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Gynaecomastia Treatment

Gynaecomastia Treatment

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Breast enlargement is a common problem seen in men in Australia. Even though the condition is not necessarily life-threatening for the patient, it can cause patients some discomfort. There are several ways to execute a gynaecomastia treatment. However, the treatment of the condition will somewhat depend on the cause of the condition. Therefore, let us take a closer look at gynaecomastia and its causes to determine appropriate treatment options.

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynaecomastia is a medical problem that is also known under the name man boob, which is situated on the male chest. Men who suffer from this condition will experience an increase in the size of the breasts, making their chest area seem more feminine. If there is significant excess breast tissue or fat, then breast reduction surgery could be the recommended option. 

The indicators for gynaecomastia treatment can vary from patient to patient and can have numerous causes. Common signs of gynaecomastia include extra tissue (glandular tissue or fatty tissue) around the nipple area, which makes the breasts more prominent. In most cases, both breasts will be affected, but excess tissue in only one breast is also possible.

As mentioned previously, the causes of gynaecomastia can be quite widespread. Weight gain is one of the potential causes. While patients can lose the weight, sometimes the excess fat in the breasts remains. Hormonal changes and liver disease can also be contributors to the problem, as well as the use of illegal anabolic steroids. 

To get the most appropriate treatment, cosmetic surgeons will often recommend tests and look at the patient’s medical history to ensure the problem does not return after the surgery.

How Is Liposuction Used For Men With Gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia surgery with liposuction can be a solution for male patients who are on their ideal weight but still have a considerable amount of excess fat in the breast areas. Before a male breast reduction with liposuction can be executed, cosmetic surgery can determine if the patient could reduce the size of the enlarged breasts through diet and exercise alone. However, if the patients already tried to lose the excess fat from the breast area through diet and exercise without much result, liposuction may be needed for the management of gynaecomastia.

Before the surgeon makes the incisions for the procedure, the patient will be sedated. Even though a local anaesthetic could be used during this gynaecomastia procedure, most surgeons will choose a general anaesthetic. If a general anaesthetic is used, then the procedure will take place with an anaesthetist to monitor the patient. 

When the patient is sedated, cosmetic surgery can start making an incision around the areola, which is the dark area situated around the nipple. When the incision has been made, the surgeon can remove excess fat, breast tissue and in some cases skin. If the surgeon needs to remove a considerable amount of tissue, he may need to reposition the nipples as well.

Once the procedure is completed, the treatment area will be bandaged tightly; this will protect the wound against infection, but also reduce some of the side-effects such as swelling and bruising. The surgeon will also provide you with some pain management medication since the patient will experience some pain and discomfort after this procedure.

Since fat can be removed with liposuction during gynecomastia surgery, only a small incision needs to be made into the breast in most cases. However, if there is a lot of male breast tissue present, the cosmetic surgeon may need to use a surgical treatment that involves the excision of these breast tissues. 

Gynaecomastia Treatment Procedure

What Does The Recovery After Gynaecomastia Treatment (Male Breast Reduction Surgery) Look Like?

Patients can experience several side-effects after a gynaecomastia treatment. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the side-effects that could occur and how you can handle them. You must also be aware of complications that could arise, so be sure to read the following information carefully.

The first week after the procedure

During this first week, the patient will experience some discomfort. To manage any pain the patient experiences during this stage, he can take some mild pain management medication. However, the patient should avoid taking aspirin, since this may interfere with recovery.

The patient should avoid strenuous activity during this time too. However, the patient does need to move a little to promote the healing process, so it is recommended to do some light walking to avoid post-operative complications.

The patient must wear a compression garment during the day and night after their procedure. The compression garment should be worn for a couple of weeks or longer until the surgeon gives the all clear to stop wearing the compression garment.

The following weeks

Any invasive procedure carries risks, and this is something that should be considered during the healing process as well. Surgical procedures can have complications during the surgery, but they can occur after surgery procedures as well. It is therefore important to follow the advice given to you by your cosmetic surgeon. 

As the healing process continues, the patient can experience some slight pulling and pain sensations on and around the chest. The pain and pulling sensation are usually more pronounced as the patient moves around. However, it is expected that the patient also increases his activity level gradually during this time.

When the patient feels good enough to do so, he can resume his normal work activities. However, if the patient’s job involves heavy lifting or other strenuous activities, the patient needs to take additional time off work, since strenuous activities could still cause complications.

The swelling and bruising the patient encounters after the surgery will gradually reduce over time. Unfortunately, the Dr Lanzer Clinic cannot give patients a clear estimate on when these symptoms will disappear, since the healing process is unique to each patient.

During the first six months after the breast reduction procedure, patients should avoid direct contact with sunlight. Therefore, if you plan to spend a considerable amount of time outside, please make sure to cover the chest area accordingly.

Discover Gynaecomastia Treatment Procedure Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Gynaecomastia treatment procedure. Please note that everyone heals differently, so the following overview should be considered as a guideline.

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Gynaecomastia Treatment ProcedureDoes Weight Matter For This Condition?

If the patient is considerably overweight, a breast reduction procedure may not be the first treatment option available to that patient. Being overweight can cause an enlargement of the breasts, so in these cases, the patient must go on a diet to get rid of the excess fats stored in his body.

Most patients experiencing enlarged breasts due to excess weight can successfully reduce the size of their breasts by losing the excess weight. However, if the patient has lost a tremendous amount of weight, the patient may still be left with additional tissue and skin. For these cases, a male breast reduction procedure may still be a treatment option. To determine if this treatment is the best option, a physical examination will be required.

Patients who experience enlarged breasts due to excess weight can get help to get to their target weight. To get help with weight loss, contact your local GP or book a consultation with a nutritionist to create a healthy weight loss plan.

Of course, there can be other factors and medical conditions that contribute to a problem such as gynaecomastia. For example, older men are more likely to experience this problem due to the natural ageing process; this can influence the diagnosis and treatment of the issue.

Certain medications can influence the breast glands, lymph nodes, and even influence the hormone levels in the human body; this includes spironolactone Aldactone. When men produce a high level of female hormones, this hormonal imbalance can influence the shape of the chest too and lead to true gynaecomastia. Evidently, the treatment of true gynaecomastia will be different for all these cases.

In some exceptional cases, male breast cancer could contribute to enlarged male breasts. To tackle gynaecomastia, your cosmetic surgery will want to determine the cause. Samples of breast tissue can be taken for analysis and breast cancer could be detected if it is indeed present. However, these cases are extremely rare.

How To Get Gynaecomastia Treatment At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

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