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Neck Liposuction
Neck Liposuction Surgery Expectation

Neck Liposuction Surgery Expectation

Neck Liposuction Surgery Expectation

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Your recovery after your neck liposuction surgery is just as important as the surgery itself, because taking good care of the treatment area after your procedure ensures that the results obtained during neck lipo sculpture are maintained. To learn more about the recovery after neck lipo sculpture, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

Prepare for Your Recovery

Before you come to our clinic for your neck lipo sculpture, it can be a good idea to prepare your home and your schedule for your recovery. Even though most patients recover quickly from neck lipo sculpture, every patient is different. Therefore, the Dr Lanzer Clinic recommends taking enough time off from work and preparing your home for recovery after neck liposuction.

Patients should always make sure they have a recliner chair or some extra pillows available for their recovery; this enables patients to elevate their head after their neck liposuction surgery procedure. It can also be a good idea to take some time off work beforehand, so you have enough time to recover from your neck liposuction surgery and fully focus on your recovery in general.

Neck Liposuction Surgery

Ask Questions

Before you have your neck liposuction, it is essential to ask all your questions at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Even with a lot of information available on the internet nowadays, it is quite normal to have some questions left. It is also important not to take information on face value when it comes to the internet and always talk to your surgeon if you have any doubts.

Of course, you might be left with questions during your recovery process too. If you find yourself with questions or doubts during your recovery, feel free to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic immediately. Our team of nurses and receptionists will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Avoid Certain Medications and Supplements

During your recovery, it is unwise to take medications and supplements that have not been recommended or approved by your cosmetic surgery. Certain medications and supplements could cause complications during your recovery – or could cause some side-effects. Therefore, always check with your cosmetic surgery or your local doctor if the medications and supplements you wish to take are safe to take during your recovery.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Even though this is not an obligation during your recovery, it could be a wise idea to see your local doctor for a check-up. When you see your GP, it is a good idea to mention that you had a cosmetic surgery procedure, in which case your doctor will check blood pressure and other important things to make sure your recovery runs smoothly.

Letting your blood pressure be checked during your recovery can be a good idea, because a low or high blood pressure could be an indicator of complications. Again, this is not an obligation, but it helps you get peace of mind when you have any worries of doubts.

Discover Neck Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Neck Liposuction surgery procedures. Walking is the ideal way to keep some of the serious complications at bay after your procedure, so be sure to follow the guidelines provided by our nurses to speed up your recovery.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the neck, get a free consultation at Melbourne Neck Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Avoid Certain Exercises and Physical Activities

Certain exercises and physical activities need to be avoided during your recovery, although the time and type of exercises you need to avoid does depend heavily on the type of lipo you had. In general, it is best to avoid bending down or any form of strenuous activity.

Details on the types of exercises and activities you must avoid will be provided by the nurses at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, but we understand that there can be questions about this during your recovery. When in doubt about exercises or activities, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for some advice.

Even though you should avoid strenuous activities shortly after your neck lipo, cosmetic surgerys will recommend doing some light walking shortly after your procedure. 

Keep an Eye Out for Complications

Even though it is rare, complications are always a possibility when you had a cosmetic surgery procedure. Therefore, it is essential to be on the lookout for possible signs of complications. If you notice any of the signs, please visit your local doctor immediately or contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for an emergency appointment.

There are many signs of complications that could tell you something is wrong. A common symptom of a possible complication is a high fever, excessive bruising, swelling, and more. When in doubt about any of the side-effects you experience during your recovery, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic or your local doctor. Even if nothing is wrong, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your health and your safety.

Neck Liposuction Surgery

Diet During Your Neck Liposuction Surgery

A balanced diet can certainly help you during the recovery process; this is one of the reasons why we recommend making an appointment with our dietician after your lipo procedure. Our dietician can provide you with valuable advice where your recovery diet is concerned, but also with advice on how to maintain your weight after your treatment.

As you may know already, keeping your weight managed after a neck liposuction surgery is extremely important. Weight fluctuations can affect the results you obtain from a lipo procedure, so keeping your weight maintained after your treatment is essential!

Need More Information About Your Recovery – Contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for Important Advice and Tips

Even though there is a lot of information available about your recovery on our website, every patient is unique and has unique needs. Therefore, we recommend contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic if you have any additional questions about recovering from a cosmetic surgery procedure.

There are several ways to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Patients can contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic via telephone during business hours, but also outside of business hours via email or web form. Simply choose your preferred contact method and send your questions to the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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