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Case Study


Neck Liposuction Before & After Photos (4)

Before Neck Liposuction Before Photos (4)

This patient presented with puckering of the neck, whereby loose skin and excess fat have caused this shaping.

After Neck Liposuction After Photos (4)

This is the patient's neck post Neck Liposuction. The excess fat has been removed and the procedure itself has helped tighten the skin and dramatically reduced the puckering.

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Before & After Photos Of Neck Liposuction Explained

We inform patients that it can take up to 6 months to see the final results of their procedure, however even after a few days you may already have a good idea of the type of results you are going to obtain. After your procedure there will be swelling and bruising. The tumescent fluid causes the initial swelling of the area. This fluid oozes out through the small knicks in the skin that are made during your procedure. These small incisions heal over quite quickly, usually within 24-48 hours. After that, the remaining tumescent fluid in your body will be reabsorbed, processed and excreted in your urine.

We encourage patients to have a good intake of fluids to aid in this process. The initial bruising and swelling may take up to two weeks to go down and then there will be deeper bruising which takes a bit longer. It is common for patients to feel areas that are a bit hard or numb in the months post procedure. It is rare for them to remain that way and normally by 6 months the neck is contracted into its final position and fully healed.

Some patients will ask “what happens if I put weight back on?” In his years of experience, Dr Lanzer has found that if a patient’s weight fluctuates, the fat will generally go to other areas excluding those that had Liposuction. Therefore the need for repeat procedures, particularly to the neck is very rare. Liposuction procedures are ideal for patients have maintained their weight for a period of time or who are looking to lose weight. It is very important that liposuction is done in combination with a healthy diet and lifestyle in order for you to reap the best results.

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Dr Lanzer has found that the best and most natural results can be obtained by combining multiple procedures. Each procedure is directed at a particular issue and thereby produces the best overall result. Dr Lanzer has found that combining a number of focused procedures he can obtain an excellent natural result.


Dr Lanzer has over 30 years of Cosmetic Surgery experience and is regarded as one of the leading Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia. Dr Lanzer is skilled in Liposuction, Breast Augmentation and many other Cosmetic Surgery procedures.

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Surgical Warning: Every form of surgery has a possibility of a complication and these are given to you in detail by Dr Lanzer. It is a good idea to understand your surgical procedure well, and to obtain further advice from another Specialist Cosmetic surgeon such as a Dermatologist like Dr Lanzer.

"All photographs represent one person's experience, and results may vary for each patient. All photographs are of actual patients of Dr Lanzer. The visible change in these photographs has occurred as a result of the procedure/s undertaken.

Some before and after photos shown are not exact, in that they vary in light, contrast, clothing, background, distance from camera, hairstyle and make-up."


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