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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

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Dr Lanzer is one of the most renowned cosmetic surgeons in Australia and has several treatment facilities across the country; this includes a Melbourne clinic, where patients can get access to advanced cosmetic surgery procedures.

To discover the cosmetic procedures available at the Melbourne clinic as well as our other Australian clinics, and for some additional information about each of the procedures, please read our overview of available cosmetic surgery procedures below.


Dr Lanzer’s Melbourne Clinic enables patients to gain access to numerous facelift & face rejuvenation procedures, a popular treatment in the world of cosmetic surgery. The facelift procedures at the Melbourne clinic can be divided into three main categories: facelift procedures, facial rejuvenation and laser skin resurfacing. Each of these main categories also have subcategories, where specific treatment options can be found. But no matter the procedure, the Dr Lanzer Clinic always focuses on delivering a natural-looking result.

Facelift & face rejuvenation procedures covers a wide area of treatments; this includes the blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), erbium laser treatment, suture lift, liposuction and fat transfer. The nature and type of the procedure that may be needed to obtain the aesthetic result the patient has in mind will be determined during a consultation with Dr Lanzer. Of course, patients can obtain more information about each treatment on the website as well.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Liposuction for Women

The Dr Lanzer Clinic can provide women with liposuction procedures especially developed for the woman. Treatments included in this category are tumescent liposuction, laser liposuction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast reduction and breast lift via liposuction and laser lipolysis.

Liposuction treatments for women can be executed on various areas of the body; this includes but is not limited to: arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks and neck. While most liposuction procedures are chosen to remove persistent fat deposits, some procedures can be used to give the patient a rejuvenated appearance and to remove sagging skin. It is also important to note that liposuction is not a treatment for weight loss. Most patients are on or around their target weight and are looking to obtain a more toned physique.

Liposuction for Men

Men can also take advantage of liposuction procedures at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, but there is one treatment amongst our procedures that should be mentioned here specifically – Vaser liposuction.

Vaser liposuction is a surgical procedure intended to give the male patient a more athletic appearance; this can be done by removing persistent fat deposits in certain areas and make the present muscle come more to the forefront. For men, this procedure can be executed on the abdomen, side chest, outer arms, abs and obliques. Women can also benefit from this procedure, since Vaser can be executed for them to achieve a more toned & athletic stomach groove, lower back, calves and arms.

Female Breast Reduction

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, Dr Lanzer is able to provide revolutionary breast reduction surgery. During such a procedure, he is able to remove litres of fat and volume without leaving long scars. It is also considered a key hole surgery procedure, which can effectively reduce the size of the breasts.

Dr Lanzer is one of the best surgeons in Australia to perform this procedure, not only because he has more than 30 years of experience, but also because he helped to develop this particular treatment. Because of his assistance in developing the procedure, Dr Lanzer obtained international recognition from health professionals and organisations.

Discover Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Cosmetic Surgery procedures. To learn more about other available procedures, please refer to our website to see a full overview of all our treatments.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the body, get a free no-obligation consultation at Melbourne Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Breast Reduction for Men

Man boobs have been a problem for many men over the years. Fortunately, the Dr Lanzer Clinic also provides breast reduction procedures for men, which enables them to obtain a more proportionate chest.

The breast reduction procedure for men is currently one of the most common procedures for men at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. By making a small incision underneath the nipple, Dr Lanzer is able to remove excess fat and remodel the chest in one procedure.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

The blepharoplasty procedure can be chosen for aesthetic or medical reasons. Some patients who suffer from droopy or hanging eyelids, can experience a reduction in their field of vision, while others find that their eyelids are making them appear older than they actually are. By choosing a blepharoplasty at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can regain a more youthful appearance, or restore their field of vision, through the removal of excess fat and/or tissue. This treatment can be executed on both upper and lower eyelids.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a skin rejuvenation treatment that may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin irregularities, for example blemishes or acne scars. The treatment is executed by focussing beams of concentrated, pulsating light on the treatment area; this makes the removal of individual skin layers possible.

Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Fat Transfer

The fat transfer is a procedure that is also known under the name fat grafting. During such a procedure, Dr Lanzer removes fat from an area on the body that has an excess amount of fat, for example the thighs and abdomen, and then injects it into an area that needs more volume such as the face, hands, breasts or buttocks.

Fat transfer procedures can be executed for numerous reasons. The most common reason is to correct areas on the body that have creased and sunken appearance due to the natural ageing process, such as the face or the hands. The treatment is also used to improve body contouring in certain areas, reduce the appearance of scars and fill depressions in the body.

Last but not least, the fat transfer is also an option for women who want to reconstruct their breasts, correct certain irregularities on the breasts, or hide the signs of a recent breast implant procedure. Therefore, the fat transfer also finds applications in breast augmentation and breast surgery overall.

Facelift Procedures

A wide number of aesthetic surgery procedures are considered as face lifting or rejuvenating. The treatment can envelop the traditional facelift, but also treatments such as the brow lift, dermal fillers and other injectables, neck lift, hand surgery such as the fat transfer and laser resurfacing, and many more. Treatments are selected according to the patient’s requirements and their desired results.

The Otoplasty

The otoplasty is a type of ear surgery used to tackle prominent ears. At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can obtain surgical as well as non-surgical otoplasty treatments. The choice of procedure once again depends on the needs of the patient.

More Treatments at the Dr Lanzer Clinic

The treatments and procedures mentioned above are just some of the cosmetic surgery options at Dr Lanzer’s Melbourne Clinic. If you want to know your eligibility for certain procedures, to learn more about aftercare, or even if you would like to discuss your treatment options, please book an appointment with Dr Daniel Lanzer or one of his associates at our state of the art facility by contacting our friendly receptionist staff by telephone, email or web form.

Patients can find The Dr Lanzer Clinic across Australia, which includes locations such as Malvern, Victoria, and Sydney. To find a location near you, please check our contact page.

Dr Lanzer and his associates always recommend getting a second opinion before obtaining any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Seeking a second opinion ensures you are fully informed about your chosen cosmetic procedure and ensures you can make an informed decision moving forward.

Please note: The Dr Lanzer Clinic currently follows all COVID regulations. Visiting patients should follow the current guidelines as instructed by the clinic.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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