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Vaser Liposculpture

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Liposculpture has been around for many years, but is not the same as traditional liposuction. The concept is to analyse the shape of the body and, by using an artistic eye, sculpt the fat away in a three dimensional layer to produce the most even and smooth result. It is interesting how this is a skill that is so dependent on the surgeon.

What Is the Relationship Between Vaser and Surgeon Choice?

I have found it quite interesting that some procedures can be taught over to other doctors really easily; for example, how to set a laser, since it is all dependent on a numerical value setting. However, liposculpture is a skill that some people either have it or do not. It really involves the ability to see a patient in three dimensions and to visualise ahead of time the type of three dimensional result that one wants to obtain.

What Is Vaser Exactly?

Vaser is a third generation ultrasound. The procedure that changed liposculpture is the tumescent one, which was developed by dermatologist and cosmetic surgery, Jeffrey Klein. Klein created the method in America over twenty-five years ago.

How Have Dr Lanzer and Other Cosmetic Surgeons Contributed to Vaser Liposuction?

In 1992, I arranged the first hands-on workshop of this method. Since then, cosmetic and dermatologist surgeons have been trying to develop ways to enhance the liposculpture method.

One of the main issues with treatment of fat is how to develop the best and most efficient skin retraction. One method, called superficial liposculpture was developed by a plastic surgeon; this involves sculpturing the skin very close to the skin surface. In some areas, this procedure is really effective and a great tool. However, over time, we have learned that in other areas it is not the best way to go.

Surgeons also developed ideas to heat the fat before the suction. Heat creates a fibrous reaction, which enhances contraction and tightening. Unfortunately, some of the heat producing machines create too much heat, which can cause scarring and lead to surface pigmentation and irregularities.

The Vaser is a type of ultrasound machine, producing ultrasound waves in short bursts. It is almost like the way we use a laser on the skin to remove wrinkles. By having a laser beam that touches the skin so quickly, it causes what we want without too much heat.

Vaser liposculpture starts with the standard approach of marking out the areas we wish to do and filling the fat with the tumescent fluid. At that stage, the Vaser probe, much like a wand, is passed through the fat. It is critical that the surgeon keeps the Vaser deep in the fat and does not touch the surface skin, which could cause a burn.

After the Vaser, the fat is sculptured away. Vaser is particularly effective and helpful for when there is loose skin, such as on a drooping stomach. It is also very effective and helpful when patients have fibrous and tough fat; this is particularly seen in men, such as on the chests and also on the back, where fat tends to be more fibrous and hangs from the ribs.

The Vaser machine is very expensive and usually costs the surgeon over $100,000 to purchase it. It can therefore add to the cost of surgery. At the Dr Lanzer Clinic, we do not charge extra for using the Vaser and use it as an addition to help with the results.

Discover Vaser Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Vaser sculpting procedures. This procedure is ideal for those that don’t want a large quantity of fat to be removed, rather small areas for toning or contouring.

If you’re looking to lose isolated areas of fat, get a free no-obligation consultation at Melbourne Vaser Liposuction clinic with Dr Lanzer.

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Can Vaser Be Used for Six Pack Sculpting?

Another area where Vaser liposculpture has been of great use is in high definition for six pack sculpturing. Men have dreamt and looked forward to developing a muscular appearance of the stomach. The abs have horizontal insertions across the upper stomach and vertical insertions on the sides of the abdomen. Very fit and healthy men can see their six-pack and of course many stars are able to boast a six-pack.

The unfortunate truth is that a six-pack is hard to develop and maintain. It also involves a lot of gym work and a lot of dieting. By using the Vaser liposculpture method, we are able to sculpt away the fat selectively around the muscles, so that the person’s own natural muscles become more visible.

Do I Need To Recover From Vaser Body Contouring?

Since Vaser still involves the removal of fat cells, and the fact this is a liposuction procedures, patient should expect some recovery time. However, every patient is different and the overall recovery time can be variable after this surgical procedure. 

The recovery period after cosmetic surgery depends on numerous factors in this case; this includes the amount of fatty tissue removed during the treatment, the body sculpting techniques used by the  surgeon, and even the patient’s own healing speed. Of course, there are some things you can do to make your downtime as short as possible, especially if you follow the guidelines provided by your cosmetic surgery.

Vaser can remove a certain amount of fat from any area of the body, this includes love handles, abdomen, inner thighs and more. Still, no matter the area where the cosmetic procedure was executed, the surgeon usually recommends that patients wear a compression garment after their procedure. The compression garment has a number of functions. Firstly, it helps to tighten the skin after fat removal. However, it also reduces some of the bruising and swelling that patients experience after the removal of fat deposits.

Patients also have to consider the anaesthetic used during the Vaser liposuction procedure. A general anaesthetic definitely needs to be considered for the first couple of days of your healing process. After having general anesthesia, patients should refrain from making any important decisions for at least forty-eight hours. During this time, they should also refrain from signing any important documents, as the anaesthetic can influence a person’s ability to make decisions.

Even though the cosmetic surgery only makes small incisions during a lipo procedure, it is still important for patients to take good care of the incision sites and the surrounding tissue. Tiny incisions can still get infected and influence the treatment area as well as your overall health, so it is vital to keep an eye out for signs of infection or other complications. While cases such as these are rare, we always tell patients to check the treated area for signs of complications. Patients will receive the information before they leave the clinic.

Many patients can also experience a numbing feeling on the treated area shortly after body fat was removed. This is a normal side-effect of surgery and is nothing to worry about. However, we do ask patients to keep a close eye on unusual symptoms such as a numb feeling spreading to other parts of the body, yellow discharge from the treatment sites and more. 

Patients can experience some discomfort after excess fat has been removed from the body. Since the surgeon uses a tiny cannula and ultrasound technology, discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. Of course, every patient has a different pain tolerance when it comes to procedures, even a minimally invasive procedure. If you should have some concerns about pain or discomfort after treatment, do not hesitate to contact The Dr Lanzer Clinic for some follow-up advice and/or prescriptions. 

Please note that skin tightening depends heavily on how well the patient looks after the treatment area. It is important to keep wearing the compression garment as instructed by The Dr Lanzer Clinic, which can have a beneficial effect on the final results. 

Where Does Dr Lanzer Perform Vaser Liposuction?

Dr Lanzer performs the Vaser liposculpture in his state-of-the-art Day Surgery Centre in Malvern, Melbourne. Today, due to the amazing access with internet, Dr Lanzer will consult patients all around Australia and even patients overseas. It is not uncommon for patients to fly in and have surgery.

With the internet, Dr Lanzer will arrange for all the appropriate pre-operative consultations to be done before you arrive in Melbourne. Basically, the surgery is performed when you arrive in Melbourne. Post-operative care is also very easy now with the internet. Cheaper flights have also made traveling for surgery much more affordable. Dr Lanzer has an after-care centre, which he makes available for patients to stay who are from interstate or another country.

Vaser liposculpture is a further development of liposculpture. Dr Lanzer was the first in Australia to be trained in America on Vaser high definition liposculpture. Dr Lanzer offers the latest methods in liposculpture and the latest devices in post-operative liposculpture care which includes VelaShape, freeze, radiofrequency, and acoustic wave therapy.

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