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Non-Surgical Liposuction

Patients who want to tackle persistent excess fat deposits could take advantage of a non-surgical liposuction treatment at Dr Lanzer’s Melbourne Clinic. To learn more about these non-surgical treatments, please read the information provided by our Melbourne clinic below. Non-surgical liposuction is a treatment where the body can be reshaped but without the use of surgical procedures. Such treatments can be executed with various devices; this includes the Coolshape and Coolsculpt.

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Does Non-Surgical Lipo Hurt?

Does Non-Surgical Lipo Hurt?

Most patients do not experience any pain during the treatment, although most patients feel somewhat uncomfortable during their first session. The uncomfortable feeling most patients get from the treatment may dissipate after a couple of minutes, considering the area can go numb from freezing the fat cells.

Who Is Non-Surgical Liposuction Ideal for?

Who Is Non-Surgical Liposuction Ideal for?

Patients who are good candidates for non-surgical fat reduction (cool shape) will be in good general health and be on or around their target weight. The patient may have unwanted fat and struggle with weight loss in stubborn fat deposits that refuse to disappear from problem areas despite plenty of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The cool shape is not a recommended treatment for patients who are overweight or patients who are obese. To get an overview of suitable treatment options for you, please make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information.

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    Are There Non-Surgical Liposuction Treatments for the Removal of Cellulite and Stretch Marks?

    There are some non-surgical options for patients looking for cellulite or stretch mark removal. Some of these options include Airgent™, Aura Laser, Dermapen, Dermafraxel, Microdermabrasion, IPL rejuvenation and more.

    One of the treatments that are commonly obtained at the Dr Lanzer Clinic for cellulite reduction is the Venus Freeze, a machine that uses magnetic pulses and radio frequencies. The use of these pulses and frequencies enables Dr Lanzer to stimulate collagen and elastin production, subsequently making the skin smoother and evening out any dimples that have been caused by cellulite.

    Patients who want to use the Venus Freeze for cellulite reduction may need up to 10 treatments. The treatments can be performed on a weekly basis or a fortnightly basis. It can also be used on most parts of the body, which includes the face as well.

    Most patients do not experience any pain during treatment with the Venus Freeze but do experience a warm sensation after the treatment has completed. The side-effects you may encounter can be subject to the treatment time, which could be anything between fifteen minutes and one hour. The exact treatment plan will be conveyed to you during your initial consultation, where you will hear more about the risks accompanying the treatment as well.

    How Does Non-Surgical Lipo Work?

    Most patients will need a total of three fat reduction treatments to benefit fully from the Coolshape treatment. However, each patient is unique, so the total amount of treatments may vary for certain patients. The cool shape can also be used on various treatment areas of the body, for example, the upper arms, outer thighs, inner thighs, buttocks, double chin, love handles and more.

    Before the procedure

    Before the procedure

    Before you can benefit from the treatment, you will be evaluated by the medical staff at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. If you are deemed a good candidate, you will be able to book a total of three treatments with four weeks between each treatment.

    During the procedure

    During the procedure

    During a Coolshape treatment, a gel pad is placed on the treatment area of the patient. Then, a vacuum handpiece is used and attached to the treatment area for approximately one hour. During the treatment, patients are free to entertain themselves on their iPhones or read a book.

    After the procedure

    After the procedure

    Shortly after a Coolshape treatment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients will require some downtime before they resume normal activities. Patients should expect some minor bruising and/or swelling during the recovery period. Once the treatment has finished, the medical staff will massage the area to promote the healing process. Massages can also be repeated by the patient at home; this is also recommended by Dr Lanzer and his medical staff.

    Discover Non-surgical Liposuction Advantages!

    An increasingly large number of patients now opt for non-surgical liposuction procedures. This procedure causes fewer risks and is accompanied by fewer risk

    If you’re looking to remove body fat, get a free no-obligation consultation at the Melbourne Non-surgical Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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    What else do I need to know about Coolshape / Coolsculpt?

    What Is Coolshape?

    Cool shape and Coolsculpt are the names of two body sculpting devices, which enable the patient to take advantage of non-surgical liposuction at our Melbourne clinic. The fat removal treatments are best suited for patients who are struggling with persistent fat deposits and have tried to lose this fat by regular exercise and a healthy diet. If diet and exercise have not been able to tackle the problem, this non-surgical liposuction procedure at our Melbourne clinic could be a solution.

    A non-surgical liposuction procedure such as Coolshape enables cosmetic surgery to target fat cells with special cooling technology. During the procedure, the fat cells will be exposed to precision cooling, which leads to the natural removal of fat cells as well as reducing the thickness of the existing fat layer. After the execution of the treatment, fats will be eliminated over time through the natural processes of the body.

    What Is Coolsculpt?

    The Coolsculpt treatment is comparable to the Cool shape. It is a second-generation fat freezing machine equipped with an LED light, which helps to increase the effects obtained by the treatment. Just like the Coolshape treatment, Coolsculpting can be performed by cosmetic surgeons at the Dr Lanzer Melbourne clinic.

    Does Coolshape Cause Any Side-effects?

    Common side-effects accompanying Coolshape are swelling and bruising. Another side-effect that may occur is fainting, especially in patients who are prone to fainting spells. Serious complications after a Coolshape treatment are rare but will be explained in more detail during your first appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

    How Long Will It Take Until I See Results from Coolsculpt?

    Every patient is unique, so the amount of time it will take for you to see results may vary from our standard estimate. An estimate regarding recovery time can be provided during your consultation, but we urge patients to consider their individual healing process above all else. Always listen to your body during the recovery, instead of focussing on estimated recovery times.

    Considering Coolsculpt is a non-surgical liposuction treatment, we can never guarantee the percentage of fat a patient is going to lose, nor can we promise the intended result of the treatment. In general, patients can expect a reduction of fat up to 30%, but because of the non-surgical nature of the treatment, this may vary considerably.

    Before & After Photos

    Click on the picture above to see a range of ‘before & after’ pictures of Dr. Lanzer’s amazing liposuction results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for Non-Surgical Liposuction

    There are devices that can dissolve fat from the outside without actual surgery. This may be via freezing (cool shape) or heat.

    Yes, it does dissolve fat however it will never be as effective or predictable as liposculpture.

    Approximately $300 per area but multiple treatments are required.

    Yes, it is safe however there is risks particularly irregular removal of fat and stimulation of fat to regrow bigger than it was prior to treatment.

    Non-surgical liposuction is the reduction of fat cells through non-surgical heating or freezing of the fat. It is performed awake over multiple sessions.

    Some patients prefer to read some reviews on non-surgical liposuction before obtaining the procedure. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, you can find various before and after photographs. Based on these photographs, patients can determine the results that could be obtained from the procedure. However, results obtained by non-surgical liposuction should be seen on an individual basis, since results vary from patient to patient. To get a better idea about the results that could be obtained by you, we urge you to book a consultation with Dr Lanzer for some additional insights.

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