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What Are the Costs Involved in Tummy Tuck Surgery?

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The costs involved with a lipo tummy tuck surgery may vary from patient to patient but could also vary by the surgeon or cosmetic surgery facility you plan to have your lipo tummy tuck surgery at. So, to make sure you are fully aware of the costs you may encounter for a lipo tummy tuck procedure, we have created a breakdown of the most common tummy tuck costs, which can be added to a liposuction tummy tuck estimate.

How Can the Surgeon I Choose for My Liposuction Tummy Tuck Affect the Overall Cost?

The surgeon you choose can influence the cost of your liposuction tummy tuck, more specifically by the experience the surgeon has. A more experienced surgeon can ask for more his services, since such experience can be beneficial for the patient.

Naturally, surgeon cost is not something that patients should be looking to reduce. Surgeons that tend to ask less for their services could have less experience but could also have less modern equipment at their disposal. Therefore, it is essential to do some research into your surgeon before you have your liposuction tummy tuck.

Most surgeons will display their experience on their website. It is good to ask the surgeon specifically about method and experience. Also, view his actual real patient photos, and if you are not sure, ask to speak to other patients.

tummy tuck costs

How Can Geographic Location Influence My Lipo Tummy Tuck Costs?

Geographic location can play a major role in tummy tuck costs, since some countries charge considerably less for certain procedures. Of course, heading to another country for a lipo tummy tuck procedure does expose patients to a lot more risks, especially where complications are concerned.

Patients who go to another country for their procedure can encounter problems such as a language barrier and sub-standard services. A cosmetic surgeon abroad does not have to meet the same strict standards that apply to cosmetic surgeons in Australia. Therefore, patients could end up with a less experienced surgeon who is not qualified to perform the procedure in Australia.

Another major concern for patients having their treatment abroad is encountering a complication, since there is no way to access the clinic they had their procedure once they return to Australia. Most Australian surgeons will be hesitant to take on complications caused by another surgeon abroad, and those that do will have to charge for their services. If your treatment needs correcting, this means you would need to pay for surgery again. Therefore, having your treatment in Australia tends to be safer than having your treatment abroad.

Discover Tummy Tuck Costs!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for tummy tuck procedures. If you are having a procedure under a general anaesthesia, the price will be different than a procedure with a local anaesthetic. 

If you’re looking to remove fat from your tummy, get a free consultation at the Tummy Tuck clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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How Can the Scope and the Difficulty of the Procedure Influence the Cost?

The scope of your procedure and its difficulty can increase the price of the procedure. For example, a patient who needs a lot of excess skin and fat removal will usually pay more than a patient who only needs a minimal amount of excess skin removed. 

Complicated procedures with a lot of fat removal will take the cosmetic surgeon longer to execute. It will also need more surgery equipment during the procedure. Therefore, it is not surprising that the complexity of a procedure influences the price. 

If you have received an estimate from your surgeon, but do not understand the cost for your complex procedure, it is recommended to contact your clinic for more information. Even though the estimate might be accurate, it is always best to double-check and ask for some clarification. If needed, you can then compare your estimate to another estimate obtained from a different clinic.

How Can the Technique Used by the Surgeon Influence Treatment Cost?

Techniques used by the surgeon can affect the cost of your procedure. Some techniques require more surgical equipment than others. If a surgeon uses more materials, equipment and resources, it will have an impact on the price.

Naturally, the type of anaesthetic used during your procedure can also affect the cost. If a patient decides to go for a general anaesthetic, their procedure will require an experienced anaesthetist, who monitors the patient while they are under.

tummy tuck costs

Can the Cosmetic Surgery Facility I Use Affect the Cost?

The facility where you have your procedure could influence the price of your treatment. The price charged by a facility for any procedure can depend on the number of skilled surgeons at that facility, intake capability, surgical nurses, technicians and recovery staff. Therefore, the overall experience of the staff is a denominator here. Dr Lanzer has his own fully accredited day surgery hospital and therefore the costs are usually cheaper.

In addition to the experience of the staff, the technology and equipment available at a facility can also affect the prize. Even though modern facilities can make a procedure less risky for a patient and sometimes even more effective, it could increase the price of treatment.

To obtain more modern equipment and facilities overall, a clinic usually must make a massive investment. Of course, that investment must see its return, so this often translates in overall higher prices for treatments. Still, the difference between such a facility and an older facility is usually minor, since the biggest difference in price usually comes down to surgeon and staff fees.

How Do I Get a Cost Estimate for My Procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic?

Patients who want to obtain their procedure at the Dr Lanzer Clinic can obtain an estimate by booking their first free consultation at the Dr Lanzer Clinic. During a free consultation, patients can speak to Dr Lanzer about the treatment they wish to obtain, but they could also receive a detailed cost estimate of their treatment. Therefore, we urge patients to take full advantage of the first free appointment offered at the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

Do you have any additional questions about your estimate? Or would you like to know more about tummy tuck costs? Contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic today for more information!

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