Neck Lift Procedure by Leading Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Lanzer
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We consult & operate Australia-wide

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Neck Lift

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One of the most obvious signs of aging occurs on the neck. There are many changes that typically occur. The first is that the skin may become wrinkled. There may be horizontal ridges on the neck all the way down to the thyroid cartilage. The skin may also become finely wrinkled. Sometimes patients develop broken blood vessels and pigmented lesions in this area. These are all skin textural changes that can be improved with laser therapy. Laser therapy will smooth the skin, make it tighter, and there will be an element of a neck lift as well.

The second change that one sees in the neck is the skin itself starts to sag. There is also a loss of the acute sharp angle between the jaw line, which represents the face and the neck. Ideally, there should be a 90-degree angle between the neck as it moves up vertically. It changes across to the under surface of the chin. There are two components that one sees with this type of aging of the neck. The first is that some patients develop excessive fat; this is referred to as “the turkey neck”. It may be present in only the centre of the neck, but it could also extend out to the sides. The extra fat has excessive weight, subsequently causing the neck to droop.

Some patients do not have a lot of fat but rather loose skin. The skin itself sags down. Sometimes in conjunction with the loose skin there are prominent muscle fibres. There are muscles such as the platysma muscle, which fans across the neck. Muscle fibres can become prominent in this area, particularly if there is thinning of the skin and loss of neck.

Frequently Asked Questions For Neck Lift

Neck lift are ideal if a person has a double chin and notices that the sharp angle of the neck line has been lost. In many cases the neck lift can be performed with a special liposuction method without any cutting away of skin or with a neck surgical lift where the skin is also removed behind the ear with tightening of the muscles below.

Surgical fee for neck lift starts at $7995 plus associated hospitals costs.

The favoured method of Dr Lanzer is to use a combination of liposculpture with tightening of the underlying (platysma) muscle and removal of excess skin which is pulled up behind the ear .

It is possible that removal of the heavy weight around the neck can improve sleep apnea and breathing however this is not a studied medical indication.

Neck lift can be performed under local anaesthetic without pain or under general anaesthetic asleep. When awake there is the initial stinging of a local anaesthetic as with all surgery there will be post operative discomfort and possibly pain.

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