the face, get a free consultation at Melbourne Man Boob Surgery clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Other men complain that their nipples are pointing when they are wearing tight shirts or t-shirts. It is interesting that it plays such a strong emotional factor on people’s lives that often the cost of the surgery becomes inconsequential. Interestingly, the fee that we charge for man boob surgery has not changed in the last 15 years. When I started liposculpture surgery 22 years ago, men only made up only a very small percentage of the patients we were doing surgery on. Today, men account for approximately 50% of the surgery and man boobs are the most common.

Some men do borrow money from banks or institutions specifically set up for cosmetic surgery to help with the costs of breast reduction. Others save up and pay when they have got the money.

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The official term for man boob surgery is gynecomastia. Man boob became a term coined because of the similarity of the breasts to a female’s boobs/breasts. Most surgeons do ask for payment of surgery before the surgery. This is to avoid any unnecessary discussions regarding money after surgery. Surgeons like to concentrate on the procedure and not get involved with financial discussions.

All patients will have photographs taken before surgery. These are important as many people forget how they look. It is really good that people can look back afterwards and feel that the money that they spent and the cost of the procedure was worth it when they see a big difference.

The cost for a male breast reduction procedure may vary from patient to patient, so the prices you will find online are usually an estimate or a guideline for male breast reduction procedures. To get a more accurate view of the procedure cost, it is best to speak to your cosmetic surgeon or the support team at the facility where you intend to have your procedure. Only after a thorough medical evaluation of the patient in question, can the surgeon include an estimate for the procedure into the treatment plan.

Getting a male breast reduction can be quite an investment for many men. If you would like more information about payment plans or specific payment options available to you, feel free to ask at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. There are numerous banks or lenders that can lend men the money for the procedure, but if you have no experience with these lending agents, you can always ask our team for advice. Since many men have used these institutions in the past, our team is undoubtedly familiar with banks and financial institutions that can provide you with the funds for the treatment. To contact our team for payment-related information, please contact us via chat message, web form or telephone.

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