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What You Need To Know About The Mega Liposuction in Australia
What Is Mega Liposuction?

What Is Mega Liposuction?

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Before we elaborate on the mega lipo, we do need to state that the mega liposuction is not a weight loss solution. The procedure is aimed to help patients get on the right track during their journey, not to give them a quick fix for overweight. Mega liposuction could be a viable treatment for a variety of patients. If you wish to learn more about this treatment and its purpose, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

When Does a Patient Choose Mega Lipo?

The mega lipo procedure is a possible procedure for patients who are overweight. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgery will remove a large volume of fat; this will create a drastic change in the overall physique of the patient.

How Much Fat Can Be Removed During a Mega Lipo Procedure?

Dr Lanzer can remove up to ten litres of fat during a mega lipo procedure. However, large quantities of fat – which includes the removal of ten litres of fat – often needs to occur over several sessions. Therefore, most patients who require the removal of ten litres, will need to visit the Dr Lanzer Clinic at least two times.

What Are the Requirements to Obtain Mega Liposuction?

The lipo procedure is suitable for male and female patients up to 120 kilograms. The procedure can provide a dramatic reduction in body shape, since the treatment could remove ten litres of fat from the body of the patient.

A mega lipo can be performed on patients who have received a lap band procedure. Naturally, these patients must meet stricter criteria than patients who do not have a lap band; this is because the lap band could promote the weight loss process on its own. 

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How Is Mega Lipo Performed?

Mega lipo can be executed under a local or general anaesthetic; this often varies from patient to patient. If a local anaesthetic is used, the surgeon will inject a tumescent fluid in the area where fat needs to be removed. The injection of the tumescent fluid does not only sedate the treatment area though, because it also reduces the loss of blood during the procedure.

When the treatment area is completely sedated, Dr Lanzer can create an incision in a strategic place on the treatment area. Then, he inserts a small cannula through the incision into the treatment area. The fat is then removed through the cannula (tube) through a gentle suction process. Since the patient is sedated during the procedure, the patient will not experience any pain during the execution of the procedure.

Discover Mega Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Mega liposuction procedures. To determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure after a lap band procedure – or if the mega lipo is a good alternative for the lap band – please make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic for personal advice.

If your looking to remove fat from the body, get a free consultation at Melbourne Mega Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Why Is Mega Lipo Not a Weight Loss Solution? Won’t I Lose Weight with the Procedure?

While it is true that a patient loses fat during a mega lipo procedure, it is certainly not meant as a weight loss solution. If a patient cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, the fat removed during the procedure can return. Therefore, mega lipo should not be considered a quick fix, but an aid that can help you put on the right diet track.

Can I Get Advice on Diet and Nutrition at the Dr Lanzer Clinic Too?

To ensure patients can maintain their results after a mega lipo procedure, patients can count on the advice and support of our dietician consultant – Mark Surdut. Since mega lipo is only meant to kick-start the diet of the patient, Mark Surdut can assist patients with valuable dietary advice, weight loss plans, but also maintenance plans to keep the weight off.

Before a patient is considered for the procedure, the patient must show a willingness to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. This has a reason, because the results obtained from mega lipo will not be more long term unless the patient can maintain their healthy lifestyle after the procedure.

Are the Results Obtained Through Mega Lipo Long Term?

As mentioned earlier, the results obtained through mega lipo are more long term if the patient can maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle should consist of a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

Even if you have your diet and maintenance plans made after your procedure, we still recommend booking a consultation with our dietician. In most cases, patients can obtain valuable information from our dietician, which enables them to keep their weight loss over time.

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What Should I Know About the Recovery from Mega Lipo?

Since a large quantity of fat is removed during a mega lipo procedure, patients must consider taking some time off after their treatment. Patients will not be physically fit to work shortly after the procedure and the body will require some rest before normal activities can be resumed. During your recovery, it is vital not to force anything and listen to your body. Strenuous exercise should be avoided until the patient gets the all clear from Dr Lanzer, but light walking could be a good way to get some exercise in during your recovery.

If you wish to learn more about your recovery after a mega lipo procedure, we recommend speaking to one of the nurses at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Even though our nurses will provide this information to you when you book a consultation for a mega lipo procedure, it is still an option for patients who have specific concerns about their recovery process.

How Do I Make an Appointment for Mega Lipo?

Dr Lanzer has practices nationwide, so you can easily make an appointment at one of his clinic to determine your suitability for the procedure. To make an appointment with Dr Lanzer, we recommend contacting one of our clinics via telephone and book an appointment by speaking to our receptionists. Cannot contact us via telephone? Use the online form or send us an email to make your appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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