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Neck Lift

Neck Lift

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One of the most obvious signs of aging occurs on the neck. There are many changes that typically occur. The first is that the skin may become wrinkled. There may be horizontal ridges on the neck all the way down to the thyroid cartilage. The skin may also become finely wrinkled. Sometimes patients develop broken blood vessels and pigmented lesions in this area. These are all skin textural changes that can be improved with laser therapy. Laser therapy will smooth the skin, make it tighter, and there will be an element of a neck lift as well.

The second change that one sees in the neck is the skin itself starts to sag. There is also a loss of the acute sharp angle between the jaw line, which represents the face and the neck. Ideally, there should be a 90-degree angle between the neck as it moves up vertically. It changes across to the under surface of the chin. There are two components that one sees with this type of aging of the neck. The first is that some patients develop excessive fat; this is referred to as “the turkey neck”. It may be present in only the centre of the neck, but it could also extend out to the sides. The extra fat has excessive weight, subsequently causing the neck to droop.

Some patients do not have a lot of fat but rather loose skin. The skin itself sags down. Sometimes in conjunction with the loose skin there are prominent muscle fibres. There are muscles such as the platysma muscle, which fans across the neck. Muscle fibres can become prominent in this area, particularly if there is thinning of the skin and loss of neck.

What Is Your Approach to Neck Lift?

The neck can be lifted in many ways and can produce an extremely dramatic effect as far as the aging appearance of the face and neck. Sometimes, a neck lift can be accomplished with a form of liposculpture alone; this is where all the fat is removed from the neck, particularly treating the underlying dermal surface of the neck. The lift causes a dermal and collagen contraction, which leads to the neck tightening and lifting effect.

Dr Lanzer has been performing this procedure for nearly twenty-five years. His experience is that the difference can be dramatic. He also states that the procedure can be performed on men and women. The results tend to be long-lasting. Even when other areas of the face age, the tightening from this procedure often remains.

In the initial phase, the patients do develop some deep bruising and fibrosis, which results in the skin feeling hard and numb. These symptoms will improve with time. We use massage and sometimes ultrasound or radiofrequency external therapies to speed up this healing process.

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How Is a Neck Lift Performed?

There are several methods to perform a neck lift. Dr Lanzer performs a neck lift as part of the mini face and neck lift. The area below and around the ear is elevated using the tumescent fluid method, which we use in liposculpture. Once the skin is elevated, the small blood vessels are closed through cauterisation and more long-term sutures are placed on the sagging weak skin of the neck. This gives an immediate neck lift of the deeper structures. As a result, there is excessive skin around the ears; this is usually trimmed away.

How Far Does the Scar of the Neck Lift Progress?

We can keep the scar of the neck lift principally around the ears. However, there might be a small extension behind the ear towards the hair. Some deep plain forms of neck lift require a full elevation of the neck with extension of the scars right into the hair of the scalp; this is not a method that is performed in Dr Lanzer’s surgery. Most patients we see prefer to keep the scars smaller and go more for a natural face and neck lift rather than a dramatic one.

How Long Is the Downtime After a Neck Lift?

Mostly patients require some time off from their normal activities. A small neck sling is worn for the first week and icing may also be helpful to enhance the healing process.

What Are the Complications of a Neck Lift?

The normal risks include bruising, swelling, and infection. Scarring does vary, but generally it is quite minimal around the edges of the ears. Very occasionally, there can be some wrinkling behind the ears. The surgeons will always be careful about the position of the nerves on the face and neck. Therefore, the position of the nerves could have an influence on how the procedure is executed.

What Is a Mini Neck Lift?

A mini neck lift is a specific type of neck lift. The procedure has the same purpose as a regular neck lift, more specifically improving the aesthetic of the neck.

During a mini neck lift, the cosmetic surgeon will remove the vertical neck bands and tighten excess skin. The treatment is often executed in younger patients, who often have less sagging and banding of the neck compared to older patients.

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Can I Achieve a Neck Lift Without Surgery?

Yes, there are non-surgical and non-invasive devices that can cause contraction of the deeper muscle and dermal tissue to cause a lifting. The device that we have found to be most effective is the Ulthera; this is a deep ultrasound machine that hits a point about 4-5 mm under the skin and causes a contraction. Some patients find that the lifting is quite dramatic and long-lasting. However, because it is non-surgical, one can never make and promise as to how often it will be successful and the extent of the success.

Are Other Procedures Combined with a Neck Lift?

Yes, neck lifting will lift the loose skin and give it a very sharp definition on the neck. However, it may not necessarily improve the skin texture. Some patients have skin textural treatments such as Aura laser, YAG laser or Dermapen to try and improve the skin texture at the same time or later.

How Long Does a Neck Lift Last?

There really is no promise as to how long a surgical neck lifting lasts. Avoiding strenuous excessive movements will be helpful. However, a lot comes down to genetics and the natural aging process.

However, neck lift results are predictable. Dr Lanzer and his staff will be able to show some results you could expect; this is done when you come in for your free no-obligation consultation. Dr Lanzer also shows photographs of patients who have had the procedure and allows patients to speak to other patients if that is requested. Naturally, these conversations are all done in a confidential manner.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

The exact cost of a neck lift can only be determined by booking a consultation at your cosmetic surgery clinic. Even though you can find estimates online, the cost of a neck lift is subject to variables; this includes the amount of fat to be removed, the experience of the surgeon, and more. Therefore, to get the most accurate quote for a neck lift, it is always best to consult the clinic you intend to have your liposuction at.

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