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Liposculpture Melbourne

Liposculpture is a viable treatment option for patients who want to obtain a more athletic physique but struggle with persistent fat deposits that make it almost impossible for them to obtain the look they want, despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. At Dr Lanzer’s Melbourne clinic, patients can obtain liposculpture which may help to obtain a fitter appearance.

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What is liposculpture?

What is liposculpture?

The surgeon uses his artistic talent and understanding of the bodies muscular structure and shapes to remove fat in certain places to create a pleasing aesthetic appearance of the body. Fat is removed via small incisions in a controlled way and a thin cannula suctions the fat. It is ideal for people with localised fat bulges that don’t go with weight loss, or as a kick start for people who are moderately overweight.

What is the difference between liposculpture and liposuction Melbourne?

What is the difference between liposculpture and liposuction Melbourne?

Liposuction is the method for suctioning fat through a small incision. Liposculpture is the surgeon removing fat from particular areas and different levels in the fat to create an aesthetic sculptured result. The surgeon uses his artistic talent and understanding of the bodies muscular structure and shapes to remove fat in certain places to create a pleasing aesthetic appearance of the body.

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    Which Patients Are Eligible for Liposculpture at Dr Lanzer’s Melbourne Clinic?

    To be eligible for a liposuction treatment at Dr Lanzer’s Melbourne Clinic, patients must meet certain medical criteria. However, before taking advantage of a liposculpture treatment, patients must realise that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity, cellulite or stretch marks. Liposuction is meant to remove persistent fat deposits, which do not disappear with exercise and a healthy diet alone. In other words, liposuction will alter your body shape by removing fat tissue but might not provide more long-term results if the patient does not maintain a healthy diet or good exercise routine after the procedure.

    Patients who can benefit from a liposuction treatment are usually not overweight but have an area on their body where persistent fat is hard to remove. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, treatment can be executed on various areas of the body; this includes upper arms, love handles, outer thighs, inner thighs, tummy, buttocks and arms.

    Even though liposuction is not a treatment for weight loss, it can be used to give certain patients a kick-start for their weight loss journey and new lifestyle. However, a good diet and exercise routine must be maintained after such a procedure as well.

    There are various surgical procedures in Australia aimed at restoring the patient’s natural physique or making a treatment area more proportionate with the rest of the body. As there are many options available for stubborn fat removal, we always advise patients to discuss their options thoroughly with their chosen cosmetic surgeries. Cosmetic surgeons can provide patients with the recommended treatment options for the patient’s body, after which a more informed decision can be made.

    Patients who have liposuction in Australia can also choose to freeze the excess fat that is removed during the procedure. The excess fat is then filtered at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, and can later be used in the fat transfer procedure. The fat transfer is used for goals such as facial and hand rejuvenation, but also the Brazilian butt lift. If you want to learn more about this procedure, please head over to the fat

    What Are the Benefits of Liposculpture?

    Liposculpture is accompanied by numerous benefits; this on a surgical level as well as benefits for the patient.

    Reduced risk

    Reduced risk

    Firstly, this specific liposuction procedure is executed with a small cannula (suction tube), which gives the surgeon a little more control during the procedure and reduces the chance that too much fat is removed. When too much fat is removed during a liposuction procedure, it may cause a hollowing effect on the skin, so this should always be avoided. Because of the use of a small cannula, the surgeon only needs to make a small incision. Therefore, any scarring resulting from the procedure is usually minor.

    Shorter recovery process

    Shorter recovery process

    Liposuction procedures such as liposculpture can also be executed under a local anaesthetic. Procedures executed with a general anaesthetic (sedation) are mostly accompanied by a longer recovery time, so the use of local anaesthesia could shorten the recovery time after a procedure, although this is no absolute guarantee considering each patient is unique in their recovery.

    Skin tightening

    Skin tightening

    Of course, one of the greatest benefits for most patients taking advantage of this liposuction procedure is the skin tightening and excess skin contraction benefits; which are caused by the stimulation of collagen production. When the fat cells have been removed through liposuction, the cannula will touch the surface underneath the skin. When the cannula touches the skin, it causes some form of trauma, which needs to be repaired. To repair the damage done by the cannula, the body will start to create collagen, a substance that can tighten and contract the skin. Patients with good skin elasticity therefore have a lesser chance of loose skin after the procedure.

    Discover Liposculpture Advantages!

    An increasingly large number of patients now opt for Liposculpture procedures. The combination of fat reduction and skin contraction can therefore provide the patient with good body contouring.

    If you’re looking to remove fat from the body, get a free no-obligation consultation at Melbourne Liposculpture clinic with Dr Lanzer.

    Can Liposculpture Reduce Snoring?

    Some patients may have found their way to the Dr Lanzer Clinic to find a solution for their snoring problem because in some cases, liposuction could be an option to reduce snoring. For some patients, an excess amount of fat tissue around the neck is making snoring worse, so the removal of those persistent fat deposits could improve the condition.

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    What else do I need to know about liposculpture Melbourne?

    How Does Liposuction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic Improve Body Contours?

    Micro-cannula liposuction procedures can be executed on various parts of the body to increase body contouring; this includes the neck, chin, lower cheeks, abdomen, lower back, upper legs, lower legs, arms and breasts (breast reduction).

    Liposuction executed with a micro-cannula can provide a patient with more long-term fat reduction but can also tighten the skin and make it contract.

    The result of the procedure could be an overall smoother appearance and body contouring. Since the treatment is applied closer to the underlying surface of the skin, the treatment can penetrate deeper and contour any muscles in the treatment area.

    Shortly after your cosmetic procedure, you will attend a follow-up appointment. The follow-up appointment allows the cosmetic surgery to evaluate the results obtained, but also gives a preview of the final result. Of course, the full result of your cosmetic surgery will not be visible until some of the side-effects of the procedure have dissipated, this includes bruising and swelling. So, it is not uncommon for patients to see the results improve over the course of their recovery period.

    How Much Fat Is Removed During Liposuction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

    The removal of fat during a liposuction procedure varies from patient to patient but is also subject to the type of liposuction procedure executed. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the exact amount of fat that will be removed during the procedure without having seen and evaluated the patient. During your initial consultation, the cosmetic surgery can give you a better idea about the liposuction techniques that could be used during your treatment as well as the amount of fat that can be removed during liposuction surgery.

    Unwanted fat does not always come in huge quantities, but it can influence the patient’s aesthetic. For example, men can encounter man boobs due to an accumulation of stubborn fat, and that does not necessarily mean that this is a large quantity of fat. This area of the body can encounter excess fat as well as glandular tissue, affecting the patient’s chest. Sculpting focuses specifically on restoring that aesthetic, and it must be executed by an experienced surgeon to get the desired result. The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the few clinics that specialise in liposuction and liposculpture. Thanks to years of experience and pioneering a number of techniques, which includes tumescent liposuction, Dr Lanzer knows how to deal with problem areas and deliver excellent results.

    What Can I Expect After a Liposuction Procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

    Liposuction procedures are commonly accompanied by several side effects. The most common side-effect to experience after liposuction is bruising and swelling because the body has experienced some degree of trauma during the treatment. For that reason, patients may feel tender and uncomfortable for a couple of days after the procedure.

    Due to bruising and swelling that may appear after a liposuction procedure, patients will not see the actual result of their liposuction procedure until the healing process has completed. Patients should therefore wait to evaluate their results until they visit the Dr Lanzer Clinic for their follow-up appointment. but in some cases, the result may not be until 6 months to 1year post-surgery.

    Patients will also obtain information from the medical staff at the Dr Lanzer Clinic to ensure the healing process runs smoothly. If you have received your information from the Dr Lanzer Clinic, but still have some questions about your recovery, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic before you have your procedure. Our friendly medical staff will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Liposculpture

    360 liposculpture involves removing fat from the entire circumference of the torso. The end result is a significant change in the size of the patient as also the creation of a curve in the waist. Liposculpture is performed on the stomach, waist, hips, back and shelf (above buttocks.) BBL and fat transfer to breasts may be performed at the same time.

    Prices for lipo start at $3500 per area for the surgical fee. The ultimate cost is determined by the area of the procedure. When performing multiple areas, the fee per area is reduced significantly. It is always best to obtain a personalised assessment and quote which can be done online or in person.

    Laser is used in particular areas prior to liposuction for the enhanced cosmetic and sculptured results.

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