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Frequently Asked Questions About Areola Reduction In Sydney

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The areola reduction in Sydney is a treatment that is not as widely known by patients considering cosmetic surgery, yet the procedure is executed quite often to reduce the size of the nipples. When a patient has enlarged areolas, they can take advantage of an areola reduction in Sydney to correct the problem. If you wish to learn more about this treatment, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

How Is An Areola Reduction In Sydney Performed?

An areola reduction in Sydney can be performed under a local or a general anaesthetic. The type of sedation used during your procedure can come down to the patient’s preference as well as the technique used to perform the areola reduction. Sedation is usually discussed during the initial consultation.

During an areola reduction, your surgeon will remove a section of the outer area of the areola. Once the section is removed, the cosmetic surgeon will bring the skin inwards in a purse-like fashion; this to surround the areola. The surgeon will then use absorbable stiches on the area. By using the stitches, it will effectively reduce the diameter of the nipple area.

When the surgery is finished, the cosmetic surgeon will cover the area in the appropriate dressings. You might be required to wear a specialist bra; this will keep the breasts secure and provide the necessary support during the healing process.

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When Can I Leave The Clinic After An Areola Reduction?

Most patients can leave the clinic immediately after having their procedure. Of course, you will be evaluated medically before you are cleared to leave.

Depending on the type of sedation that was used during the procedure, it is not uncommon for patients to feel a little drowsy after their areola reduction. Therefore, it is always best for someone to drive you home after the treatment.

Once you have left the clinic, it is important to follow the guidelines provided by your clinic. For example, a patient must wear the specialist bra for some time after the procedure. During your recovery, it is also best to sleep on your back for some weeks post-procedure.

Many patients will experience a little discomfort after the areola reduction or nipple reduction. However, any discomfort experienced by the patient can easily be managed by over-the-counter medications. The cosmetic surgeon may also prescribe some medication after your areola reduction; this may include medication to reduce the chance of infection and to manage any discomfort you may be experiencing.

Most patient can return to their normal activities rather quickly after surgery, but side-effects such as minor swelling and bruising can linger for several weeks after treatment. Side-effects will dissipate over time.

Do I Need To Prepare For This Correction Surgery?

Patients can prepare themselves for areola reduction; these guidelines will also be provided by our clinic. When you come to our clinic, you should also discuss your medical history with the surgeon; this to prevent any complications during your areola reduction surgery.

Before the augmentation procedure takes place, it is essential for patients to quit smoking. Smokers should stop smoking a few weeks before the procedure, as smoking can impact the procedure negatively as well as the overall healing process.

Patients should also refrain from shaving the treatment area in the week before the treatment. It is also advised to have a bath on the day of the procedure.

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Can I Still Obtain An Areola Reduction If I Plan On Breastfeeding In The Future?

There are many female patients who had an areola reduction and can breastfeed as normal afterwards. However, one of the complications of an areola reduction is a reduced ability to breastfeed. The same applies to other procedures that can be executed on the breasts; for example, breast augmentation. Thus, the ability to breastfeed is never an absolute guarantee after an areola reduction. While most women have no problem, the surgeon cannot guarantee that breastfeeding will go as normal.

If you have concerns about breastfeeding after an areola reduction, be sure to relay your concerns to your cosmetic surgeon. If you are uncertain, you can also hold off with the procedure until you’ve had your final child.

Does Areola Reduction Come With Any Risks Or Complications?

Any cosmetic procedure is accompanied by some degree of risk and the possibility of complications; this is why it is so important to choose an experienced cosmetic surgeon for your procedure. It is also important to understand the risks that accompany your treatment; this is usually specified in the consent form.

Patients are required to sign the consent form before they can have their procedure. It is important to read and understand the content of the consent form. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with the clinic.

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Can I Obtain Other Nipple Corrections At The Dr Lanzer Clinic?

In addition to changing the size and shape of the areola, there are other nipple correction that could be executed at our clinic. One of these procedures is the inverted nipple correction; this procedure can be done with local anaesthetics or general anaesthetics. Even though this procedure is minimally invasive, patients must still consider possible complications such as minimal scarring, visible scarring, pigmented areas, and more.

Changing the size of the areola and altering the nipple are not the only procedures that are possible on the breast. Patients can also visit our clinic for a breast lift, augmentation, breast reduction, and more. To learn more about these procedures, please refer to our homepage.

How Do I Get A Consultation For An Areola Reduction?

To make an appointment for an areola reduction, you can take advantage of a first free consultation; this comes with no obligation to the patient. To book this appointment, fill in the website contact form or send us an email. Alternatively, you can also contact us via telephone.

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