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Tumescent Liposuction

Tumescent liposuction is one of the procedures executed at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. The tumescent technique uses a mixture of epinephrine and lidocaine to soften the body fat, prior to liposuction surgery. If you want to learn more about this procedure and its advantages, please read the information provided by the Dr Lanzer Clinic below.

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What Is the Tumescent Technique?

What Is the Tumescent Technique?

The procedure involves 2 stages. The initial stage is numbing and softening of the fat, filling the area up with the fluid. The fluid influences the fatty tissue, ensuring that it is softened and numbed while closing the surrounding blood vessels. In the second stage, large volumes of fat are able to be suctioned out through a cannula. In the 22 years that Dr Lanzer has performed tumescent liposuctions, we have never needed to give a patient a blood transfusion or fluid since the tumescent technique closes the blood vessels and adds fluid to the treatment area to avoid blood loss.

What Is the Treatment Goal of Tumescent Liposuction?

What Is the Treatment Goal of Tumescent Liposuction?

The goal of traditional liposuction is to make the area slimmer and tighter, ideally to achieve a more desirable aesthetic. The goal of more modern liposuction is to have a more athletic youthful appearance. Therefore, this procedure focuses on targeted fat removal to change the aesthetics of the patient’s body (body contouring).

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    When Is Tumescent Liposuction Used?

    A tumescent liposuction is often a treatment option for patients who suffer from persistent fat deposits. Contrary to popular belief, patients obtaining tumescent liposuction are not always overweight. Some patients who are already on their target weight may struggle to lose persistent fat via diet and exercise alone. In these cases, tumescent liposuction could provide a solution.

    Please note that tumescent liposuction is not a treatment for obesity. Patients should always eat healthily and get plenty of exercise; this is also necessary to maintain the results you have obtained from tumescent liposuction.

    What Is the Most Important Factor in Getting a Good Result?

    Liposculpture is a procedure that is totally dependent on the skill and experience of the surgeon. It involves the surgeon assessing at every moment how much fat has been removed and where the unwanted fat is located; this is what determines the ultimate results.

    Results obtained from a tumescent liposuction procedure are different for every patient because each body is unique. However, Dr Lanzer is a cosmetic surgery with years of experience, so you will be in capable and experienced hands.

    While we can never guarantee the outcome of tumescent liposuction, by having your procedure executed by an experienced surgeon, some of the problems that could accompany tumescent liposuction are greatly reduced. Still, the patient always needs to be aware of the possible risks of a tumescent liposuction procedure before they sign the consent form; this form will be sent to you by Dr Lanzer before your procedure takes place.

    What Happens Throughout a Liposuction Procedure?

    Decide on treatment areas

    Decide on treatment areas

    When performing liposuction on the outer thighs, Dr Lanzer can also remove fat from the outer buttocks. For some patients, fat is injected into the buttocks to give more curvature to that area. Tumescent liposuction is often performed on the calves and ankles for shaping, but also on the inner thighs and in the knees. Another common liposuction procedure is breast reduction, where fat is removed from larger breasts due to back and neck pain.

    How the Procedure is Executed

    How the Procedure is Executed

    The surgical procedure is performed using a suction device attached to a tiny cannula, which is passed through the skin through a small incision. Then, the surgeon loosens the fat and removes it through the small cannula.

    Patients can choose to be under general anesthesia or local anesthesia during cosmetic procedures. A local anesthetic is where a small area of the body is numbed to reduce soreness. Whereas general anesthetic involves sedation.

    Recovery Time and Aftercare

    Recovery Time and Aftercare

    Most patients could get back to ordinary duties after a couple of days, but generally, we recommend taking some extra time off work. Patients should also refrain from intensive exercise until given the all-clear by the Dr Lanzer Clinic since rigorous exercise could affect the results and even cause complications.

    Liposuction always requires thorough aftercare. In most cases, patients are required to wear a compression garment for a certain time. The patient must also keep the area clean and maintained during their recovery to reduce the chance of infection and complications. If the patient should encounter a problem during his or her recovery, it is essential to contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic right away for an emergency appointment. However, serious complications following liposuction are extremely rare.

    Discover Tumescent Liposuction Advantages!

    An increasingly large number of patients now opt for Tumescent Liposuction procedures. Stomachs often have a bulge which can be removed and a more athletic appearance can be developed both in women by having the grooves along the side and in men by having the 6-pack appearance.

    If you’re looking to remove fat from the face, get a free no-obligation consultation at Tumescent Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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    What Else Should I Consider About Tumescent Liposuction Procedures?

    Will I Have Loose Skin After a Tumescent Liposuction?

    Loose skin after tumescent liposuction is not a problem in most cases. However, each patient must be evaluated individually to rule out loose skin after a tumescent liposuction procedure.

    Because we make many canals with the liposuction cannula, which close and contract, we always find that the skin tightens and contracts. Therefore, we implement this technique during the tumescent liposuction procedure to help make the skin contract and tighten. By wearing a garment, the contraction will also increase. In most cases, the skin does not end up sagging, but rather contracts and becomes tighter. If a patient has loose skin already, then there is always a risk of wrinkling.

    Does the tumescent liposuction technique help with weight loss?

    Interestingly, after liposuction, your weight may in fact not change at all or may just go down 1 or 2 kilos. The fat that is removed from underneath the skin does not weigh as much as fat that is in the muscle and around our intestines. What will change with the tumescent liposuction procedure is the shape of the treatment area. There will always be a difference in the before and after photo, with the patient appearing slimmer and tighter in treated areas of the body.

    How Much Does Tumescent Liposuction Cost?

    The cost of tumescent liposuction is variable from patient to patient since the cost of the treatment depends on the amount of fat removed during the procedure, the experience of the surgeon, the complexity of the tumescent liposuction procedure, and more. To ensure you get an accurate representation of the costs involved, we recommend taking advantage of the free no-obligation consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic and acquiring your quote during that consultation.

    What Additional Options Are There in Conjunction with Tumescent Liposuction?

    Patients who have a large quantity of fat and loose skin on the abdomen could consider a tummy tuck. However, the Dr Lanzer Clinic also provides non-surgical alternatives; this includes the Vela, the Coolshape procedure, the Freeze, and the Ultrashape. These are all devices aimed at breaking down fat cells, either with ultrasound or radio waves. They can help in less severe cases. We more recently have been using our freeze device to freeze the fat. Unfortunately, all these devices are limited in how much they can remove.

    Before & After Photos

    Click on the picture above to see a range of ‘before & after’ pictures of Dr. Lanzer’s amazing tummy tuck results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions For Tumescent Liposuction

    Liposuction starts as low as $2995 depending on the area and can go up to $10,000. When performing multiple areas there is a very small increase in cost per area.

    The tumescent liposuction uses tumescent fluid which numbs the area so when performed under local anaesthetic there is not usually any pain felt. Post-surgery there can be some bruising and pain.

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