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Vaser Liposuction Side-Effects

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Like other cosmetic procedures that could enhance the male athletic appearance, Vaser liposuction may cause side-effects after the procedure has been executed. Patients should always be aware of these common side-effects before their procedure; this enables them to keep a close eye on their recovery process and report unusual side-effects to their cosmetic surgeon if they should occur.

To learn more about the possible Vaser Liposuction side-effects, and how to deal with them, we have created an overview with important information for prospective patients below. Please note that patients who visit our clinic for the procedure will receive additional information regarding side-effects from the medical team.

Can I Expect Swelling After Vaser Liposuction?

Swelling is one of the most common Vaser liposuction side-effects. However, following the post-operative care guidelines provided by your clinic will gradually reduce the amount of swelling after the procedure.

In general, there are three things that are recommended to reduce post-operative swelling; this includes compression garments, lymphatic drainage massage therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon. It is a good idea to discuss these post-operative recovery methods with your cosmetic surgeon or a member of his staff.

Shortly after your procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a compression garment. The compression garment can be described as a tight piece of cloth that will be wrapped around the treatment area. By using the compression garment, you can protect the treatment area and reduce the swelling caused by the procedure. Applying constant pressure on the treatment area will also promote the healing process.

Most patients find wearing a compression garment somewhat uncomfortable, but the compression garment must be worn until the surgeon gives you the all clear. Of course, most patients get used to wearing the compression garment after wearing it for some time.

Anti-inflammatory medication could also assist in the healing process. These medications can be prescribed by your local physician, but also by your cosmetic surgeon. The anti-inflammatory properties of the medication will prevent complications such as infection but could also reduce swelling.

Lastly, patients should consider visiting a massage therapist to acquire a lymphatic drainage massage. By acquiring this type of massage, patients can speed up the removal of lymphatic fluids from the body quicker, which in turn could reduce the overall swelling after the procedure.

Of course, keeping your Vaser Liposuction side-effects in check is not just about these recommendations, because patients must also maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water during the healing process.

Vaser Liposuction Side-Effects

Can I Expect Bruising After Vaser Liposuction?

Bruising is another common Vaser Liposuction side-effect after a lipo procedure. Fortunately, this side-effect is also handled with compression garments, anti-inflammatory medications and lymphatic drainage massage, as described with the previous side-effect – swelling.

The degree of bruising patients experience after the procedure is unique to each patient, because each body is unique and heals in its own way. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the degree of bruising that a patient will experience after lipo. However, there are some things your cosmetic surgeon can do to keep bruising to a minimum; this information will be provided to you before you have your cosmetic procedure.

Discover The Vaser Liposuction Advantages!

An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for a Vaser Liposuction procedure. The healthy lifestyle must be maintained after the procedure as well; this to prevent persistent fats from returning after the procedure.

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Can I Expect Pain After Vaser Liposuction?

Pain management is also an important part of your post-operative care, since pain and discomfort also occur after a lipo procedure. Below, you will find some general facts patients should consider during the healing process, as well as some pain management tips from the Dr Lanzer Clinic.

The pain and discomfort patients experience after lipo procedures is usually most severe the first couple of days after the procedure. Once this period has passed, the pain tends to gradually reduce over time.

Pain and discomfort after a lipo procedure usually include tenderness and soreness, which can be handled with over-the-counter medication, or medication prescribed by your cosmetic surgeon.

During the recovery process – and some weeks before the procedure – patients must avoid certain medications that could increase drainage and bruising after the procedure. These medications include Motrin, Ibuprofen, Advil and Aleve. This ban on medications is usually lifted by your cosmetic surgeon later in the recovery process. When in doubt about the medications you can take during your recovery, always contact your clinic for more information.

While the patient recovers, the patient can also lose some sensation in the treatment area. Therefore, it is recommended not to use any hot or cold compresses to reduce pain or discomfort, since the patient may not be perceiving hot and cold accurately. If hot and cold compresses are used, the patient could get burns or frostbite in the area, which could lead to further complications.

Vaser Liposuction Side-Effects

When Can Patients Evaluate the Results Obtained from Vaser Liposuction?

Even though Vaser liposuction is obtained to enhance the male athletic appearance, the actual enhanced male athletic appearance will not be visible until some of the side-effects after the procedure have subsided; this mainly applies to side-effects such as bruising and swelling. Therefore, patients need to wait several months to evaluate the enhanced male athletic appearance they have acquired through Vaser lipo.

To evaluate the enhanced male athletic appearance that could be obtained from this procedure, patients can view some of the before and after pictures of patients who had the procedure done. Even though results are different for each individual patient, it gives patients a better idea of what kind of benefits they could expect.

What Additional Tips Can You Provide to Enhance My Recovery?

To ensure the healing process runs smoothly, there is several things to take into consideration. Firstly, it is recommended to take some time off work, since your body will need some time to heal and strenuous exercise must be avoided until the surgeon gives you the all clear. Giving your body time to recuperate is important, so patients are advised not to push themselves too hard.

During the recovery period, patients can do some light physical activity. For example; the patient can do some light walking for a short time after their surgery. However, it is still important not to push it too much, since this could cause complications.

Patients who had general anaesthesia during their procedure should also consider they could encounter some side-effects from the anaesthesia for a couple of days; this includes symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and chills. However, these symptoms tend to dissipate after a couple of days. Also, patients should be wary of possible complications that could occur during their recovery. Therefore, it is important to report any unusual symptoms as soon as they occur. By doing so, your clinic can provide you with an emergency appointment, where the surgeon can examine you to determine if a complication is occurring.

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