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Vaser Liposculpture Before & After Photos (12)

Before Vaser Liposculpture Before Photos (2)

This patient presented to Dr Lanzer wishing to have more definition of his abdominal muscles. This can often be the case in some men, whereby no amount of gym workouts can result in an obvious six pack.

After Vaser Liposculpture After Photos (2)

This is the patient post Vaser Hi Definition Liposculpture. Note the natural definition of his abdominal muscles.

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Liposuction (Vaser) Before and After:

The special thing about Hi Definition Liposuction is that it is the real you. Meaning that 6 packs used to (and still can be) created using synthetic implants. These are surgically inserted under the skin and carry various possible complications. With Hi Definition Liposculpture Dr Lanzer is able to sculpt a ‘6 pack’ without inserting implants or any other fillers. Dr Lanzer assesses where your natural muscle is under the fat layer and marks out the area with a surgical marker (as seen in some before photos).

Small incisions are made along these areas and the fat is removed from these creases creating smooth crevasses between the 6 pack. We have patients who train very hard at the gym to obtain a defined abdomen, however, still cannot get a visible 6 pack. We have others who can get a visible 6 pack, but to do so require very strict diet and fluid intake. We have had patients who have said they need to dehydrate themselves to get this look. This is often not a condition of their body that can be maintained.

Funnily enough, Dr Lanzer has had patients return post Hi Definition Liposuction who have actually put on a couple of kilograms and found that it has given them an even more defined 6 pack! Hi Definition doesn’t just stop with the stomach; it also can include the chest, arms and pubic area. The chest can be sculpted, particularly around the side of the chest, to create a defined look which follows through to the stomach area. The pubic area can be sculpted to follow down from the abdomen. Many men have extra fat in this area that they are quite self-conscious about. Removing this fat through liposuction will not only make them feel more comfortable in clothes, but create an overall aesthetic look. The calves are also an area which can be sculpted to look more muscular.

Vaser liposuction is a procedure aimed at reshaping the body by doing liposuction in specific areas. The case study above provides you with a good example of this. In the before photograph, the patient had little definition in the abdomen and presented some excess fat in the lower abdominal area. Through Vaser liposuction, the patient obtained more definition of the abdominal muscles, showing the result of his rigorous workouts. Excess fats can be a problem for people who live an active lifestyle, because sometimes fats can be stubborn due to genetics. When a patient faces this problem, Vaser liposuction can be an option.

Just like with other liposuction procedures, the patient must maintain their healthy lifestyle after the procedure. However, most people who obtain Vaser liposuction are already on their target weight and exercise regularly, but they could not lose the persistent fats on their own. Therefore, most patients who get Vaser liposuction have no problems maintaining the results afterwards. We do need to mention that stubborn fats can return with weight fluctuations and a lack of exercise, so liposuction is never a weight loss solution. However, when you combine the procedure with a healthy lifestyle, you could benefit from it greatly.

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      Daniel Lanzer has retired. He is no longer a registered medical practitioner. This website is currently under review.









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