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More About The Male Breast Reduction In Sydney
The Cost of Man Boob Surgery and Other Vital Information!

The Cost of Man Boob Surgery and Other Vital Information!

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 Man boobs are known as gynaecomastia in medical jargon. It is a very common problem among Australian men, one study found that up to 65% of men have breast tissue in their chest. Some people suffer from the appearance of their man boobs – often not taking off their shirt and never wearing tight T-shirts. Surgical management can effectively eliminate the male breasts leading to a more masculine appearance. Of course, a lot of information surrounds man boob surgery and patients should be aware of this info before they come to The Dr Lanzer Clinic for their procedure. Below, we have listed common information patients must know about the male breast reduction.

What Does a Male Breast Reduction Cost?

The cost for a male breast reduction is variable. In some instances, the surgeon only needs to remove excess fat. However, other instances will require the surgeon to remove excess breast tissue (otherwise known as “the glands”) as well as fat to reshape the male breasts. Naturally, this impacts the techniques used during the procedure and can influence the overall cost.

To get an accurate cost estimate for a male breast reduction, patients should take advantage of the free consultation offered by The Dr Lanzer Clinic. During this consultation, Dr Lanzer can discuss your eligibility for the treatment and can provide you with an accurate cost estimate.

Man Boobs Surgery Sydney

Can Weight Loss Correct Enlarged Male Breasts?

There are some cases where weight loss will be recommended to reduce the size of the male breasts; this is done when a patient is significantly overweight. However, there are a large number of cases where the patient already is on his target weight. Thus, the enlarged male breasts are caused by something other than weight.

Some men develop an excessive amount of breast tissue, which changes the shape of the breasts. Naturally, weight loss does not influence the prominence of breast tissue, so this is one of those cases where a male breast reduction will be required to correct the problem.

To determine if a male breast reduction is the right treatment route to take, Dr Lanzer will have to evaluate the problem area. Based on your weight, medical history, and the amount of excess fat and tissue, he can make a recommendation.

Discover Man Boobs Surgery Sydney Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Man Boobs Surgery Sydney. This procedure is ideal for those that do not require a large quantity of fat to be removed, but rather small amounts for a flatter natural looking chest.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free consultation with Dr Lanzer.

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How Is a Male Breast Reduction Performed?

The aim of man boob surgery is to have the skin of the chest directly stuck onto the pectoralis muscle underneath – without a fat layer or gland in between. Depending on the type of man boobs, our gynaecomastia procedure usually involves liposuction to remove the excess fat and an excision of the gland. It works as follows:

After the administration of local anaesthetic, liposuction is performed to remove all of the fat between the skin and the muscle layer. Often this process reduces the size of the gland by around 50-75% – which now means we can cut out the gland out through a much smaller incision. in about 1 in 10 patients, we are able to remove the gland entirely through liposuction and so no incision is required at all.

To remove the remaining gland a small incision is made at the lower border of the areola – which is the brown skin around the nipple.

Usually 2-3 sutures are used to close the incision sight which come out after 7 days

What Are the Complications Associated with a Male Breast Reduction?

A male breast reduction is accompanied by possible complications; this is the case for most cosmetic procedures.

There are two types of complications: surgical complications and cosmetic complications. Surgical complications are a risk whenever any surgery is perfomed, no matter how minor. These include: infection, bleeding and scarring.

Cosmetic complications are things like loose skin, dents or folds in the skin . Since there are possible complications connected to a male breast reduction, it is advised to choose an experienced surgeon who has executed these procedures numerous times in the past.

Man Boobs Surgery Sydney

What Happens When I Leave the Clinic After a Male Breast Reduction?

Most patients will experience some discomfort when they leave the clinic after a male breast reduction. In most cases, patients experience minor bruising and swelling; this can be controlled by using a compression garment.

The compression garment used after a cosmetic procedure is usually worn for several weeks after the procedure. The exact timeframe where you must wear your garment will be specified by your cosmetic surgery.

During your recovery, it is advised to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activity; this usually for several weeks after your surgery. Cosmetic surgeons do recommend patients to do some light walking after the procedure; this can prevent some complications.

Several weeks after the procedure, the patient can start to evaluate the results obtained from the male breast reduction. While most patients will notice a difference shortly after the procedure, it is best to evaluate the results once the initial bruising and swelling has gone down.

How Can I Get an Appointment for a Male Breast Reduction?

To obtain a free appointment for a male breast reduction, patients can contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic. During office hours, you can make an appointment for a male breast reduction via telephone. Outside office hours, you can also contact us by email or the website contact form.

Do you need more information about the male breast reduction? The Dr Lanzer Clinic has made several information pages available! You can also request more information via email or the website contact form.

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