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Sydney Breast Reduction: Vital Information For Patients
Breast Reduction Cost and Other Vital Information About Your Procedure

Breast Reduction Cost and Other Vital Information About Your Procedure

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A breast reduction is a procedure commonly performed at The Dr Lanzer Clinic for women who experience physical discomfort due to their large breasts. In fact, it is a relatively popular procedure in Australia and the rest of the world. During this treatment, the size of the female breast is reduced to address some common side-effects the patient is experiencing due to the size and weight of the breasts. If you are interested in a breast reduction and want to know more about it, please read the information provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

What Are Common Side-Effects of Enlarged Breasts?

Women who have enlarged breasts can encounter some problems because of the size of the breasts. Common side-effects include a backache, shoulder pain, neckache, skin irritation, rashes, and in some cases psychological distress. If the woman in question is overweight, weight loss can be the first line of defense. However, if the patient is already on their target weight, they may look at breast surgery instead.

Enlarged breasts can also cause problems with mobility. Some women with enlarged breasts find it difficult to exercise, mainly because the breasts get in the way or become painful during physical exercise. Other women get skin burns or indentations from their bra straps. Back pain is not an uncommon side-effect of heavy breasts either. 

By obtaining a female breast reduction, women can effectively reduce the size of their breasts as well as some of the side-effects that are experienced as a result of breast size and weight. Some patients will be able to eliminate these side-effects through breast reduction, while others will experience a reduction in these symptoms.

Sydney Breast Reduction

Is a Breast Reduction Done for Cosmetic or Medical Reasons?

The breast reduction can be performed for both reasons. Some patients obtain the surgical procedure because they experience back and shoulder pain due to the size of their breasts. Other patients want to give their breasts a more lifted appearance, in which case the breast reduction can be a suitable treatment too.

Women who choose a female breast reduction for medical reasons should discuss the problems they encounter before the surgery takes place. Based on the complaints you have, the cosmetic surgery can tailor the procedure to your needs.

Please note that the so-called breast reduction is also a procedure that can be executed in men, although this procedure is referred to as the male breast reduction. A male breast reduction is obtained by men who want to have a more masculine chest, which can be achieved by removing excess breast tissue and fat.

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An increasingly large amount of female patients now opt for Sydney Breast Reduction. Dr Lanzer can answer any questions you may have regarding the breast reduction with liposuction.

If you’re looking to having this treatment done, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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How Much Does a Breast Reduction Procedure Cost?

The cost of a breast reduction is variable. It depends on the amount of fat and breast tissue that most be removed by the cosmetic surgery, as well as the clinic you have chosen. If you have additional areas treated in addition to the breasts, this will also influence the price of your procedure. Patients must also be aware that there is a difference between the cost of a procedure such as a breast reduction, breast implants or the breast lift. 

To get the most accurate cost estimate for your breast reduction, it is advised to speak to your cosmetic surgery. During your initial consultation, the cosmetic surgery will examine the breasts and determine the scope of the procedure. After an evaluation, the cosmetic surgery can determine how much your procedure will cost and if you are eligible for the treatment. The surgeon can also provide you with a better idea about costs such as the surgeon’s fee and any applicable anaesthetist fees for a reduction mammaplasty.

What Is Involved in Breast Reduction Surgery?

Once again, the techniques used to execute the cosmetic surgery will depend heavily on how much of a reduction the patient wants to obtain. Some cases will only require a small fat removal, while others will require the removal of fatty tissue and breast tissue.

One of the techniques that could be used for a breast reduction involves the removal of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin. The surgeon can also move the nipple into its new position and reshape the remaining breast tissue.

Breast augmentation surgery can be executed with a general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic, as it can depend on the overall scope of the procedure. Evidently, if a breast reduction needs to be performed under a general anaesthetic, the services of an experienced anaesthetist will be required. Evidently, the cost of breast reduction surgery can be affected by the type of anaesthetic being used.

Sydney breast reduction

Will The Areola Be Moved During The Procedure?

That depends on the procedure you have. If a woman has sagging breasts, the areola can be repositioned to ensure the correct breast shape. While there is no clear indication that moving the areola will cause problems with breastfeeding, women who intent to breastfeed should speak to their cosmetic surgery about the possibility of this complication. In some cases, the cosmetic surgery may tell the patient to hold off on their surgery until they had their last child.

A loss of sensation shortly after the procedure is not that uncommon. The sensation to the nipples usually returns during the recovery process.

Will I Have Any Scarring After a Breast Reduction Procedure?

The type of scar that remains after a breast reduction depends heavily on the technique used. If the surgeon must remove a large amount of breast tissue and fat, the patient can be left with an anchor-shaped scar. When the surgeon only needs to remove fat, the cosmetic surgery only needs to make a small nick in the breast area, which is usually not visible by the naked eye.

Patients will notice that their scar continues to improve over the course of time. The final results will be quite visible once the swelling and bruising has subsided, but the scar will continue to fade over time.

Excess skin is usually not a problem during a breast reduction with liposuction. As the size difference is usually not that dramatic, the breast skin usually contracts beautifully after the procedure. If there is too much glandular tissue, then an excision technique can be used during which excess skin can be removed as well.

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Breast Reduction?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Once again, it does depend heavily on the technique used during your procedure as well as the amount of fat and breast tissue that has been removed.

Most patients will notice a different in breast size shortly after their procedure. However, the results can only be evaluated several weeks after the procedure; this after the initial bruising and swelling has gone down.

During your recovery process, it is recommended to wear a sports bra to support the breasts. Most patients are also given a compression garment, which helps the breasts conform to their new shape and also reduces some of the bruising and swelling that can be experienced after the procedure.

Patients should also refrain from strenuous physical activity and heavy exercise for some time after their treatment. They should also follow the additional post-operative guidelines provided by The Dr Lanzer Clinic to maximise their recovery. Once the patient has been cleared by Dr Lanzer or one of his associates, she can resume her normal activities.

The aesthetic results obtained from a reduction mammoplasty are different for each patient. For example, some patients may need their nipple position altered during their procedure, while others may not require this. Then, some patients may get their breast reduction with liposuction, while others require a circular incision enabling the surgeon to gain access to the area. Of course, the size of your breasts and their overall shape is unique to you, which means the results you obtain from a breast reduction surgery is unique for you too.

Is A Breast Reduction Covered By Insurance?

Some breast reductions can be done for medical reasons. Fees that can be included under a health fund rebate or medicare item number include hospital fees and the like. As such, there could be an item number applicable for your insurance policy. Please speak to Dr Lanzer or his associates about your private health insurance.

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