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What is Gynecomastia Surgery?

One of the most common inquiries that I receive on Google inquiries is, “what is the cost of removing man boobs?” This condition is called gynaecomastia. In the majority of cases, it is caused for no reason. There is a strong family history, genetic tendency, with gynaecomastia. It can be caused by hormones and drugs and may be related to being overweight. Sometimes gynaecomastia can begin in teenage years. I have seen extremely large gynaecomastia around the puberty age. This form of gynaecomastia may change through the teenage years. If there is a very strong family history of gynaecomastia, it may still be worthwhile treating it at a young age to avoid the embarrassment and psychological affects that can occur during those formative years.

male breasts

It is not uncommon for me to hear of patients who have not taken their shirt off at the beach for 20 or 30 years. It can have dramatic affects on men psychologically. One needs to understand why having a female-looking breast should be of such a concern to a man. Principally, one would imagine that it takes away from his manhood. Unfortunately, other men tend to ridicule people who have got female breasts. They do not realise how painful their comments can be.

More About The Procedure

Over the last 25 years, I have performed many thousands of man-boob reductions. In probably half the cases, the tissue that is removed is merely fat and it can all be performed through one or 2 tiny incisions. Patients get an immediate reduction and flattening of their chest. Sometimes the chest is totally flat. Other times, it still has the curvature of the underlying muscle. Often my goal is to give an athletic appearance to the chest by sculpturing around the edge of the chest to create better definition of the ‘physical examination’, this is the pectoral muscle. In the other half of patients, there is actual breast tissue. Breast tissue appears fibrous, white, and hard. This ball of tissue may be very small or quite large. Mostly, I can remove the breast tissue through a small cut right along the edge of the areola. Sometimes, the breast tissue is actually present only under the areola. Patients present with a pointy bulging nipple. These are certainly much easier to remove. When removing the breast tissue, I have found that some surgeons have made the mistake of not sculpturing the surrounding skin.  This therefore produces a depression under the nipple. It is important to sculpture the surrounding breast in order to mold in the whole breast tissue and treat it as one area so that there is a natural smoothing curvature and flattening of the breast.

male boobs

About half the men who have breast reduction, they consider liposculpture of areas such as the love-handles (flanks) or high definition 6-pack liposculpture of the stomach. Therefore, the answer to what is man boobs, is an excessive enlargement of the breast shape in a man which is not in keeping with his desired masculine look. It tends to give an appearance of a female breast and can sometimes be extremely large with drooping and sagging of the breast. It is often genetic and can often be disturbing even when wearing t-shirts and clothes. Many men spend years wearing loose-fitting clothes to cover the area. The procedure is a fairly simple one that can be performed under local anesthetic. It has dramatic effects and is usually lifelong in how long it lasts. Once the fat cells and the breast tissue are removed, it is very uncommon for it to recur.

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