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Neck Lipo Recovery Time

Neck Lipo Recovery Time

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The recovery time after neck liposuction sculpture is different for every patient, because each patient heals in his or her own time. Still, to promote your recovery process, there are some things you can do. If you want to make sure you are fully prepared for your neck liposuction recovery, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below!

How Do I Prepare My Home for Neck Liposuction Recovery?

Whether you have a neck lipo sculpture or other liposuction procedure, it is always a good idea to prepare your home for your neck liposuction recovery. Shortly after your neck liposculpture, it is unlikely that you will have the energy to do a lot. Therefore, make sure you have the essentials ready, so you can rest properly.

One of the things that should be in order after your neck liposuction procedure is your bedroom – or another room where you intend to rest after the liposuction procedure. Ensure you have a few extra pillows to keep your head elevated; this will promote the healing process. Also, ensure that your room is a comfortable environment where you can relax after your neck liposculpture procedure.

Shortly after your liposuction procedure, please make sure that there is someone staying with you for the first 48 hours. Even though serious complication after liposuction are rare, it is always best to have someone there in case complications do occur. It is also recommended to have someone pick you up from the clinic after the procedure, since you will be in no state to drive yourself.

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What Side-Effects Can Occur After Neck Liposuction?

Patients should expect certain side-effects after their neck liposuction procedure, because any surgical procedure is accompanied by side-effects. The most common symptoms to occur after neck liposuction are numbness, tingling, swelling, bruising and discomfort. However, other symptoms cannot be ruled out.

If you experience any unusual symptoms shortly after your procedure, we recommend contacting your cosmetic surgeon immediately. Even though it could be nothing, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes down to your health and safety. If you are unsure about any of the aftercare guidelines provided to you by your clinic, do not hesitate to contact your clinic for additional advice.

What Complications Can Occur After Neck Liposuction?

Even though serious complications are rare, patients are still susceptible to them after their surgical procedure. Therefore, it is essential for patients to keep an eye out on possible signs of serious complications.

Common signs that may point to complications are a serious increase in pain and discomfort, a high fever, pus coming from the incisions, an abnormal increase in swelling and more. If you encounter any of these problems, it is vital to contact Dr Lanzer right away. Even if you are unsure if it is anything serious, it is again better to be safe than sorry.

Discover Neck Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Neck Liposuction procedures. Your safety is paramount when it comes to the neck lipo recovery process, so when in doubt, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the neck, get a free consultation at Melbourne Neck Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Is Pain Managed After Neck Liposuction?

Most patients can manage any pain resulting from the procedure with some over-the-counter pain medication. However, most patients will get some pain management medication from their surgeon. Other medications can be prescribed too; this includes antibiotics to prevent the appearance of infection.

If you decide to take any additional supplements or medications during your neck liposuction recovery process, it is important not to do so before you contact a licensed medical professional or your cosmetic surgeon. Certain medications and supplements can have a negative influence on the recovery after neck liposuction, so always double-check if medications and supplements are safe for you to take or not.

Can I Exercise After Neck Liposuction?

After a surgical procedure, no matter the nature, strenuous exercise and activities are advised against. Your body needs time to heal and recuperate, so any rigorous exercise and physical activity could cause complications.

Even though patients must avoid rigorous exercise and physical activity for a while, surgeons do recommend doing some light walking regularly after your procedure. Walking may prevent serious complications such as blood clots but could also speed up the neck liposuction recovery process overall.

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Do I Need to Wear Compression Garments After Neck Liposuction?

Some patients may need to wear an elasticated bandage or a compression garment for some time after their procedure; this can be done to reduce bleeding or to make the body conform to its new shape.

Most compression garments or elasticated bandages are provided by your cosmetic surgery clinic. If the compression garments or elasticated bandages are not provided, the patient will have to obtain them himself or herself to ensure the results from their liposuction procedure are maintained.

When searching for your own compression garments or elasticated bandages, please make sure that they are specifically designed for the treatment area you had liposuction. If a compression garment or elasticated bandage is ill-fitting, it could have a negative influence on your results.

Not sure if your cosmetic surgery clinic is providing elasticated bandages or compression garments? Please make sure you check beforehand. If your clinic does not provide them, make sure you have some ready when you return home. Also check with your surgeon if the compression garment or elasticated bandage is suitable and necessary after your procedure.

Do You Have Questions About the Neck Lipo Recovery?

Do you have any additional questions about the recovery after neck liposuction? Then be sure to check our numerous information pages on the subject. Cannot find the information you are looking for on our site? Then contact the friendly receptionists and nurses at the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information.

Patients can contact us in different ways. You can contact our team via telephone, which is available during business hours. If you are contacting us outside business hours, please use our email or web form option.

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