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Gynecomastia Surgery
Male Breast Reduction Diagnosis

Male Breast Reduction Diagnosis

Male Breast Reduction Diagnosis

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The cause of enlarged breasts is not always clear, because some men can lose the weight, be on their target weight, and still have enlarged breasts. Therefore, surgeons can only suggest a male breast reduction diagnosis if the patient is on or around his target weight.

To learn more about a male breast reduction diagnosis, and how liposuction could help to correct the problem, please read our overview containing information about male breast reduction diagnosis below!

When Does A Patient Get A Male Breast Reduction Diagnosis?

Enlargement of the male breasts is an aesthetic problem that is often referred to as man boobs. The condition is characterised by the too much glandular tissue or fat in the male breast area, which makes the chest area appear rubbery and more feminine.

The excess tissue present in men suffering from gynaecomastia can start from underneath the nipple and then spreads outwards over the remainder of the breast area. Even though the enlargement of the male breasts is not dangerous for the patient, many men like to correct the problem and obtain a more masculine chest.

In some cases, male patients can experience some pain or tenderness of the chest area. If the patient suffers from these problems, he should be checked by a medical professional immediately to rule out any underlying conditions.

Gynaecomastia Procedure

How Can The Male Breast Reduction Diagnosis Help?

During a liposuction procedure (or excision depending on the amount of breast tissue), the cosmetic surgeon will remove the excess fat from the chest area. However, before he can do so, the treatment area must be sedated; this could be done with a local or a general anaesthetic.

Once the anaesthetic has kicked in, the surgeon can commence the male breast reduction with liposuction procedure. Firstly, the surgeon will make an incision around the nipple of the patient; this incision is then used to remove excess tissue from the breast area. Excess tissue may include actual breast tissue or fat tissue and may vary from patient to patient.

If there is a significant amount of breast tissue opposed to fat, your breast reduction surgery at the medical centre may involve extended incisions; this ensures that your surgeon can gain easier access to the treatment area.

When there is a significant reduction of fat and breast tissue, the surgeon may remove excess skin. However, this only happens in a small percentage of cases, as the skin usually snaps back beautifully post-surgery.

Discover Gynaecomastia Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia procedure. In some cases, the surgeon may have to reposition the nipple as well, especially if a lot of tissue was removed during the breast reduction.

If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free consultation at the Melbourne clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Can A Male Breast Reduction With Liposuction Treat Patients With Enlarged Breasts Caused By Overweight?

As was explained in the introduction of this article, determining a condition such as gynaecomastia can be difficult if the patient is overweight. Therefore, surgeons will recommend weight loss before considering a male breast reduction, as the problem could disappear by simply losing the weight.

Evidently, there are other causes of man boobs too. Medical conditions such as the Klinefelter syndrome could be a contributor. The use of illegal anabolic steroids has also been linked to gynaecomastia. Therefore, the treatment of gynaecomastia can be subject to its exact cause.

How Can I Maintain My Weight So Enlarged Breasts Do Not Return?

Breast and fat tissue removal from the breast area can give patients long-term results. However, the patient must avoid severe weight fluctuations after the procedure, maintain a healthy eating plan, and exercise on a regular basis.

To discover how you can maintain your ideal weight and keep the results obtained from gynaecomastia surgery, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below. For additional tips on nutrition after a breast reduction procedure, please contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic or your local nutritionist.

Gynaecomastia Procedure

Are Side-Effects Possible After Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Most patients will experience the side-effects associated with cosmetic surgery; this includes some discomfort, bruising, and swelling. Post-treatment symptoms are managed with pain medication and you will be monitored for complications during your follow-up appointments.

Get Enough Sleep

Even though exercise and good nutrition are the cornerstones of your weight management, good sleep is as well. Unfortunately, many patients do not realise that quality sleep is also essential to maintain their target weight and consequently experience some weight fluctuations due to their busy lifestyle.

By getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night, you will keep your metabolism in good condition. It will stop you from overeating and help you to make healthy food choices, something that certainly comes in handy when you regularly visit restaurants or do the shopping at the grocery store.

Add Strength Training To Your Plan

Cardio is great to keep excess fat off and to boost your metabolism, but patients cannot forget to incorporate some strength exercises to their exercise plan as well. If you have lost some weight, your metabolism tends to lose its efficiency, and makes it more difficult to keep the weight off. However, by adding more strength exercises, you can build much needed muscle to keep the extra pounds away.

Building more lean muscle will help your weight loss management long-term too, since lean muscle has shown to boost the metabolic rate. Of course, patients must also realise that muscle weighs more than fat, so if you are gaining some muscle over time, it is not uncommon for the scales to fluctuate a little.

Prebiotics And Fermented Foods

Research has shown that certain foods are more beneficial for weight loss management. Two types of foods that belong to this category are prebiotics and fermented foods, which will have a positive influence on your digestion.

Prebiotics and fermented foods have shown to boost the growth of healthy gut bacteria in the intestines, which will promote digestion and stop constipation. Good digestion helps to keep your weight in check as well, so adding prebiotics and fermented foods to your nutrition plan is not a bad idea.

Don’t Be Too Strict

One mistake many people make is that they become too strict with their diet. While you will certainly benefit from a strict diet short-term, it can lead to patients rebelling against their diet. Subsequently, the patient becomes more susceptible to binges and eating large quantities of fatty foods. Therefore, it is recommended to allow yourself the occasional treat, instead of being too strict all the time. Naturally, treats cannot take over your entire meal plan, but you can allow yourself to have a little enjoyment from time to time.

Treat Gynaecomastia By Making An Appointment At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

Do you believe you suffer from gynaecomastia (enlarged breasts in men) and that a breast reduction procedure could be of benefit to you? To determine if you are a candidate to reduce your breast size, please book a consult with Dr Daniel Lanzer.

There are several ways to book an appointment for gynaecomastia treatment. Firstly, you can call our receptionists via telephone. Alternatively, enter your information on the form below and submit your information to our clinic.

Want to view additional examples of gynaecomastia? There are several cases of gynaecomastia that can be viewed in our before and after photographs and case studies sections.

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