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Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini tummy tuck is a variation of a tummy tuck-abdominoplasty that Dr Lanzer performs. Many people like the sound of mini, such as mini face lift or mini tummy tuck, since it does imply that the procedure is less invasive with less risks and quicker recovery. This is only a half-truth, since it still is a surgical procedure that should be considered carefully by the patient.

Do I Need a Full or a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A cosmetic surgeon is the only one who can determine if a full or mini tummy tuck is most beneficial to you. The most suitable procedure usually depends on several denominators; this includes any excess skin present, but also the amount of excess fat that must be removed during the procedure.

Dr. Lanzer does perform a type of mini tummy tuck which is called a mini lipo-tuck. The advantage of combining the liposuction with the tummy tuck is that liposuction performed with the tumescent fluid might reduce the chances of swelling, infection, and bleeding. Dr. Lanzer finds that there are significantly less issues with bleeding, and in fact in the 22 years that he has been performing liposuction with the tumescent fluid, he has not had a single case of bleeding that has required fluid or blood transfusions.

Dr. Lanzer has found that sometimes patients who really could do with a full abdominoplasty choose a mini tuck just for the quicker recovery. Although they may not get the absolute best result that they could get with the full tuck, they are happier with a shorter and smaller operation. Dr. Lanzer can perform a mini tummy tuck under local anaesthetic or a general anaesthetic. These are things that Dr. Lanzer will discuss with you during a free cosmetic consultation in his Day Surgery Centres. Dr. Lanzer is very contactable and will even discuss the operation with you over the telephone or via the internet. Many patients fly from interstate to have surgery with Dr. Lanzer. This is based on his long-standing experience, his reputation for being a very caring and precise doctor, and his reputation for always trying to select surgical procedures that are less invasive with fewer risks. For this reason, Dr. Lanzer approves and recognises the benefits of a mini tummy tuck and would be happy to discuss the mini tuck costs with you at any time. You may find looking at the photographs on this website of benefit, or watching one of the informative videos such as those that were produced for the Healthy Me TV internet station.

What Is the Mini Tummy Tuck?

The mini tummy tuck means that Dr Lanzer will only be working on the area below the belly button. The belly button will remain in place and there will be no surgical treatment of the muscle above the belly button.

Dr. Lanzer will first perform a liposuction of the stomach. The liposuction may include the area above the belly button to flatten the entire stomach area. Once the liposuction has been performed, Dr. Lanzer will excise and cut out the loose skin that is situated from the belly button down to the bikini line, or underpants line. In some cases, there may be stretching, weakness, or opening of the underlying rectus muscle; this muscle surrounds the bowels and gives the support structure to the stomach. With aging, weight gain, pregnancy, and surgical procedures, this muscle can sometimes be damaged and stretched so that there is a gap between the muscles. The way to feel this is to lie on one’s back and lift one’s head. You will be able to place your fingers between a small depression, a valley, that can form.

To give the stomach its best and flattest appearance, Dr. Lanzer may suture together that muscle layer with a very strong suture. They suture also encourages the normal fibrosis and healing of the body; this to provide a long-lasting result. Sometimes, the sutures are also required around the actual belly button due to herniation of tissue. Once the muscle has been tightened and all the loose skin and fat has been removed, Dr. Lanzer will then close the skin down by pulling the skin down to the bikini line. The skin is closed in layers with sutures in the deep fascia, the underlying dermis, and finally the overlying skin. The reason for the multiple layer closure is to produce the tightest scar, so that the risk of opening and stretching of the scar is lowered significantly.

How Long Does a Mini Tummy Tuck Take?

The duration of a procedure always varies from patient to patient, since every patient is unique. Since patients can experience a variable duration for their procedure, the Dr. Lanzer Clinic is uncomfortable posting exact time estimates. However, Dr. Lanzer will explain the procedure in more detail when you visit the clinic for your appointment.

What Is the Recovery Time After a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Most patients can resume their normal activities shortly after the procedure, but a mini tummy tuck is a surgical treatment that does require recovery time. To ensure your body heals properly, the Dr. Lanzer Clinic recommends following the guidelines provided by our clinic closely, but also recommends taking sufficient time off work as to not rush the patient’s recovery.

How Much Is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

Like all cosmetic procedures, the exact cost of a mini tuck can only be determined after a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Before an estimate can be provided, the surgeon must consider the complexity of the procedure, the amount of fat to be removed, as well as other factors that may influence the price of your procedure.

At the Dr. Lanzer Clinic, patients can use a free, no-obligation appointment. During this appointment, they can learn more about the procedure, but also receive a cost-estimate for their treatment. After the appointment, patients can determine if the mini tummy tuck is the right treatment for them or not.

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