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Am I A Good Candidate For Man Boobs Surgery?

Am I A Good Candidate For Man Boobs Surgery?

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Even though patients make the first step towards obtaining man boobs surgery, there are some medical criteria patients must meet to be eligible for the procedure. To get more familiar with man boobs surgery, and to discover if you are eligible for the procedure, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Is The Definition Of Man Boobs Surgery?

Gynaecomastia is a condition that is characterised by the enlargement of the male breasts. Therefore, this condition is also referred to as man boobs. The condition can appear in men of all ages and body types. Therefore, the actual cause of the condition can vary too.

There are many causes of gynaecomastia for men, but the most common causes include a reduction in testosterone levels, hormonal imbalances, obesity, genetic problems, chronic diseases and the use of certain medications. Consequently, it is often advised to determine the cause of gynaecomastia for men before choosing a man boobs surgery.

One of the treatments available for gynaecomastia is male breast reduction surgery. Naturally, patients must meet certain criteria to be deemed eligible for this cosmetic surgery. These criteria are examined and evaluated during a consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.

Gynaecomastia For Men

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Gynaecomastia Surgery?

To treat gynaecomastia with a surgical procedure, you must be on a healthy weight and be in good general health. If the patient suffers from obesity, the overweight of the patient could be the cause of the enlarged breasts. Hence why the cosmetic surgeon will advise the patient to lose the weight before considering surgery, since the weight loss could tackle the problem naturally. You should also not have any health conditions that could influence any surgical procedures in a negative manner.

Before the patient can have gynaecomastia surgery, the cosmetic surgeon needs to evaluate the patient thoroughly medically and determine if the procedure could provide the patient with benefit. While evaluating your eligibility, the surgeon will also ask about your expectations, so that these expectations are on par with the possibilities of the surgery.

How Is The Male Breast Reduction Executed?

During a gynaecomastia for men procedure, the surgeon will sedate the patient with a general anaesthetic. A local anaesthetic is also an option, but less common with a breast reduction procedure. The cosmetic surgeon can use various techniques to remove excess breast tissue and glandular tissue from the breast area, but most male breast reductions will go as follows.

Once the patient is sedated, the surgeon will make a strategic incision around the nipple. The incision is usually placed on the areola, or the dark part that surrounds the male nipple. When the incision is made, the surgeon can insert a small cannula connected to a vacuum. Then, he can start removing excess fatty tissue through a gentle suction process.

When a large amount of tissue needs to be removed, the surgeon may need to extend the incisions to get better access to the treatment area. In these cases, the cosmetic surgeon may have to reposition the nipples to restore a more masculine chest.

Discover Gynaecomastia For Men Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia for men procedure. Please refer to the additional information pages on the Dr Lanzer website.

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How Should I Recover From Gynaecomastia For Men Surgery?

Recovering from cosmetic surgery takes time, therefore it is advised to take some time off work if you intend on having this procedure in the future. After treatment, the patient must avoid strenuous activities. So, if you have a physically demanding job, you may need extra time off to recover.

Shortly after the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will provide the patient with a special compression garment. The garment must be worn continuously during the recovery, because the elastic garment will reduce swelling and help the breasts to conform to their new shape.

The duration you need to wear the compression garment is subject to how quickly you heal. Therefore, the time you need to wear this elastic garment may vary from patient to patient. To ensure you can stop wearing the compression garment, please consult your cosmetic surgeon first.

Patients may have to afford driving for some time as well, since wearing a seatbelt can be quite painful and uncomfortable after the procedure. However, once it is no longer painful to wear a seatbelt, the patient can resume driving as normal. Of course, you may need some extra time until you feel more confident to drive again.

What Are The Side-Effects I Can Get After Gynaecomastia Surgery?

After a gynaecomastia procedure, it is normal for patients to experience soreness on and around the treatment area. The patient may also see some scars, which are a result of the incisions made during the procedure.

While most scars fade over time, patients should expect to have a scar around the nipple after they have healed. Scars can also be more prominent if the surgeon extended the incisions during the procedure.

Gynaecomastia For Men

What Are The Risks Of Gynaecomastia Surgery?

Every cosmetic surgery procedure carries risks. Therefore, it is extremely important for patients to fully understand the risks that may occur during and after their surgery. Patients must also sign a consent form before their surgery takes place, which includes a statement saying that the patient is fully aware of the risks that gynaecomastia surgery carries.

Possible risks that accompany gynaecomastia surgery include thick scarring, unevenly shaped breasts, slow wound healing, loss of sensation in the nipple area, bleeding in the breast tissue, the development of lumps and excessive swelling.

Patients could also encounter serious complications after surgery, which are often a result of poor post-operative care. These complications include excessive bleeding, infection, allergic reactions to anaesthetic or the formation of a blood clot.

How To Deal With Complications And/Or Post-Operative Problems?

There is always a chance that a procedure does not go as you expected. If you experience any uncommon side-effects during your post-operative recovery, please contact the clinic where you had the surgery as soon as possible. By doing so, the clinic must provide you with an emergency appointment and provide you with the appropriate care.

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