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Mega Liposuction Costs

Mega Liposuction Costs

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A question we receive quite often at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is related to the mega liposuction costs. Unfortunately, it is not a question that has a clear answer, because the cost of your liposuction procedure can depend on many different factors. Even though you can find some general prices on our website, here are some of the factors that could affect the overall price of your mega liposuction.

The Size of the Treatment Area

The first factor that could affect the cost of your mega liposuction is the size of your treatment area. The larger the treatment area, the more fat needs to be removed and the longer the procedure might take. Therefore, this could have an impact on the cost of the procedure.

Of course, the size of the treatment area does not necessarily mean your treatment will cost more. It all comes down to the amount of fat the surgeon needs to remove. Therefore, you can only obtain a clear estimate of mega liposuction costs by getting an estimate from your surgeon.

The Experience of Your Cosmetic Surgeon

The cost of the a mega lipo treatment can also vary on the surgeon you have obtained. Surgeons with more experience can charge more for their services, but this is not always the case. Therefore, it is always a good idea to read up on your surgeon first and determine the prices your surgeon charges. Then, you can start comparing the mega liposuction costs with others in the area. Of course, a surgeon with more experience is always the better choice.

mega liposuction costs

The Location

The location of the cosmetic surgery facility can have an impact on the cost of your surgery. If you look at the cost of lipo in a country overseas, you might find that some countries offer the procedure a lot cheaper than most surgeons in Australia. Of course, there is a snake in the grass when it comes to this lower price, because patients are exposed to a lot more risk.

One of the main problems with obtaining a mega lipo procedure abroad is the standard foreign surgeons have. The standards Australian surgeons need to meet are strict; this can apply to hygiene and the surgeon’s education. However, a country abroad will never have the same standards, so you could encounter problems where your overall care and surgery results are concerned.

Another problem you may encounter when obtaining your surgery abroad is a lack of aftercare. When you visit another country for a procedure, chances are that you won’t stick around for several months to receive the proper aftercare. If your clinic has not provided you with a worldwide warranty, then it is unlikely that an Australian surgeon will do the follow-up. Since aftercare is extremely important, it is therefore best to choose an Australian surgeon instead of a surgeon abroad.

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The Clinic

While not many people consider this factor when it comes to the price of their surgery, the clinic is still an important denominator where surgery price calculation is concerned. Some cosmetic surgeon facilities are equipped with the latest technologies, which require a considerable investment from their part. Naturally, these clinics will compensate some of that money by increasing the prices of their procedures. Of course, it does provide the patient with more effective techniques and safer surgeries in return.

Still, a clinic that offers a procedure for a lower price does not necessarily indicate that they do not have modern facilities and equipment at their disposal. Therefore, it is a good idea to do some research before your initial appointment and ask about the technologies and equipment available at your clinic.


To ensure a patient is comfortable during a mega lipo procedure, the patient may need to get general anaesthetic. Of course, this is a complicated process that requires a specialist, so an anaesthetist will be needed in these cases.

When an anaesthetist is used during your procedure, it is likely that the cost of this specialist will be added to your overall bill. Therefore, when you receive an estimate from your clinic, make sure that the estimate includes the possible cost of the anaesthetist. If this mega liposuction costs seems to be missing from your bill, be sure to contact your clinic for clarification.

mega liposuction costs

Mega Liposuction Costs On Prescription Medication

Another cost that could be added to your overall bill is prescription medications; this could include pain relief, antibiotics and other medications needed during your recovery. Of course, there are certain surgeons that will include this cost in the price of your procedure. Therefore, patients should always check their estimate for the presence of medication cost. If you cannot find this cost on your bill, please contact your clinic to ensure that you will not be charged extra for any medication you receive from your clinic.

Compression Garment

Most patients who get a lipo procedure need to get compression garments too. Even though these are usually provided by your cosmetic surgery clinic, there is a small portion of clinics that do not provide this service. So, if you don’t see any cost for the compression garments on the bill, please contact your surgery to make sure you will receive a compression garment after your surgery and if you will be billed extra for it.

Patients that do not receive a compression garment from their clinic usually must obtain it themselves. Still, compression garments you obtain must fit well and must be specifically made for the treatment area. Not sure which compression garment to get? Contact your surgeon or your local doctor for some assistance.


There are many mega liposuction costs that could be billed at the end of a lipo procedure; this is one of the reasons why it is so important to get a clear and accurate cost estimate from your cosmetic surgery clinic. If you believe that certain information is missing from your overview, contact your clinic immediately for more information. If your clinic declines to provide the information you need, it is best to choose another clinic to avoid unwelcome surprises after your procedure.

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