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Liposuction Explained

Liposuction Explained

Liposuction Explained

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Liposuction is a procedure which allows the surgeon to remove fat without actually cutting the fat away but rather through a process of suction. The fat is prepared with a special fluid called tumescent fluid and then through tiny incisions, often referred to as keyholes. Then, the fat is sucked out into containers.

Dr Daniel Lanzer helped convene the very first conference on tumescent liposculpture in Australia in 1992 which had been developed by an American dermatologist. Dr Lanzer is a highly skilled dermatologist who has contributed advances in this field of cosmetic surgery.

What is Tumescent?

In the early days of liposculpture, fat was merely sucked out. However, tumescent involves preparing the fat with an extremely dilute local anesthetic. The advantages of doing this are:

  1. The fat is numbed so it can be performed under local anaesthetic;
    2. There will be less pain after surgery;
    3. The tissue expands, which allows for easier sculpting and shaping of the fat;
    4. The extra fluid in the body’s tissue removes the necessity for any intravenous fluids;
    5. The tumescent fluid contains adrenaline, which closes the blood vessels and therefore reduces the risk of bleeding;
    6. The fluid has antibacterial components, which contributes to the low incidence of infection.

Dr Lanzer has performed this procedure for many years and on some 15,000 occasions. In none of these occasions, has a blood transfusion been required.

liposuction explained

What Areas on the Body Can Be Treated with Liposuction?

Almost any area that has fat can be treated with liposuction. The common areas include the outer thighs and buttocks of females, the hips and flanks in both men and women and the stomach. Liposuction can also be performed on the inner thighs, inner knees, arms, back, and neck. Occasionally, liposuction is performed on the ankles and calves.

Sometimes, patients will have liposuction of just one area such as a resistant localised collection of fat. Other times, patients may elect to have many areas treated at the same time.

Dr Lanzer helped the clinical development of performing mega-liposuction on patients who are overweight and also those who required treatment on many areas at the same time. Patients are often 20-30 kg overweight and the liposculpture improves their shape with the goal of giving them a kick-start to a better lifestyle.

What Happens to the Loose Skin with Liposuction?

This is one of most common questions that Dr Lanzer is asked. Without understanding the way the skin works, one would assume that the skin would end up sagging and drooping from the removal of the deeper fat.

In fact, in most cases, it is just the opposite. By removing the fat, one creates thousands of small canals where the fat previously was. Those canals contract and close due to a combination of the compression effect of the garment worn and the nature of the elastin and collagen in the connective tissue. Together with this, there is a controlled fibrosis and healing of the areas where the fat is removed. As a result, all those canals close up. The fat volume is removed and therefore the skin retracts and tightens; this is particularly seen in areas such as a sagging neck where removal of the fat alone may give a total skin retraction.

Discover Liposculpture Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for liposculpture
procedures. Dr. Lanzer explains that really whenever he performs liposuction he is always performing a liposculpture.

If you’re looking to remove fat, get a free consultation at Melbourne Liposculpture clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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What is liposculpture?

Liposculpture is the term coined for when the surgeon actually shapes and sculpts the fat, in much of the same way that a sculptor would perform his work. Some areas need more fat removed and others need less.

At the same time, fat is removed in different layers. An appreciation of the depth of the fat can determine the type of result and the type of skin quality at the end after things have healed.

What Are the Devices Used for Liposuction?

The following devices can be used for the execution of liposuction:


Dr Lanzer often uses a MicroAire, which is a vibrating device that allows a softer and more even removal of fat. It is particularly useful in gynecomastia, also known as man boobs, and other areas where the fat is thicker and more fibrous.


For a number of years, ultrasound therapy was tried to help soften the fat. The Vaser is the third generation ultrasound that is used to soften the fat, much like a wand that is heated and passes through the fat; this may enhance the skin contraction and the results.

Laser Lipolysis

Dr Lanzer may use a laser beam to help dissolve and soften the fat.

How Does the Cool Sculpt and Cool Shape Compare to Liposculpture?

These devices are non-invasive, non-surgical devices that freeze the fat. By freezing the fat, one helps destroy the fat cells and rather than suctioning out the fat as one finds in liposculpture, the body’s own digestive cells remove the fat slowly over the next few months. However, the Cool Shape can never give as dramatic result as liposculpture.

lipo explained

What Is the Lipo Tuck?

Lipo tuck involves performing the standard tumescent liposculpture of the stomach, followed by cutting and removal of the loose skin. The advantage of performing the tumescent liposculpture is that one obtains all the in-built advantages of liposculpture, particularly a reduction in the risk of bleeding.

Dr Lanzer will assess your skin and decide if it needs a full tuck with the replacement of the umbilicus or belly button, or if it could be improved with just a mini lower stomach tuck.

Dr Lanzer was featured on the Today Tonight program with a gentleman who slowly lost over 200 kilograms through hypnotherapy and lifestyle changes. He was left with a large amount of loose skin, which Dr Lanzer removed through the lipo tummy tuck. Dr Lanzer’s procedure was followed by the Today Tonight program on channel 7.

What Is the Recovery Time After Liposculpture?

Most people take one week off their normal work and two weeks off strenuous physical exercise. There is a variation between patients as to how much time someone really needs to be away from work.

Occasionally, when performing the procedure on small areas or localised areas, patients would have the procedure on a Friday afternoon and be back at work on Monday.

What Would I Expect After Liposculpture?

There are 3 phases one experiences after liposculpture:

  1. The first is the initial acute phase, where sometimes the fluid that has been put into the fat comes out; this may be quite wet and when the patient leaves surgery, they will have pads on their skin.
  2. The second stage is the acute swelling; this varies enormously between patients. Some people become black and blue and others have no bruising at all. There may be swelling of varying degree. Interestingly, Dr Lanzer has found that the amount of swelling does not correlate with a previous history of easy swelling; this may be because the effect of the tumescent liposculpture fluid is different to all other forms of bruising.
  3. Over the next three to six months, there is gradual tightening and healing of the skin. In some areas, patients may feel a firmness, which is a deep bruising or controlled fibrosis.

Are There Any Treatments Helpful After Liposculpture?

Dr Lanzer recommends the VelaShape and freeze devices. These are radiofrequency based. They cause tightening of the underlying skin and also help removal of any residual fat cells. Patients who have deep bruising, will also find a direct beneficial effect. Sometimes, Dr Lanzer will use ultrasound to help with deep bruising and occasionally will suggest massage.

What Determines the Result of a Liposculpture?

Ultimately, the result is really determined by the skill of the surgeon. The tumescent method makes the procedure safer. The devices all help slightly but at the end of the day, liposculpture is very much a skilled-procedure, as the surgeon must move his hand back and forth many times, constantly assessing where the fat should be removed and determining the desired result.

How Does the Surgeon Decide What Fat Needs to Be Removed?

The decision starts in the pre-op consultation, where Dr Lanzer will mark the areas that need fat removal with a semi-permanent marker; this ensures marks do not come off during the wet filling-up phase.

You will often see crosses, which indicate the peaks of the hills where more fat needs to be removed and then the fat is sculpted in a gradual sloping method so that there is an even end result. During the procedure,

Dr Lanzer will be constantly assessing how the fat is flowing out, how it looks, and more importantly how it feels. After experience of so many thousands of patients, Dr Lanzer can feel with his fingertips if the right amount of fat has been removed.

What Other Types of Liposculpture Are There?

  1. Neck liposculpture. Patients sometimes will have only a neck liposculpture and liposculpture of the jowls to get a rejuvenation of the face and neck. With aging, the skin droops from the jaw line. This makes patients look prematurely aged. The liposculpture followed by a compression garment, can often totally remove this issue.
  2. Man boobs. Man boobs are called in gynecomastia. In about 50% of cases, there is actual excessive glandular and fibrous tissue under the nipple. The procedure is treated with liposculpture and may be combined with an excision, cutting out of the glandular tissue. Dr Lanzer does it through a tiny incision on the edge of the nipple. Medicare rebates can partly help with costs if the patient has a true gynecomastia. Although gynecomastia can be caused by drugs and hormones such as testosterone, in most cases, it occurs for no reason. However, there is a strong genetic component.
  3. High-definition liposculpture. This procedure is also known as 4-pack liposculpture or 6-pack liposculpture. Dr Lanzer was the first in Australia to train overseas by the originators of the Vaser high-definition liposculpture. Since then, he has modified the method, using his own personal experience and can give patients a high-definition and athletic experience. This is mostly performed for men on the stomach, but occasionally performed on women. In women, the athletic appearance is usually focused on the groove on the front of the sides of the stomach.

How Does One Find Out If Dr Lanzer Can Assist Them with Liposuction?

With the help of modern technology, patients can obtain a very quick and accurate opinion about cosmetic surgery of liposculpture and other procedures. One can take advantage of sending Dr Lanzer a request for information with or without a photograph of themselves. Usually within a very short space of time, Dr Lanzer will have had a look at the results and give the patient a full opinion of what can be required. Dr Lanzer has clinics all around Australia and his main operating theatres are in Melbourne where he has state of the art day surgery centre. Dr Lanzer’s theatres are approved by the National Health Scheme for the National Safety and Quality Health.

Understanding liposuction is vital for patients, because it is a surgical procedure that could lead to a change in the aesthetics of the body. To help our patients get more insight into liposuction, we have posted several information pages that provides potential patients with more information about the procedure, its risks and the aftercare involved. So, if you are considering liposuction, but want more information before you make an appointment at the Dr Lanzer Clinic, these pages can be a good reference source. Alternatively, you can also contact the Dr Lanzer Clinic to acquire more information about a specific liposuction treatment.

Information about liposuction is not only available on our website or by special request, because important information about any procedure you may be undergoing at our clinic will be provided during your consultations. This information includes vital information such as how the procedure is executed, the cost, aftercare and more. Of course, it is possible that a patient still has a question after a consultation at our clinic, in which case we recommend contacting our clinic to acquire the information you need. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, we pride ourselves on excellent patient services, which includes providing accurate treatment information about available surgical procedures. So, if you have a question about liposuction that was not answered on the website, feel free to contact our support team today.

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