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The Double Chin: Causes and Treatments

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Many Australians encounter a double chin. It is a common problem that can have a variety of causes, so the solution to this problem can be widespread too. To help patients understand the complexity of a double chin and the available treatment options, we have created a comprehensive guide below.

What Is the First Cause of a Double Chin?

As mentioned briefly in the introduction, a double chin can have numerous causes. One of the causes is the natural ageing process; this due to the skin starting to lose its elasticity. Through the loss of skin elasticity, saggy skin starts appearing, causing the appearance of the double chin.

What Is the Second Cause of a Double Chin?

Even though overweight is not always the cause of a double chin, it is still one of the causes. When someone has a diet that contains lots of calories and processed foods, the likeliness of a double chin is much higher. So, in some cases, a change in lifestyle could tackle the double chin problem.

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What Is the Third Cause of a Double Chin?

A double chin can also be caused by genetics. In fact, some families will find that a double chin runs in the family, especially if family members often encounter problems with skin elasticity. Naturally, this cause of a double chin can hit at any age, so younger Australians can certainly encounter a double chin due to genetics.

What Is the Fourth Cause of a Double Chin?

The final cause of a double chin is poor posture. Even though poor posture must be maintained for a longer period of time before it can have an influence on the aesthetics of the skin. When poor posture is maintained for a longer period, it can start to weaken the muscles and the surrounding skin can lose its elasticity.

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What Is a Common Cosmetic Treatment for a Double Chin?

One of the most common treatments for a double chin is the liposculpture. During this procedure, a cosmetic surgeon will remove the fat from strategic areas. While this does not improve skin elasticity, most patients will experience a retraction of the skin afterwards.

Of course, the treatment offered by your cosmetic surgeon will depend on the amount of fat in the neck area and if you have excess skin. The cosmetic surgeon will also look at the overall quality of your skin before recommending a treatment. Poor skin quality can have a negative influence on some treatments, so your surgeon can come up with an alternative if it is required.

In general, there are two treatments that could be considered for a patient with a double chin, more specifically the neck lift or the neck liposuction. The treatment selected by the surgeon will depend on the quality of the skin and the amount of fat in the neck area.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Neck Liposuction?

A neck liposuction is often implemented for a patient who has a full neck with a large volume of localised fat. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the fat and restore the chin area. Of course, for this procedure to have the best effect, the patient must have good skin elasticity. Thus, a neck liposuction is more commonly performed in younger adults.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Patients who obtain a neck lift often suffer from a so-called turkey neck. The patient also has poor skin elasticity, which makes a procedure such as neck liposuction less effective.

During a neck lift, the cosmetic surgeon will lift the neck muscles and remove any excess skin in the neck region. In some cases, the surgeon can also remove localised fat deposits to maximise the result obtained.

What Does a Neck Liposuction or Neck Lift Cost?

The cost of a procedure on the neck can be variable. The scope of the procedure can influence the price, but so can any additional treatments you decide to combine with a neck liposuction or a neck lift. There are also additional costs to consider; this includes the surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia, and other factors that are calculated in the cost of your treatment.

At The Dr Lanzer Clinic, patients can obtain a comprehensive cost estimate for their treatment by attending a consultation with Dr Lanzer. New patients can also take advantage of a first free appointment. Naturally, this appointment does not obligate the patient to go ahead with a neck lift or a neck liposuction.

To take advantage of your first free appointment at The Dr Lanzer Clinic, simply contact our friendly team of receptionists via telephone during office hours. If you want to get in touch outside of office hours, you can also contact our friendly team via email or the website contact form.

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