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Chin Liposuction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

Chin Liposuction At The Dr Lanzer Clinic

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One of the most common procedures executed at the Dr Lanzer Clinic is chin liposuction, which may include liposuction of the neck too. Find out more about this procedure and the range of cosmetic procedures offered at Dr Lanzer’s Clinic.

How Is Chin Liposuction Done At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

Chin liposuction is a procedure aimed at the removal of excess fat, which could be influencing the silhouette of the patient in a negative way. When excess fat piles up in that area, it could lead to an ill-defined neckline or an aged appearance.

Dr Lanzer uses a special contouring process to make the patient’s chin and neck more defined. Once the body has recovered from the chin liposuction procedure, the patient will present a firmer chin and neck. Overall, this makes the face look sharper, more defined, and younger.

Which Patients Could Benefit From Chin Liposuction?

Chin liposuction is not a procedure that is chosen for weight loss, as this procedure targets specific fat deposits in the chin and the neck. Most patients who obtain this kind of procedure will be on or around their target weight but have a significant amount of fat in the chin and neck area, causing the problems described above.

Please note that patients who are significantly overweight will be advised to implement a healthy diet and enjoy regular exercise. In some cases, overweight patients can correct an ill-defined neckline or chin by getting their weight into the normal range.

What Is Involved In The Chin Liposuction Procedure?

A chin liposuction is executed through the use of liposuction techniques. The liposuction technique used during your procedure can be different from surgeon to surgeon, so it is important to ask your surgeon about the specific technique that will be used for your chin liposuction.

The actual chin liposuction involves the removal of excess fat just below the skin. To access the fat, the surgeon usually makes a small incision, through which a small cannula is fed. Once the cannula is in place, the surgeon can remove the fat through gentle suction as well as back and forth movements.

Most patients will have a chin liposuction under a local anaesthetic, although general anaesthetic can be used too. The circumstances and the scope of the chin liposuction will usually determine the kind of anaesthetic that will be implemented during treatment.

During your chin liposuction, the surgeon can also use a special solution of anaesthetic and medication. This combination is important, as it not only numbs the treatment area, it also constricts the blood vessels, subsequently reducing bleeding. It also softens the fat before removal, making it easier for the cosmetic surgeon to remove the fat without damaging the surrounding structures.

The results obtained through chin liposuction are relatively long-term, yet patients must be wary of weight gain. Even though fat cells will be removed during the treatment, weight gain can cause other persistent fat cells to appear.  Liposuction will remove fat effectively, but diet and exercise are key for long-term maintenance. Even though it is likely your double chin will stay at bay, fat can accumulate in other areas.

Chin And Neck Liposuction Model

Details On Chin Liposuction Recovery

Every patient is different when it comes down to their recovery time, as our bodies heal in their own time and at their own speed. Of course, there are some things patients can do to promote their recovery after chin liposuction.

Cosmetic surgery always requires some degree of aftercare; these can be things the patient must do at home to special follow-up appointment with the cosmetic surgeon. For example, it is essential that the treatment area is covered for the first couple of days after chin liposuction; this ensures the area stays clean and does not get infected. You will also wear a compression garment to help the chin conform to its new shape.

Patients should take some time off work after their chin liposuction, as any surgical procedure requires some rest. Of course, the amount of time you need to recover will also be subject to how much fat was removed from the chin and neck. If more fat was removed during your liposuction treatment, the longer the recovery time usually is.

Side-effects after liposuction – Please note that most patients will experience some side-effects after liposuction of the chin. In most cases, side-effects are limited to bruising, swelling, and general discomfort around the chin and neck. Side-effects experienced after chin lipo will reduce over the initial recovery weeks.

When speaking about side-effects, even for a minimally invasive procedure such as this, we must mention that the amount of fat that was removed during your procedure can also play a role here. For example, patients who had little fat removed during their chin lipo are likely to experience less side-effects compared to a patient who had lots of fat removed. However, this is never a guarantee. Patients should always expect side-effects and look after the treatment area post-procedure.

Pain after the procedure – Patients can experience discomfort after the procedure; this is why it is important to take any pain management medications to make this side-effect easier to deal with. In most cases, patients will be prescribed some medication by Dr Lanzer. However, most discomfort can be handled with pain medication that is available over-the-counter.

Discover Liposuction of the Chin & Neck Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Chin and Neck Liposuction. This procedure is ideal for those that want to lose excess fat underneath the skin via suction and can expect a change in body shape after the surgery.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Can I Obtain Liposuction For A Medical Problem?

Liposuction is not a solution for overweight or obesity, but there are some medical conditions that could be treated with a liposuction procedure. For example, medical conditions such as lymphoedema and man boobs could be addressed with targeted lipo treatment.

With liposuction, it is important to remember that the surgeon will target specific fat deposits; this means he can effectively re-shape an area. If a patient cannot remove these fats through diet and exercise, such targeted removal would be the next step. In fact, chin liposuction is the perfect example of targeted fat removal, as this area is not that easy to exercise.

Since liposuction can be used for certain medical conditions, it is important to speak to a licensed cosmetic surgeon if you believe this procedure could aid in the treatment of a medical condition you suffer from. You can also consult with your GP about your treatment options before you make an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon.

Chin Liposuction

How Much Does Chin Liposuction Cost?

The cost of a liposuction on the chin area can be different for everyone, since there are various denominators that could affect the cost of treatment. Firstly, the cost of your treatment can depend on how many procedures your surgeon has executed in the past, which is usually an indicator of experience. The treatment can also be affected by the difficulty of the procedure and how much fat the surgeon has to remove. Therefore, it is best to book an appointment at your cosmetic surgery clinic to determine the exact cost of chin liposuction.

Can I Get Chin And Neck Liposuction?

To determine your eligibility for a chin and neck liposuction, it is always advised to book an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. During this appointment, Dr Lanzer can determine your eligibility for the procedure, but could also tell you more about the procedure itself. After the appointment, you can make a confident decision about chin and neck liposuction, and whether you should go ahead with it or not.

Where Are Chin Liposuction Procedures Performed?

Chin liposuction procedures can be performed at one of the Dr Lanzer Clinics across Australia. Book an appointment at the nearest Dr Lanzer Clinic and get familiar with our facilities and staff before you have your treatment.

Want to book an appointment with us for chin liposuction? Request your consultation by contacting our receptionists via telephone or the website enquiry form.

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