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Essential Information On Neck Liposuction In Perth

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Neck liposuction in Perth is a procedure that can restore the silhouette of the neck, subsequently giving the patient a more youthful and defined appearance. Therefore, patients who have excess fat deposits in the neck area often choose this procedure.

Do you want to know more about neck liposuction, including vital information in relation to this procedure? Please read the information below to learn more.

What Is The Treatment Goal Of Neck Liposuction?

Neck liposuction is a treatment aimed at the removal of excess fat deposits in the neck; these are usually persistent fats that do not disappear even though the patient has maintained a balanced diet and an overall healthy lifestyle.

The neck can be an area that is difficult to exercise. Neck fat can also have a genetic component, so it is not uncommon for this problem to run in families. For patients that experience persistent fat in the neck that alter the aesthetics of the face, neck liposuction is often a solution.

Neck Liposuction in Perth

What Is The Cost Of A Neck Liposuction Procedure?

A neck liposuction can vary in price; this due to the fact that a variable amount of fat can be removed from patient to patient. The patient can also choose to combine this procedure with another one, which also influences the price.

To get the most accurate price estimate, it is recommended to attend a consultation at The Dr Lanzer Clinic. At our clinic, you can benefit from a first free appointment; during which you can determine if this treatment is right for you as well as obtain a cost estimate from Dr Lanzer directly. Since a neck liposuction is tailored to the individual, you can only get the most accurate price estimate by attending this free consultation.

How Long Does Recovery Take After Neck Liposuction?

The recovery from neck liposuction is different for every patient, as the amount of fat removed during the procedure can vary from one patient to the next. Every patient also heals in her or her own time; this can also influence the overall recovery time of your procedure.

Most patients can return to their regular activities rather quickly post-procedure, but there are some things that patients must do during their recovery. Firstly, the patient will be required to wear a dedicated compression garment, which helps the area conform to its new shape.

The patient must also refrain from rigorous activity or exercise until given the all clear from The Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Discover Neck Liposuction in Perth Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Neck Liposuction in Perth procedures. Doctors are not sure why fat tends to collect in different areas in different people, but the neck is a common place for fat to accumulate both in men and women.

If you’re looking to remove fat from your chin, get a free consultation at Neck Liposuction in Perth clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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When Can I See The Results From A Neck Liposuction?

It is not uncommon for patients to experience some swelling and bruising on and around the treatment area after their procedure; this makes it a little more difficult to detect the results from the procedure. However, once the patient had some time to heal, the results of neck liposuction will become clear.

While there can be bruising and swelling after the procedure, most patients will notice some difference immediately after the procedure. Naturally, the time it takes for results to appear can vary from patient to patient as well. Therefore, it is always advised to wait until your follow-up appointment before evaluating any results.

Will I Experience Any Pain During Neck Liposuction?

A neck liposuction will be executed under a local or a general anaesthetic, so patients will not experience any pain during the procedure itself. Patients can experience some minor discomfort after the procedure, which can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

There are some common side-effects patients can experience shortly after their procedure; this includes common side-effect such as bruising and swelling. Patients will receive more information about potential side-effects before the procedure takes place. If you experience any increase in side-effects or encounter any unusual symptoms during your recovery, it is advised to contact our clinic immediately.

Neck Liposuction in Perth

How Can I Enhance The Results Obtained From Neck Liposuction?

To enhance the results obtained from a neck liposuction, patients are advised to follow the post-operative guidelines obtained from The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Therefore, please wear the compression garment as instructed and follow the additional guidelines provided by the clinic to avoid complications.

Patients who have questions about their recovery can always contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic. Even when you are uncertain about something, it is always better to contact us to avoid complications or problems down the line.

A patient who had a procedure at The Dr Lanzer Clinic will also require a follow-up appointment at our clinic. Patients should attend this appointment to evaluate the results obtained and their overall recovery process.

How Do I Book A Consultation For Neck Liposuction In Perth?

Do you want to attend a consultation with Dr Lanzer about neck liposuction? To book an appointment, please contact our friendly team of receptionists via telephone or the online enquiry form.

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