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Cosmetic Surgery Applications

Cosmetic Surgery Applications

Cosmetic surgery at our Malvern Clinic can be obtained for many different reasons. Some
patients obtain a cosmetic surgery in Malvern to obtain their desired appearance, but
other patients choose a procedure to correct a problem or to tackle an underlying medical
condition that affects their appearance.

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To learn more about the applications of cosmetic surgery at our Malvern Clinic, please read our information below.

What Are the Main Applications for Cosmetic Surgery in General?

A cosmetic surgery procedure aims to restore, reconstruct or alter certain parts of the human body. Therefore, cosmetic surgery may include aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, hand surgery and more. Of course, the type of surgery you can obtain does depend on the facility you choose.

What Is Aesthetic Surgery?

Aesthetic surgery is probably the most common type of cosmetic surgery executed in Australia today. The procedure is executed to improve the overall appearance of the patient in question. Therefore, aesthetic surgery may include procedures such as the facelift, suture lift, body contouring and other procedures focussed on changing the appearance of a patient.

Since most cosmetic procedures change the appearance of the patient in one way or another, most of the procedure described below can also be an aesthetic procedure. However, the procedure below is usually obtained for a reason other than aesthetics.

cosmetic surgery in MalvernWhat Is Cosmetic Burn Surgery?

When a patient has been burned considerably, it may affect their appearance and in some cases, affect the function of certain parts of their body. While cosmetic procedures are not the first line of treatment for these patients, burn victims can turn to cosmetic procedures to restore their appearance.

In general, cosmetic procedures for burn victims can be divided into two phases. The first phase is surgery after the patient has obtained the burns. The second phase includes reconstructive surgery; this to restore the appearance of the patient after their burns have sufficiently healed.

What Is Hand Surgery?

Hand surgery is an umbrella term for cosmetic procedures executed to improve the appearance of the hands, and in some cases, increase the functioning of the hands. Patients with acute injuries or chronic conditions are usually the patients that take advantage of this type of surgery. Hand surgery is not only executed by cosmetic surgerys, but also by orthopaedic surgeons and general surgeons, depending on the type of procedure the patient needs.

Please note that the hand surgery mentioned here is not the same type of surgery patients can obtain to rejuvenate the hands, for example a fat transfer. The rejuvenation of the hands is considered an aesthetic procedure, hence why it falls under the category of aesthetic surgery.

What Is Microsurgery?

Microsurgery is a specific procedure where the cosmetic surgery attempts to reconstruct missing tissue or transfers existing tissue to another part of the body; this procedure also involves reconnecting blood vessels. Examples of microsurgery include breast reconstructive surgery, hand replantation and brachial plexus surgery.

Discover Cosmetic Surgery in Malvern Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for cosmetic surgery in Malvern procedures. Read on to learn more about each type of cosmetic surgery in Malvern in more detail.

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What Are the Most Common Cosmetic Surgery in Malvern?

Below, patients can find an overview of the most common procedures executed at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. For a full overview of available procedures, please refer to the information pages on the Dr Lanzer website, or contact our friendly support staff for more information.


The abdominoplasty, also known under the name “tummy tuck” is one of the most common procedures at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. The procedure involves the reshaping and firming of the abdomen, which is often achieved by the removal of excess fat deposits and excess skin.


Patients who want to rejuvenate their face, or struggle from an obstructed field of vision due to the ageing process, may choose a blepharoplasty at our Malvern Clinic. Blepharoplasty is the medical term for eyelid surgery, with its focus obtaining a more youthful appearance or the restoration of the field of vision of the patient in question.

A blepharoplasty often involves the reshaping of the eyelids, which can have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of the patient. Therefore, patients should always ask questions when considering a blepharoplasty and do the necessary research before choosing a cosmetic surgery to execute the treatment.


The mammoplasty consists of all procedures that alter the shape and appearance of the breasts; this includes breast augmentation, breast reduction and the breast lift. Please note that changing the appearance of the breasts is not only a procedure reserved for women, since many men choose a similar procedure to tackle a man boob problem.

cosmetic surgery in MalvernButtock Augmentation

The buttock augmentation is a procedure where the cosmetic surgery will change the appearance of the buttocks; this usually pertains to the volume and the general shape of the buttocks. Procedures that fall under the category of buttock augmentation are therefore the butt implant, Brazilian butt lift and the buttock lift.


Another procedure that is executed daily at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is the liposuction procedure. A liposuction procedure is characterised by the removal of excess fat deposits through a traditional suction technique, a tumescent solution or an ultrasound-assisted technique. Surgeons with a lot of experience can also use a combination of these techniques.

Dr Lanzer is one of the most experienced cosmetic surgerys where liposuction is concerned, so patients can count on a lot of options when they visit our Malvern Clinic for treatment. For more information about the different types of liposuction possible at the Malvern Clinic, please refer to our detailed pages on liposuction.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

The last procedure that is quite common at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is the laser skin resurfacing procedure. The laser skin resurfacing procedure does not require an incision and is executed to rejuvenate the appearance of the patient. The treatment can also be combined with other procedures; this includes the facelift and liposuction. With the treatment, the cosmetic surgery can successfully reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and certain skin abnormalities.

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