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Breast Reduction with Liposuction Procedure Recovery

Breast Reduction with Liposuction Procedure Recovery

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Being informed about the male breast reduction recovery process after cosmetic surgery procedures is essential to reduce the risk of complications that could occur because of the procedure. Even though it will never limit the chance of complications completely, being informed could enable you to spot complications early.

Below, you will find more information regarding the male breast reduction recovery after a male breast reduction with liposuction procedure. If you intend on having a male breast reduction with liposuction procedure in the future, please read through this information carefully.

When Do I Need to Return for a Follow-Up Appointment?

Even after a successful male breast reduction with liposuction procedure, the patient must always return to the cosmetic surgery facility for a check-up. The time of the follow-up appointment varies from surgeon to surgeon, so patients should speak to their surgeon to ask about the follow-up appointment.

If your follow-up appointment is not due for a couple of days and you believe you might be experiencing a complication, it is advised to contact your clinic right away. Explain your concerns to the clinic and request an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

male breast reduction recovery

Do I Need to Remain at the Clinic After My Male Breast Reduction with Liposuction?

All patients usually leave the clinic on the same day of the procedure. However, if the patient had his surgery under a general anaesthetic, the patient will be required to stay at the clinic for a three-hour post-anaesthesia observation.

Before the patient can leave the clinic after the procedure, the patient will be checked thoroughly. To leave the clinic after the procedure, the patient must have a stable blood pressure and not have any post-operative complications such as dizziness, nausea or vomiting. If the patient is deemed fit after the medical check, he is free to leave the clinic.

Patients leaving the clinic may still experience some side-effects from the anaesthetic they received. Therefore, it is advised to have someone pick you up and drive you home after your procedure. It is also recommended to have someone stay with you during the first 48 hours after the procedure, so if a complication should arise, there is someone around who can assist you and contact the appropriate medical professional.

What Complications Should I Be Aware Of?

After a cosmetic surgery procedure, patients should be aware of the usual symptoms that could indicate an infection or other complications that could arise from a surgical procedure. Common signs that may indicate a complication include pus and a bad smell coming from the treatment area, fever, chills, treatment area feeling hot to touch, redness, unusual pain and soreness.

Another complication patients should be aware of after a liposuction procedure is seroma. A seroma is a collection of fluids or serum in a body cavity, which has a yellow colour. Even though a seroma is not considered as a life-threatening complication, it can be rather bothersome for patients experiencing this side-effect.

A seroma will usually disappear on its own over several weeks or months. Still, there are some things patients can do to speed up the removal of seroma. Firstly, your cosmetic surgeon can remove the excess serum by inserting a needle into the affected area and draining the seroma into the syringe. For serious seromas, the cosmetic surgeon can also use liposuction cannulas. So, your treatment options will be subject to the severity of the seroma.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia procedure. Cosmetic surgeons will advise their patients to do some light walking on the day of the surgery and several days after.

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When Can I Resume My Work Activities After a Breast Reduction?

Resuming work comes down to how physically demanding your job is. For example, patients with a desk job can resume their normal work activities quite quickly after their procedure, but patients with a physically demanding job should take extra time off so their body can recover properly.

During your male breast reduction recovery process, it is essential to avoid rigorous and strenuous activities because these activities could cause serious complications after your surgery. Instead, the patient can do some light walking to prevent any post-surgery complications.

We also need to mention that a patient should never be confined to their bed after a liposuction procedure, since this could cause the formation of blood cloths.

male breast reduction recovery

Can I Fly in an Airplane After Surgery?

Most patients can fly in an airplane after their surgery unless the cosmetic surgeon gives the patient specific instructions to avoid commercial flights.

However, even though the patient can fly on a plane, patients still need to avoid prolonged periods of sitting. So, if you have a long car trip or plane trip planned, it is still essential to walk around from time to time to avoid blood clots and deep-vein thrombosis.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Swelling and Bruising After Surgery?

Each patient will experience side-effects after surgery, but by following the recommendations of your cosmetic surgeon, you could promote the healing process. For example, by wearing the compression garment provided by the clinic, the patient can keep swelling under control and keep the wounds after the surgery protected.

To ensure you are prepared to deal with the side-effects after a breast reduction, please make sure you have received your recovery plan from the clinic. Get familiar with this male breast reduction recovery plan before your surgery takes place, so you know what to expect during your recovery.

Can I Get in Touch with Dr Lanzer If Something Is Wrong After My Procedure?

Dr Lanzer gives all patients his personal mobile number and also has a special pager patients can reach him on. Even though complications are rare, Dr Lanzer likes to keep a close eye on his patients. So, when you are experiencing any side-effects that are of concern to you after your treatment, you can always get in touch with Dr Lanzer.

Of course, patients can also contact our clinic directly. Dr Lanzer’s staff is highly trained and can deal with most emergencies that could occur after surgery. So, if you have any concerns post-surgery, you can also get in touch with Dr Lanzer’s medical team.

Before patients have their procedure, they will usually receive some documentation regarding recovery. We always recommend that patients read through this information carefully before having their procedure, since it could answer many questions during your recovery and put your mind at rest. Do not understand something in the documentation you have received? Contact our trained medical team today for more information.

Questions About Male Breast Reduction Recovery?

Would you like to have more information about cosmetic surgery recovery before you make an appointment for a specific procedure? Or do you have additional questions about male breast reduction recovery procedure? Feel free to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic at any time for more information.

Patients can contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone, email or the website enquiry form. Our receptionists will provide you with the requested information or could arrange an appointment with Dr Lanzer if you wish to discuss your treatment options.

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