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What Should I Know About Areola Reduction Surgery In Perth?

What Should I Know About Areola Reduction Surgery In Perth?

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The areola reduction may not be as widely known as the breast reduction, it is procedure that is obtained often at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Patients who wish to know more about this procedure can find some vital information about the areola reduction Perth below.

What Is The Areola Reduction Perth Obtained For?

Patients who choose the areola reduction are looking to obtain a change in the size and the shape of the areola; this often due to the fact that the areola is out of proportion with the breasts. Examples of patients who have obtained the areola reduction for this reason can be found in our case studies section.

How Can The Cosmetic Surgeon Create A “New” Areola?

To achieve a new shape and size for the areola, the cosmetic surgeon will remove some of the pigmented skin around the areola. He will then create the new areola by using absorbable stitches to keep it into its place.

Areola Reduction Perth

Do I Need Sedation For An Areola Reduction?

Most areola reductions are executed under a local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. Patients may prefer either local or general anaesthetic, but the final decision often lies with the cosmetic surgeon.

Do I Need To Stay Overnight After An Areola Reduction?

Patients are not required to stay overnight after an areola reduction, as this procedure is usually executed on an outpatient basis. Of course, patients will be monitored post-procedure before they can leave the clinic.

Can I Have An Areola Reduction If I Wish To Breastfeed In The Future?

In general, an areola reduction should not hinder a woman to breastfeed her children. Of course, any procedure that influences the breasts could cause complications with breastfeeding, so we can never guarantee for the full 100% that such a complication could not occur.

Most women who choose an areola reduction will wait until they had all their children. If you do decide to have your areola reduction beforehand, it is advised to speak to Dr Lanzer about your concerns.

Is It Possible To Experience Numbness Of The Breast After An Areola Reduction?

Patients can experience a temporary numbness of the nipple after their surgery. The opposite is also possible, since some patients find their nipples a little more sensitive post-procedure.

We must mention that numbness is stated as one of the possible complications of the areola reduction. Even though it is unlikely to occur with an experienced surgeon, patients should take this possibility into consideration before they sign the consent form for their procedure.

Discover Areola Reduction Perth Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Areola Reduction Procedure. When you have a consultation with Dr Lanzer, you will get the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the procedure; this helps you to determine whether this cosmetic procedure is the treatment for you or not.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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Does The Surgeon Remove Any Skin On The Breasts?

There can be some instances where the cosmetic surgeon must remove some skin on the breast to achieve the desired shape for the areola. Your cosmetic surgeon will determine if additional skin must be removed during your initial consultation, during which Dr Lanzer will examine the breast and the areola.

Will There Be A Scar After An Areola Reduction?

While the surgeon does have to make an incision during the areola reduction, the scar left after the procedure is usually hidden to the naked eye; this because the incision usually runs across the border of the areola itself. Of course, if you are concerned about scars post-procedure, it is always a good idea to speak to Dr Lanzer about your treatment.

Areola Reduction Perth

Will I Experience Any Side-Effects After An Areola Reduction?

Most cosmetic surgery procedures are accompanied by some side-effects and this is no different for the areola reduction. Two of the most common side-effects associated with the areola reduction are swelling and bruising, which will dissipate as the body heals.

It is important to state that some patients experience side-effects in a different degree than other patients. While some patients only have minor bruising and swelling, other patients can experience a little more swelling. It is therefore important for patients to keep an eye on the side-effects they experience and to contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic if they encounter anything unusual.

How Do I Make An Appointment For Areola Reduction In Perth?

The Dr Lanzer Clinic provides the areola reduction as a treatment in Perth. Patients can book a consultation with Dr Lanzer via telephone on the online enquiry form. You can find our online enquiry form at the bottom of each webpage.

Do you require more information about the areola reduction or some additional examples? Check out our many information pages on the procedure on our website. You can also refer to our case studies for some examples.

Cannot find the information about the areola reduction you are looking for? Do not hesitate to get in touch with our medical team for more information. Contact our friendly team of receptionists by telephone or the website enquiry form and we can provide you with the info you need.

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