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What is Vaser Liposuction

Dr.  Lanzer  was  the  first  cosmetic  surgeon  to  receive  official  training  of  Vaser
liposculpture  technique from the specialist  who  developed  this  method  in  South
America and Australia.

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He  traveled  to  Japan  for  a hands-on conference  where  he was able to assist in
performing the procedure on patients.

What is the goal of the vaser liposculpture technique procedure?

The procedure of Vaser liposculpture/liposuction involves sculpturing around the muscles of a patient in order to enhance the muscular and athletic look. It is particularly performed in men to develop the 4 or 6-pack. It is also performed in women to develop the athletic groove along the sides of the abdomen. Some women also occasionally do want a muscular 6-pack look as well, besides the front of the stomach where the 6-pack muscle was developed on the upper stomach, above the umbilicus. The procedure also aims to develop a more prominent edge for the abdomen muscle which runs down the sides of the front of the stomach. It may also enhance the chest which is called the pec muscle and can also be used to remove fat from the flanks which is called the love handles in men. Dr. Lanzer does use the high definition liposculpture in other areas such as the lower back to enhance the curvature of the buttock as part of the Brazilian buttock lift. He also performs along the outer arms to highlight the muscles such as the triceps.

vaser liposculpture techniqueWhat does Dr. Lanzer use with Vasel Liposculpture Technique?

Dr. Lanzer has changed and modified the method that he learned overseas using his 20+ years of experience with liposculpture. His technique he believes has enhanced the results and healing. In America, the general advice given to patients from his training was that patients will only start to see the 6-pack effect after 4 months. In Dr. Lanzer’s hands, patients can often see the 6-pack immediately and once the bruising has gone down, it is visible. Dr. Lanzer also uses a specific device called the MicroAire. This is a vibrating cannula that allows the fat to be sucked out a little more easily. It is very effective in male liposculpture. The procedure can be performed under local anesthetic or asleep.


Vaser liposculpture is always performed in a full registered day surgery centre. Dr. Lanzer has his own registered and highly accredited centre in Melbourne. Patients travel from interstate and overseas to have the procedure done in his centre. Dr. Lanzer does make available post-operative after care places for patients to stay and can arrange appropriate transport.

vaser liposculpture techniqueWhat to expect during a vaser liposculpture technique?

The procedure starts with the initial assessment. Dr. Lanzer will give a pre-consultation where he will mark out the areas that he wishes to treat. Dr. Lanzer does show these areas to the patient to make sure that it meets their satisfaction. At that time, Dr. Lanzer actually has patients sign that they are happy with the areas that are being done. Following that, photographs are taken which remain on the patient’s file to allow the patient to look back at those photos at a different time. Photographs are never used publicly unless patient gives both written and oral permission.

The patient will then be given either a light anesthetic such as pethidine and Halcion tablets if they are going to be awake or will meet and have the general anesthetic under the care of a specialist anesthetist. The fat is initially infiltrated with a dilute local anesthetic called the Kline solution. This numbs, softens, and prepares the fat. This is a very important part of the procedure. If it is done properly, there will be no bleeding of any significance. In all the years that Dr. Lanzer has been performing liposuction over 25 years, he has not required to give a patient a blood transfusion on one occasion.

Dr. Lanzer will then allow the anesthetic to work and commence the sculpturing. He removes fat at different layers and levels and vectors. It is a very artistic procedure. The results will be determined totally by how he visualises the fat and the outcome.

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An increasingly large amount of patients now opt for Vaser Liposuction procedures. During the procedure, Dr Lanzer is constantly monitoring how the fat is coming and is feeling with his contralateral hand as to how much fat is being removed and where he wants it to be removed from.

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What is done post Vaser Liposculpture technique to promote healing?

When the procedure is finished, the padding is applied onto the skin by the nurses and an appropriate compression garment is worn. Dr. Lanzer also likes to use a specialised foam garment which reduces swelling and reduces the risk of seroma, where fluid can collect. All procedures have a risk of bruising, swelling, and infection. Dr. Lanzer gives all patients pre-operative antibiotics and antiseptics to reduce the risk of infection. Dr. Lanzer has not seen one case of a true bacterial infection in a man who has had this procedure.

Dr. Lanzer stresses that it is important to read the consent forms in full as all surgeries have potential risks. Thankfully, they are not common, but patients need to be fully aware. Dr. Lanzer is very thorough and he will make sure that patients speak to both him and his nurse pre-operatively and read all the appropriate forms. The full results can take 3-6 months and occasionally longer until all the final bruising and deep fibrosis does soften and settle. Sometime, Dr. Lanzer does recommend post-operative therapy such as VelaShape to help tighten the skin and reduce some of the deep bruising.

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