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Sydney Breast Reduction: Vital Information for Patients

Before obtaining any cosmetic surgery, it is recommended to do some research into that procedure. If you are considering a Sydney breast reduction through liposuction, then we recommend reading the information below. In
this overview, you will find more information about the surgical procedure, but also about the recovery and the aftercare.

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How Much Does Reduction Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Reduction Surgery Cost?

Breast reduction procedures can include different variables such as hospital fees, surgeon fees and other associated costs. Therefore, patients will find that the cost for their procedure can vary from the average estimates found online. Since a Medicare rebate or a private health insurance item number could apply to your procedure too, it can be a good idea to get an estimate from your cosmetic surgeon directly.

Will I Be Left with A Scar After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Will I Be Left with A Scar After Breast Reduction Surgery?

The scar you will be left with will be subject to the scar technique used by the surgeon. For liposuction, the surgeon only makes a small nick in the breast to gain access to the area. For excision, a larger scar may be left, which goes around the areola and underneath the breast. To enhance the results of their breast reduction procedure, patients should avoid weight gain, enjoy a healthy diet, and get plenty of exercise. A healthy lifestyle has shown to enhance the results in breast reduction patients but has also shown to be good for result maintenance.

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    Why Do Women Choose a Sydney Breast Reduction Through Liposuction?

    Women who have heavy breasts, which in turn cause some additional physical discomfort, are usually ideal candidates for this procedure. Common problems that could occur due to the enlarged breasts are back pain, yeast infections in the skin fold underneath the breast, permanent indentations from bra straps, neck pain and shoulder pain, and similar complaints relating to large breasts.

    To find out if you are eligible for breast reduction with liposuction, you must make an appointment at a good cosmetic surgery clinic. During your first appointment, the surgeon can determine the quantity of fat that can be removed from the breasts and the impact it could have on the breast size of the patient. Naturally, there are some criteria patients must meet to be eligible for a breast reduction with a liposuction procedure.

    Patients who have a breast reduction with liposuction have to worry less about the blood supply to the breast, as the surgeon uses suction instead of excession. Skin sagging is also less likely during this
    type of reduction, as the skin usually contracts nicely post-procedure.

    Before the surgeon can go ahead with a breast reduction, he will look at your medical history as well
    as the expectations you have regarding the procedure. For example, if you have self-esteem
    problems and you want to obtain the procedure, additional questions may be asked to ensure you
    have the right idea about the procedure and the changes it will bring.

    What Can I Expect During the Recovery from Sydney Breast Reduction with Liposuction?



    Post-operative side-effects can occur after a Sydney breast reduction with liposuction. Common side-effects patients experience after a breast reduction with liposuction is swelling, bruising and general discomfort. The pain experienced after a breast reduction with liposuction is usually managed with medication prescribed by the cosmetic surgery, while other symptoms are managed with a compression garment.

    Compression garments

    Compression garments

    The compression garment patients need to wear during their recovery has some additional functions too. Compression from the garment will make the breasts conform to their new size and shape, but it will also reduce the occurrence of lumpiness and speed up the healing process in general. In some cases, the compression garment can also decrease some of the post-operative pain patients can experience. Given the importance of the compression garment, it is important to keep wearing it until the surgeon tells you it is safe to stop wearing it. Patients will also get some instructions regarding the compression garment, which should be followed to the letter.



    If you had a general anaesthetic, you can experience some side effects from that sedation for up to 48 hours. Please make sure not to make any important decisions or sign legal documents during this time. Most patients can resume their normal activities quite quickly, but this does not mean that all physical activity should be attempted early in the recovery process. After a breast reduction procedure, patients should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting, which can cause problems with the incision site. Therefore, please follow the instructions from your cosmetic surgery clinic as best as you can.

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    An increasingly large number of female patients now opt for Sydney Breast Reduction. Dr Lanzer can answer any questions you may have regarding breast reduction with liposuction.

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    What else do I need to know about breast reduction Sydney?

    How Does a Breast Reduction with Liposuction Work?

    Before the surgical procedure begins, the surgeon or a specialised anaesthetist will give the patient an anaesthetic to sedate the treatment area. Once the treatment area is properly sedated, the surgeon makes a tiny incision and fills the breast with the tumescent fluid. The fluid prepares the breast for the removal of the breast fat.

    Once the incision is made, the surgeon places a small cannula through the incision into the treatment area. Then, the surgeon will remove the excess fat in the breasts, which will reduce the size of the breast.

    We must mention that undergoing breast reduction with liposuction is not the same as a reduction mammoplasty. The reduction mammoplasty is used in patients who do not have as much fat in the breast but do have a large amount of breast tissue and possibly excess skin.

    A reduction mammoplasty is executed by the excision of breast tissue, skin, and fat to achieve the desired final result. In some patients, it can also include moving the nipples and areolas to a more desirable location. Nipple sensation stays intact for most patients after this procedure, but this procedure does carry the risk of reduced sensation. Therefore, speaking to your surgeon beforehand is always best. Please note that the nipple and areola remain attached through the procedure.

    The choice between breast reduction with liposuction and the reduction mammoplasty often comes down to the structure of a patient’s breast. If there is plenty of fat, the ideal breast size can be achieved through liposuction. However, if there is much breast tissue, another technique may be used. With both procedures, most patients experience a natural breast lift.

    Can I Still Get My Mammogram Done After a Breast Reduction with Liposuction?

    Getting a mammogram is important to detect the early signs of breast cancer. If you are set to have a mammogram soon, cosmetic surgeries recommend getting the mammogram before the breast reduction with liposuction takes place.

    During a mammogram, doctors will search for little white specks (calcifications) within the breast tissue. After a breast augmentation or a breast reduction, patients can display some post-operative calcifications; this means that the detection of breast cancer can be hindered after the procedure. Therefore, it is important to have a scheduled mammogram before the surgery.

    Patients can get a mammogram after breast reduction with liposuction, but the patient must wait at least six months after the procedure to get a consultation for a mammogram. It is also a good idea to mention that you had a breast reduction with liposuction when you go for a mammogram.

    What Criteria Must Patients Meet to Be Eligible for Sydney Breast Reduction with Liposuction?

    Anyone who wants to get a breast reduction with liposuction should have stable body weight and will be on or around their goal weight. You must also be in good health and not have any conditions that could have a negative impact on the procedure or recovery. Possible conditions that could exclude you from this procedure include autoimmune diseases, heart disease and uncontrolled diabetes. Patients who are significantly overweight will be advised to lose weight first and foremost. Weight loss can reduce breast volume by shrinking fat cells. If there is still substantial fat in the breasts after weight loss, a breast reduction can still be considered.

    Some patients may have a significant amount of glandular tissue affecting the size of the breasts. If the breasts mainly contain breast tissue, then another type of procedure may be required to reduce the size of the breasts.

    Overall, one of the main reasons why patients could consider a reduction in breast shape and size is when the breasts are not in proportion with the rest of the body frame. The size of your breasts could also cause typical symptoms such as skin irritation, bra indentations, and back pain.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Even though most women can breastfeed after a breast reduction with liposuction, most cosmetics surgeons will recommend not having the procedure until the patient had their last child. Even though complications rarely happen, there are things that could go wrong and prevent a woman from breastfeeding their child. A breast reduction procedure could cause a temporary loss of sensation in the nipple. For most patients, this sensation returns gradually over the course of the healing process.

    Most patients return to their regular activities rather quickly. That being said, we always advise patients to listen to the advice of Dr Lanzer and his associates. It is also important to listen to your body while you recover, as your own body is always the best indicator of your recovery.

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