Breast Reduction Surgery Information By Dr Daniel Lanzer
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Your Liposuction Questions Answered
Breast Reduction Surgery Information

Breast Reduction Surgery Information

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At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, one of the procedures we perform regularly is the breast reduction. During this procedure, the surgeon removes excess fat from the breasts, subsequently reducing them in size. There is no cutting of skin or moving nipples with Breast reduction via liposuction. The fat is removed via tiny incisions and the skin has an amazing ability to contract up. For more information about this procedure, please refer to the breast reduction information including areola reduction and the cost of the procedure provided to you by the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Which Patients Benefit from a Breast Reduction?

Most women who benefit from a breast reduction are women who experience side-effects due to the size of their breasts. Common side-effects of enlarged breasts include chronic back pain, shoulder pain, rash or skin irritation underneath the breast, nerve pain, restricted physical activity, and experiencing difficulties with bra sizes and clothing.

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Which Patients Are Not Eligible for a Breast Reduction?

There are some instances where a cosmetic surgery may deem a patient ineligible for the procedure; for example, when a patient is significantly overweight, a reduction in breast size could be achieved by losing weight. There are also instances where a surgeon could recommend holding with the procedure; this can be the case for women who are still losing weight.

Despite having to meet the medical criteria for breast reduction, most women are eligible for this procedure due to the side-effects they experience from the size of their breasts.

What Are the Risks of Having Breast Reduction Surgery?

With the advancements in surgical techniques, a cosmetic surgery can reduce some of the risks associated with this procedure. That being said, risks are always a part of cosmetic surgery and must be taken into consideration by patients before they have a procedure.

Shortly after the procedure, it is normal for patients to experience some bruising and swelling; this is part of the healing process after a breast reduction. More serious complications of this procedure may include the loss of sensation in the nipples and skin or unevenly shaped breasts. Naturally, the latter can be avoided by choosing an experienced cosmetic surgery such as Dr Lanzer.

Discover Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Liposuction. This procedure is ideal for those that don’t want a large quantity of fat to be removed, rather small areas for toning or contouring. If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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What Happens Before I Can Get a Breast Reduction at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

Before you can get a breast reduction, you must be examined by an experienced cosmetic surgery. The examination involves looking at your medical history and your overall health.

During your initial consultation, your cosmetic surgery will also discuss the expectations you have from the procedure; this relates to the size of the breasts and their overall appearance.

When you visit your clinic for a consultation, the cosmetic surgery or a member of his team will also explain the breast reduction procedure. It includes information on how the procedure is performed, but also more details about risks.

Your initial consultation will also include some information regarding anaesthesia. Patients can have this procedure under a general or a local anaesthetic; the type can be determined during your initial consultation and more information about this anaesthetic will be provided to you.

Before you leave the clinic, the cosmetic surgery can take a photograph of the breasts for your medical record; this can also prove useful post-procedure, where you want to compare the before and the after photographs. These photographs remain in your medical file and will not be used on the website without consent.

To prepare for your breast reduction, patients may be asked to stop smoking as well as refrain from using certain types of medications and supplements. Before you leave the clinic, please make sure you report any medications and supplements you are taking at the moment. Some medications and supplements can cause more bleeding during the procedure, while others can affect the healing process; this is why it is important to notify your surgeon about any medications and supplements you are taking.

What Are the Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Since patients experience a reduction in breast size and weight, the procedure can eliminate some of the side-effects experienced by the patient before their procedure; this may include a reduction in back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. A reduced breast size could also mean the patient no longer experiences problems participating in certain physical activities.

How Long Until I See the Results from a Breast Reduction?

Even though patients will notice and feel the difference immediately, all patients will experience some degree of swelling after the procedure. Therefore, it is important not to evaluate the results until that swelling has subsided completely.

Results obtained from breast reduction are permanent, but this does not mean the shape and size of the breasts cannot change again. The natural ageing process and weight fluctuations could contribute to a changing breast size and shape in the future.

Where Do I Book an Appointment for a Breast Reduction?

To make an appointment for a breast reduction, please contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic. Patients can contact us by telephone, email, or the website contact form.

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