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Vaser Liposuction (High Definition)
Vaser Liposuction Before and After Photos
Vaser Liposuction Before and After Photos

Case Study

Vaser Liposuction Before And After

Doctor Lanzer is the leading Australian surgeon offering revolutionary body contouring treatments for men from high definition 6 pack liposuction procedures through to male breast reduction.

He has over 25 years experience and has performed over 1,000’s of procedures for men Australia-wide. His key focus is to achieve natural looking results for male patients.


Vaser Liposculpture Before and After Photos (1)

When you look at the before picture, you will notice that the patient already has quite a toned stomach.

When you look at the before picture, you will notice that the patient already has quite a toned stomach. However, the patient wanted a defined muscle tone and a rigorous exercise regime did not seem to give him the results he desired. Once you have looked at the after picture, you will have noticed a clear difference. After Vaser liposuction, the abdominal muscles are more prominent and provided the patient with a clear six pack.

Vaser Liposculpture Before & After Photos (3)

High-Definition Liposuction can be performed on patients with larger stomachs, it is not just restricted to younger guys with an already athletic physique. Many of our patients in fact have more of a curved stomach muscle, commonly seen in men over the age of 40.

Vaser Liposculpture Before & After Photos (4)

The beauty of using tumescent fluid is that liposuction procedures can now be done under a local anaesthetic, rather than having a full general anaesthetic; this minimises the recovery period for patients. The tumescent fluid is made up of normal Saline solution with adrenaline and local anaesthetic.

Vaser Liposculpture Before & After Photos (5)

One of the procedures executed by Dr Lanzer at his clinic is Vaser liposuction. During this procedure, Dr Lanzer targets specific areas of fat, enabling him to re-sculpt the treatment area. As a result, patients can obtain a more defined or athletic appearance.

Vaser Liposculpture Before & After Photos (8)

The abs liposculpture case study shown on The Dr Lanzer Clinic website can give patients practical examples of how Vaser or abdominoplasty with Vaser can change the physical appearance of a patient. The main purpose of abs liposculpture is providing the patient a more toned appearance, and this is certainly noticeable when looking at the many case studies posted on our website.

Vaser High Def Liposuction Before and After Photos (9)

The patient in this case study was actually quite an interesting case. The patient had a large curved stomach muscle, so there was very little definition in the abdomen area. To make the stomach muscles come forward more, the patient and Dr Lanzer opted for Vaser liposuction. When you take a look at the after picture, you will notice more clearly defined stomach muscles. 

Vaser Liposuction Before & After Photos (11)

The most challenging procedure would be the tummy tuck. I perform a procedure called Lipo Tummy Tuck. This procedure is used for patients with a large loose stomach, typically seen in patients who have lost a lot of weight as a result of a lap band.

Vaser Liposuction Before And After Photos

For athletes who have worked hard at their appearance, but cannot get the toned physique they want, this can be the recommended treatment route.

Vaser liposuction is not just aimed at fat removal. The nature of the procedure also allows the cosmetic surgery to shape the treatment area, making any muscle more dominant. For athletes who have worked hard at their appearance, but cannot get the toned physique they want, this can be the recommended treatment route.

Vaser Liposculpture Before & After Photos (12)

In the before photograph, the patient had little definition in the abdomen and presented some excess fat in the lower abdominal area. Through Vaser liposuction, the patient obtained more definition of the abdominal muscles, showing the result of his rigorous workouts. 

Vaser Liposculpture For Men

This case study reviews how a patient with a very subtle abdominal muscles opted for a vaser liposuction to get a more defined abdominal muscles.

This case study shows how a vaser liposuction patient wants his very subtle abdominal muscles more defined without feeling too much discomfort.

Just over one year after the procedure with Dr Lanzer, notice how this vaser liposuction patient has much more definition of his abdominal muscles and a more toned physique as shown on the photo.

Discover The Vaser Liposuction Technique

Many people have specific problem areas they want to tackle; however, the problem areas can be rather small and do not really qualify for normal liposuction surgery. Fortunately, there are other cosmetic surgery techniques that are less invasive and can tackle these problems perfectly. A good example of such a technique is Vaser liposuction, a less invasive surgical procedure that can tackle minor problem areas. Read on to discover some examples and more information about Vaser liposuction.

How Did Vaser Liposuction Work For This Patient?

The patient had a physique that was quite toned already; however, he was still having trouble getting the deep sculpted six pack he wanted. In order to give the patient the six pack he wanted to obtain, Dr Lanzer executed the Vaser liposuction procedure, giving the patient a natural abdomen while enhancing the muscle underneath.

What Is The Treatment Goal Of Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser is meant to contour and shape the body. The procedure can be done with a local or a general anaesthetic. Naturally, the overall recovery time can be influenced by the type of anaesthetic used for the procedure.

The Vaser procedure is executed with ultrasound technology, which breaks down the fat cells in the targeted area. Once the fat cells have been broken down, the fat is removed via gentle suction. The procedure is not only suitable for men, because both men and women can benefit from this treatment.

Many patients choose Vaser nowadays instead of going for the more invasive treatments. The reason for that is that Vaser liposuction leaves surrounding tissues without any damage. In addition to that, it seriously reduces the downtime patients will have after the liposuction.

Where Can I Find Vaser Liposuction Before And After Photographs?

This page only contains one of our Vaser liposuction before and after case studies. There are several Vaser liposuction before and after case studies that can be reviewed by patients, so do not hesitate to head over to the Vaser liposuction before and after category to discover more case studies that apply.

Please note that results are obtained as a result of Vaser; this applies to all the Vaser liposuction before and after case studies. The procedure is a one-person experience; this means that your experience may differ from that of a patient featured in our Vaser liposuction before and after case studies. Before having Vaser lipo (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy), always discuss your expectations with Dr Lanzer.

Results from surgery procedures are usually not fully visible under the swelling and other side-effects such as bruising have gone down. The average liposuction case study displayed on this site shows results after the majority of bruising and swelling has subsided. 

Skin retraction after liposuction treatment is usually good in most patients. If you have concerns about skin retraction, please speak to your cosmetic surgeon about your sculpting procedure expectations.

What Areas Of The Body Can Benefit From Vaser?

Cosmetic surgeons can implement Vaser on various parts of the body, including the chin, chest, hips, inner thighs, abdomen, buttocks, outer thighs, upper back and lower back. Before patients can choose this procedure, they will be thoroughly evaluated by the medical staff and Dr Lanzer. If you are eligible for the procedure, you will be able to benefit from a more toned body.

Am I A Candidate For Vaser Liposuction?

There are a number of indicators that can determine if you are a good candidate for the Vaser treatment, but these will need to be evaluated by the surgeon to ensure that the procedure will have the desired effect for you.

Vaser is usually implemented for patients who want to improve their overall body contour and shape. The patient may be struggling with a small problem area, where a small amount of fat does not seem to want to shift. Thanks to the Vaser procedure, the patient will be able to get the athletic look they are after.

Patients can have different body shapes, and this is something that must be considered by cosmetic surgerys. Vaser Hi Def requires an experienced hand. Fortunately, you can count on Dr Lanzer and his state-of-the-art facilities.

How Long Do I Need to Recover After Vaser?

The recovery time after Vaser liposuction is considerably less than certain other procedures. Most patients can leave the clinic shortly after the procedure. Normal activities can be resumed relatively quickly, but as is the case with all cosmetic procedures, patients should avoid strenuous activities during their recovery.

Most patients will be required to wear a compression garment post-procedure. Once fat is removed by cannula, the area needs to conform to its new shape, which is where the compression garment helps.

Patients can expect slight bruising and swelling after the procedure, although this usually goes down very quickly. If you have any questions and concerns about aftercare, do not hesitate to discuss them with Dr Lanzer or his medical team.

What Are All The Benefits Of Vaser Liposuction?

There are a number of benefits connected to Vaser, especially when you start comparing this procedure with traditional liposuction. First of all, Vaser liposuction does not require you to be fully under, so there is no need for a general anaesthetic. Instead, the surgeon will use a local anaesthetic, which is connected with a lot less risks.

Vaser is also less invasive for other reasons. Not only will you get a local anaesthetic instead of general anaesthetic, there is also no damage to surrounding body tissues during this procedure and this makes a world of difference for the recovery time.

Compared to traditional liposuction, Vaser will also cause less scarring and bruising. In addition to that, you will only experience a minimum amount of bruising and discomfort, so you will recover quite quickly after the procedure.

An additional advantage of Vaser is the fact that it has the ability to stimulate collagen production. As you may know already, a good collagen production will lead to tighter skin, which means that Vaser has the potential to tackle more than one problem at once.

Why Is Dr Lanzer The Recommended Surgeon For Vaser?

Dr Lanzer was actually one of the first cosmetic surgerys to implement Vaser liposuction. His clinic is also state-of-the-art and includes Australia’s first fat bank, which can be used for fat grafting and anti-ageing treatments.

When you choose Dr Lanzer’s clinic, you can be sure you will be in good hands. Not only can you count on the 30 years of experience Dr Lanzer has, you can also count on the professional medical staff, who will stand by you every step of the way.

Before you undergo any type of procedure, you will undergo a thorough physical examination to ensure that you are an eligible candidate for the procedure. You will also be able to talk to Dr Lanzer, so all your questions will be answered before you come in for the procedure itself.

Of course, patients can also count on good aftercare when they choose the Dr Lanzer clinic. All patients receive a phone number, which they can use when they have any concerns or questions. You will also be monitored and evaluated after the procedure, so you will be in safe hands at the Dr Lanzer clinic.

Where Can I Go With Questions About Vaser Liposuction?

Would you like to know a little more about Vaser liposuction? Or do you want to book a consult to see if you are a candidate for the Vaser procedure? Get in touch with us via telephone or our online form.

Vaser liposuction is a surgical liposuction procedure aimed at creating a more athletic appearance for the patient in question. The procedure can be obtained by both men and women and tackle persistent fat deposits that had a negative impact on the general physique of the patient. Most patients who choose Vaser liposuction at the Dr Lanzer Clinic have already tried losing persistent fats through diet and exercise but have not seen the changes they want. Therefore, Vaser liposuction could be the next step for these patients to still obtain the physique they worked for.

The Dr Lanzer Clinic also specialises in other treatments, this includes the tumescent liposuction, fat transfer, breast augmentation, facelift, cellulite treatment, large volume liposuction, power-assisted liposuction, and more. For more information about these treatments, please refer to the other information pages on the Dr Lanzer Clinic website.

Dr Daniel Lanzer MB BS (Hons) FACD

Dr Lanzer is extremely experienced, meticulous and caring.
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