Liposculpture In Perth: What To Expect, Costs + More
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Your Liposuction Questions Answered
Liposculpture In Perth

Liposculpture In Perth

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A liposuction procedure can come in many forms, this includes the liposculpture in Perth. The procedure is aimed at restoring the patient’s silhouette or athletic physique, depending on the patient’s requirements.

Before making an appointment for a liposculpture in Perth, it can be beneficial to read up on the treatment. So, if you wish to know more about liposculpture in Perth and what it entails, please read the information below.

What Is A Liposculpture Procedure?

The liposculpture in Sydney is a form of liposuction. As briefly mentioned in the introduction, this cosmetic procedure is aimed at the removal of fat deposits from a certain area of the body. These persistent fat deposits are removed for a specific reason, more specifically to restore the patient’s silhouette or athletic physique. This kind of liposuction procedure can also be used to ensure a certain treatment area is proportionate with the rest of the patient’s body.

What Results Can I Expect From Liposculpture?

It is vital that patients have realistic expectations about their liposculpture procedure, so a consultation with Dr Lanzer or one of his associates can certainly help to bring clarity regarding this. Patients can also view before and after photographs of patients who had the procedure on The Dr Lanzer Clinic website. While this is no indication of the results you with receive from the procedure, it does provide more insight into the treatment.

While it is impossible to predict the exact results that someone could obtain by liposculpture beforehand, a qualified health practitioner specialising in these treatments can provide patients with an idea of what to expect. It is therefore recommended to do research into cosmetic surgerys who have experience with performing liposuction, so you receive the most accurate information.

The Dr Lanzer Clinic is one of the few clinics in Australia that specialises in liposuction procedures, including liposculpture. New patients can benefit from a free and no-obligation appointment at our clinic as well, enabling them to get an accurate estimate as well as discuss the procedure with their chosen surgeon without making any commitments.

Perth liposuction costs

What Happens During The Liposculpture Procedure?

During this type of cosmetic surgery, the area will be treated with a special solution before any amount of fat is removed from the body. A combination of anaesthetic and saline can reduce the amount of bleeding during the procedure, but also prepares the fat for removal.

Liposculpture is a treatment that requires precision and experience, as the fat must be removed in a certain way to achieve the desired result. A cosmetic surgery will make a small incision, through which a cannula is fed into the treatment area. The cannula is then used to remove the fat from the area; this happens in layers and with a special technique, so that the patient can achieve the desired shape in that area.

During your initial consultation, you can discuss the procedure with your chosen cosmetic surgery in a lot more detail. It is common for patients to have questions about this treatment, so do not hesitate to ask questions you may have, as it is important to be fully informed before going ahead. Dr Lanzer or one of his associates will be more than happy to provide you with any information you need.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Liposculpture in Perth procedure. 

If you’re looking to remove fat from your body, get a free consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

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How Much Does Liposculpture Cost In Perth?

Even when a procedure is executed in the same area, for example Perth, the cost of the treatment can vary from clinic to clinic; this since some clinics charge a hospital theatre fee while others do not. The Dr Lanzer Clinic has its own Day Surgery Centre, which means patients can avoid the usual hospital-related costs.

Of course, cost can depend on the patient as well. For example, a patient who needs liposculpture of the abdomen will get a different quote than a patient who requires liposculpture of the arms. To avoid confusion and unwanted surprises where costs are concerned, it is important to get your quote directly from your cosmetic surgery clinic. Since the treatment will be tailored to you, the cost will be unique to you as well.

Liposculpture In Perth

Are There Any Side-Effects From Liposculpture Surgery?

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks and can be associated with some side-effects, this is why it is important for patients to inform themselves before treatments such as the tummy tuck or arm liposculpture. To ensure you are fully informed, here are the most important things to remember about liposculpture recovery and post-operative side-effects.

Skin tightening is a common concern among patients who have liposculpture, as some are afraid that the removal of excess fat will leave them with excess skin. Your cosmetic surgery will do everything in his power to avoid this particular problem and measures are taken to promote skin tightening post-procedure; this includes wearing a compression garment.

In some cases, the cosmetic surgery can recommend additional treatments after the procedure to counter minor skin wrinkling. If a patient already has loose skin due to a substantial amount of weight loss, the patient may require skin removal during their liposculpture as well.

We must also mention that the compression garment is used for more than skin tightening alone. Not only does it help the treatment area conform to its new shape, it also contributes to reduction of bruising and swelling. Bruising and swelling are two of the most common side-effects to be experienced after cosmetic surgery, and compression garments have shown to be quite effective in the management of these symptoms.

To ensure the results of the liposculpture are maintained over the years, patients are encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle after their procedure; this includes enjoying a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. However, patients should keep in mind that strenuous exercise is advised against shortly after liposuction, as this can cause complications. During the initial weeks after your procedure, it is best to stick to some light walking until the area has sufficiently recovered.

Patients who need additional help maintaining a healthy lifestyle after their liposuction can find such assistance at The Dr Lanzer Clinic as well. With the help of our experienced dietician, you can get a head start in your healthier lifestyle and adjust to the new normal a lot easier.

Some patients also choose additional non-surgical treatments to speed up the healing process, which are also available at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Some may also choose supplementary treatments to promote skin health as well.

During their recovery, it is important for patients to keep the treatment area as clean as possible. It is also essential to keep an eye out for unusual symptoms, which usually include a dramatic increase in pain, a fever, and a yellow discharge from the incision site. When these symptoms occur, it is possible that you have an infection. Even though rare, patients should always be aware of the possibility of infection, even though our clinics provides patients with antibiotics to avoid such issues.

For more information about liposculpture, aftercare, and all other things related to liposuction, do not hesitate to get in touch with The Dr Lanzer Clinic. New patients can also benefit from a free no-obligation appointment, which can be obtained by calling our clinic or by filling in our website enquiry form.

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