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Male Tummy Tuck Before & After Procedure

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Case Study: Male Tummy Tuck Before Procedure Before And After

I am always inspired when meeting patients who have put a lot of work in to being fit and healthy through diet and exercise. I understand their frustration though, when after a long period of dedication, they are left with sagging, loose skin. After all of their hard work they now feel self conscious about the excess skin rather than celebrating their achievements.

A tummy tuck is ideal for patients such as these, men included. Tummy tucks are no longer only for women post pregnancy, but also suitable for blokes who have battled the bulge and are left with sagging skin.

Dr Lanzer trained with American Dr Marco Pelosi II in a technique called tumescent Lipoabdominoplasty. This technique uses a combination of Tumescent Liposuction together with removing the excess skin via a Tummy Tuck. What is so great is that Dr Lanzer can not only remove the excess sagging skin, but a also sculpt the body to create a six pack through hi definition Liposculpture. I enjoy the excitement I see on men’s faces when I tell them that not only can we perform a tummy tuck, but that we can also enhance the result they have been aiming to achieve.

Interestingly some people dislike the loose skin when they grab it and others by how it looks. I have seen people who noticed the loose skin when they were doing sit ups in the gym. The loose skin is surgically removed. There are two approaches. One where all the skin below the umbilicus is excised and the other where less skin is removed. If all the skin is removed then it necessitates that the umbilicus is repositioned. Otherwise the umbilicus may move down somewhat.

Dr Lanzer uses a foam garment after large and defining liposculpture of the stomach. He also uses this garment for a few days after the Lipo-Tuck.

A drain tube is in place initially to remove any seepage. It is removed usually between 2- 7 days.

Other areas are often treated with liposculpture at the same time. Especially the waist in order to give a better shape. Many people who have had a tummy tuck notice that their hips become more obvious as the skin is pushed outwards. Liposuction at the same time will prevent or reduce this.

It is a common misconception that only women get liposuction, because men obtain this procedure as well. Women as well as men can suffer from persistent fats, even if they have an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. The case study above is a good example of this, since the patient in question was on his target weight and lived a healthy lifestyle. With the help of a liposuction procedure, the persistent fat deposits in the lower abdomen were removed and the patient obtained a flatter and more toned abdomen.

Like with liposuction procedures for women, men need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after obtaining a liposuction procedure. The removal of fat will have a direct impact on the shape of the treatment area, but fat could return if the patient does not exercise or consumes healthy foods. Therefore, it could be recommended to speak to your GP before your procedure to make sure you can maintain a healthy lifestyle after your treatment. If you currently have an unhealthy lifestyle, then your GP will recommend changing your lifestyle first before you consider a liposuction procedure. Only when you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly after your procedure, can you maintain the results obtained from liposuction surgery.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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