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Vaser Liposuction Recovery

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Vaser liposuction recovery is usually quite rapid; this following the more modern methods of liposuction. There is obviously a difference between how people recover and this will include how quickly one can get back to ordinary activities. Generally speaking, the recovery time following Vaser liposuction recovery can be divided into various periods.

How Does the First Day After Vaser Go?

On the first day after the liposuction surgery, there will be weeping of fluid; this is the tumescent fluid that comes out. Pads are applied on the skin to collect the fluid. These are kept under the garment. Normally, these pads are removed after 24 hours and in most cases the weeping stops.

During the initial 24 hours there may be bruising, tenderness, and pain. There is a significant difference between patients as to how much pain they feel. Dr Lanzer will usually prescribe Panadeine Forte during this initial recovery from Vaser liposuction. Other patients may just take Panadol. During this period, recovery may vary depending on whether the patient has been asleep with a general anaesthetic or awake. Some patients can feel nauseas and sick after a general anaesthetic. There are treatments for this and should there be any nausea in the recovery period, it is important to let Dr Lanzer’s staff know.

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Is There Anything I Need to Eat or Drink During the First 24-Hour Period of Recovery?

Yes. Dr Lanzer encourages fluid, mostly water, to help flush out the anaesthetic fluid from the body. There is a theory that if the patient has the procedure under local anaesthetic, and therefore has a maximum dose of Xylocaine, a fatty meal, even McDonald’s, may be worthwhile having on the day of surgery.

Can I Drive on The First Day?

Dr Lanzer does not recommend patients driving or do anything that involves a serious nature in the first 24-hour period recovery following Vaser liposuction.

Firstly, most patients will have received some form of relaxation and because it is so soon after surgery, patients may not be at their fullest level of alertness and this could be a general safety issue.

Usually, Dr Lanzer will insist that patients are driven home by someone else during this early recovery period. Occasionally, patients go home by themselves. If the patient has a general anaesthetic, he ideally should be with someone during the first recovery night.

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What Is the Purpose of the Garments During Vaser Liposuction Recovery?

The garments play two roles. Firstly, the compression reduces swelling and bruising. Besides the elastic compression, Dr Lanzer has designed a special foam garment that aides in the recovery of Vaser Liposuction. He has found that it dramatically reduces the risk of fluid collection called Sedona.

The second benefit is the skin contraction and tightening. The first few days in the recovery of Vaser are critical, as the better the skin contraction the more Hi Definition result will occur from the Vaser. Some lines, such as the sides of the abs, come out more easily than say the line of the linea Alba above the umbilicus.

What Should I Expect During the First Week After Vaser Liposuction?

The next Vaser liposuction recovery stage occurs in the first week. The skin will often be bruised, as in purple or blue, and this can vary significantly between patients. There may be tenderness and bruising. Often the skin will feel numb. Occasionally, patients do describe an itchy sensation.

During this first week and leading up to the second week, Dr Lanzer does encourage patients to wear the garments as much as possible. When Vaser liposuction has been performed on the stomach, it is also advisable to wear a special foam binder; this tends to reduce swelling and bruising and also the risk of seroma where fluid can collect.

Driving is permitted during this second stage of recovery and some patients do return to work. Strenuous exercise should not be performed in the first two weeks of recovery from Vaser liposuction.

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How Often Will I Be Seen During These First Two Weeks Post-Surgery?

Dr Lanzer is quite fanatic with reviewing his patients and he will want you to come in on the first day, the first week and after the first two weeks. If you are interstate or overseas, then sending an email will often suffice. Dr Lanzer has nurses in his other clinics if his main surgery is not near you.

What Can I Expect Once Two Weeks Post-Surgery Have Passed?

Everybody is different in this stage. Some people will have totally recovered. Other people will find that they have a deep bruise. A deep bruise is where the body is producing its own fibrosis and healing of collagen, together with possibly some fluid that has remained under the skin; this will often feel hard and there may still be some numbness apparent.

How Can I Treat the Deep Bruise?

The best way to treat the deep bruise is with a firm slow deep massage. Sometimes Dr Lanzer will recommend other treatments such as ultrasound. A garment does not need to be worn during this period. Normal exercise can take place.

Are There Any Specific Intervention Treatments Dr Lanzer Recommends for Vaser Liposuction Recovery?

Yes. Dr Lanzer believes in radiofrequency therapy. He uses a device called the Freeze and Vela Shape. Both are aimed at producing radiofrequency heat deep into the tissue to help break up some of the deep bruising, which leads to further tightening and contraction of the skin. Sometimes, Dr Lanzer will also use ultrasound, particularly around the neck. His staff is trained in this procedure and it is usually performed between four to six times at weekly intervals.

How Important Is Diet and Exercise During the Recovery Period?

Dr Lanzer cannot stress enough that keeping fit and healthy and living well is important in the recovery of Vaser liposuction. Whether the procedure has been performed for high-definition or just general liposuction, keeping fit is important. Dr Lanzer has a long term nutritional dietitian, who works with him and can guide you in any questions you may have.

Is Medication Important During the Recovery Period?

Yes. Dr Lanzer does prescribe and recommend a number of vitamins through his dietitian, Mark Surdut. These will include arnica for swelling, antioxidants for healing, and vitamins. Sometimes, Dr Lanzer recommends chromium tablets, which may help with fat break down.

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