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Case Study

Neck Liposuction Before & After Photos (10)

Before Neck Liposuction Before Photo

62 year old women before Neck Liposculpture.

After Neck Liposuction  After Photo

5 months post Neck Liposculpture procedure.

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Case Study: Neck Liposuction Before & After Photos

This is a before and after photograph of a patient who has had liposculpture of the neck. This is a 62-year-old lady who was very self conscious of her large neck. We are looking at a photograph that is about 5 months post surgery. One cannot helped but be impressed by the amount of skin contraction and elevation just from the liposculpture. Most patients do not understand how the skin can contract so much.

The simplest way to understand this is to imagine that the neck is full of fat and unwanted tissue. The entire amount of unwanted fat is removed and therefore the skin now sticks back to underlying structure which happens to be the muscle and throat. Therefore, there is an amazing amount of skin contraction. Because of the skin in the deep area has been inflamed, there is a natural fibrosis and healing. This actually causes the tightening and sticking of the skin. It is critical that liposculpture is performed in an extremely even way in order to reduce the risk of irregular fibrosis.

Interestingly, I have now noticed that some patients who have had liposculpture of the neck and other areas of their face are so impressed that they then decide to have other areas done such as the jowls. This would be done either with liposculpture or a mini face lift. I have seen women who wear scarves constantly in order to cover up their neck. Sometimes, if patients have any area of concern, they will be so self-conscious; it will be on their minds sometimes 50% of the day. It is amazing how a fairly small procedure with just 2 small nicks could change someone’s well-being to such an extent that they are no longer focused on such a concern.

Generally, women have slightly thinner skin on the neck and therefore, the amount of skin contraction is often more dramatic. In men, I may use the VASER to induce further skin contraction. Wearing a garment for 2 weeks after surgery around the neck, helps the skin contraction, but is only required for about 48 hours during the day. There is always some bruising which may feel hard and numb. My experience over 22 years is that this goes away totally.

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