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Neck Liposuction
How Does Liposuction to the Neck Work?

How Does Liposuction to the Neck Work?

How Does Liposuction to the Neck Work?

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Liposuction is a treatment that could be executed on many treatment areas; this includes the abdomen, arms, thighs and even the neck. If you are not yet familiar with neck lipo sculpture, but want to learn more because you are considering the neck procedure, please read the information about neck lipo sculpture below.

What Is Neck Lipo Sculpture Used For?

Neck lipo sculpture is a treatment that is commonly used in patients who do not have a defined neckline; this could be caused by the natural ageing process or genetics. By obtaining neck lipo sculpture, most patients can achieve a more defined neckline and usually a more rejuvenated appearance.

Of course, the patient must have realistic expectations about neck liposuction before obtaining the procedure. So, before a patient can obtain neck liposuction at a cosmetic surgery clinic, they need to have a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgery first. Once the surgeon has determined that the patient has realistic expectations and is a good candidate for neck liposuction, the treatment can be obtained at the clinic of your choice.

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How Long Do the Results from Neck Lipo Last?

The results from a neck lipo can easily last up to ten years, but it does depend on your lifestyle choices and your ability to maintain your weight. If your body undergoes too much weight fluctuations, then the results obtained from your neck lipo can get affected.

To avoid the results from your neck lipo to become impacted, it is essential to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly. If you have found yourself struggling with these things in the past, you can count on our nutritionist to provide you with helpful advice, tips and guidance. So, if you are concerned about maintaining the results after a neck lipo, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for an appointment with our dietician/nutritionist for valuable advance and guidance.

Can Neck Lipo Be Used to Correct a Double Chin and Jowls?

A neck lipo can provide a patient with a more youthful appearance, but the neck lipo can be combined with a facelift to correct additional problems. During a neck lipo, the surgeon can target specific fats underneath the chin, which reduce the appearance of a double chin. However, to reduce the appearance of the face itself, the surgeon could require facelift techniques.

Discover Neck Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Neck Liposuction procedures. If you are focussed on obtaining a more youthful appearance, please speak to your cosmetic surgery about your expectations during your initial consultation. During this consultation, your surgeon can recommend the most appropriate treatment.

If you’re looking to remove fat from the neck, get a free consultation at Melbourne Neck Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Does Neck Lipo Reduce Wrinkles?

Like some of the previous facts we have stated, the results obtained through neck lipo may vary from patient to patient. Therefore, it is vital to get a thorough physical evaluation by a cosmetic surgery before you have your procedure done.

For a neck lipo to influence any wrinkles in that area, the patient requires good skin elasticity. Their skin must also be free of signs of premature ageing. If your skin could benefit from a neck lipo, your surgeon can tell you more about the changes you can expect.

Is Revision Cosmetic Surgery Possible If I Have Obtained Neck Lipo I’m not Happy With?

It is not uncommon for patients to visit the Dr Lanzer Clinic with a neck lipo they aren’t happy with. Such procedures are usually obtained abroad, where the price of the procedure may be cheaper, but the standards of surgery are considerably less. This is also one of the reasons why we always recommend that patients obtain their treatment within Australia.

Of course, patients must consider that revision cosmetic surgery is considerably more complex than the original procedure. There can be a scar present in the treatment area, which tends to be a tough layer of skin that is more difficult to work with. There is also a change in the anatomical location of structures, which could have been altered during your regional surgery.

Before you have revision cosmetic surgery at our clinic, it is essential to speak to Dr Lanzer about your expectations and your concerns about any corrections that will take place. During this consultation, you will also be informed about possible risks this surgical procedure entails.

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Can I Experience Any Pain After My Neck Lipo?

Patients can experience some discomfort after their neck lipo procedure, so some pain should be expected. However, the Dr Lanzer Clinic will do everything in its power to keep pain to an absolute minimum after the procedure; this can be done with pain management medication, but also with helpful tips and advice to keep you as comfortable as possible during your recovery process.

Even though patients can usually manage any pain symptoms they experience with over-the-counter pain medication, your cosmetic surgery can prescribe something stronger. The surgeon can also prescribe antibiotics to ward off infections. Antibiotics should be taken until they are all gone, unless stated otherwise by your cosmetic surgery.

Can I Experience Numbness After Neck Lipo?

Numbness is a common symptom to experience after a lipo procedure. Numbness is quite common amongst the incision lines and will be most dominant shortly after your procedure. Most patients report a reduction of numbness several weeks after their procedure, but this can be different for every patient.

Patients who are concerned about any side-effects they experience during their recovery can always contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information. We will also provide you with all the information you need before you leave the clinic after your surgery, so you can easily detect a problem with your recovery and make an emergency appointment when needed.

Do You Have Additional Questions About Neck Liposuction?

Have you read the information about neck lipo on our website, but are you still left with some questions? Contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic for more information via telephone, email or web form.

Not quite sure if the Dr Lanzer Clinic is the best clinic for your procedure? Feel free to visit our cosmetic surgery facility beforehand and evaluate our high standards and excellent quality of care for yourself!

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